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   Chapter 19 Lies, all lies..

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 9575

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Six months after the crowning...


"Icy blue?" I called out for him. He was in his office, I was there just looking at him or more like sketching him. My collection of him was growing bigger and bigger by the day. Still here with mom, apparently it's still not safe going back home, or more like icy blue didn't want me to leave.

"Yes bella?" He questioned as his eyes were still on the paperwork in his hand's.

I was debating on telling him or not but I felt I had to tell him, I was growing tired of Philip sexual harassment towards me. Whenever he had the chance and we were alone, he would press his body against mines or touch me unexpectedly. It was getting more and more disturbing, so I thought maybe I should tell him but was afraid of what he will do to him.

So what if he hurts him, he f*cking deserves it. I think?

"How long have you known Philip?" I asked curiously. I didn't know where to start so let's start there. He placed down the paperwork that was in his hands and stood up, walking towards me.

Should I tell him?

He stood in front of me as I sat next to the window looking out at the beautiful view. "Why do you ask Bella? Is there something wrong?" He asked as he picked up my legs and sat down in front of me. He placed my legs on top of his thighs, waiting for me to talk.

"I just wanted to know, I mean he's cool and all but Malkin is more sweeter than him. I feel safe when I'm around Malkin more than Philip." I confessed.

His eyes were looking at me intensely, I just pretended to sketch some more so I can avoid his eye's. "What's is the matter Bella? You know you can tell me anything." He stated.

I knew he was looking at me but I didn't want to look back. "Just that he kinda weird that's all." I whispered as I continued to scribble on the paper.

He snatched the book from my hand unexpectedly which caused me to frown. "Look at me Bella." He commanded firmly. I masked my expression and looked up at him, his eyes turned cold really quick.

"What do you mean by weird?" He asked as he looked down at the book in his hand's. He was waiting for me to talk but I couldn't just spit out that he's been all over me when he has the chance.

"I just don't like him, that's all. Sometimes a person doesn't like another being just because there breathing and that's how I feel about Philip. Now can you please hand over my sketchbook." I said a bit irritated.

He was trying to figure out what I meant by that, I sighed loudly as I brushed my hair away from my face.

"He's very touchy, I know you Italians show affection in your hugging and kissing but I don't like it when he does that. Just tell him to keep a distance from me, please." I yelled a bit louder than I should have.

Icy blue knew something was up but he played it calm like he always does. "Bella I think you're over exagge

closer to him, Malkin held me before I could grab my hands on him.

"Please Don Esposito, he told me to say those things. Emma didn't do anything, she is very sweet and kind. Respectful in every way, Don Philip threatened me if I don't say that she is a whore then he will kill my mother. Please Don Esposito, have mercy on me, I am a poor man who is trying to care for my family." The boy said in fear.

"Since when is Philip the Don? No one is your Don except for me." I yelled as I tried to grab him but Malkin held me back.

"Take him away before I kill him." I said as I paced the floor. The man pulled him out as I stood before Malkin, "keep an eye on him, he could be working for Philip." I stated.

Things were not right, why would Philip say those things about Emma? Did he have feelings for her?

"I think you should go and apologize to Emma, I believe you hurt her. She had tears in her eyes as she went into her room." Malkin said as he left the room.



Stupid feelings, stupid icy blue. Why didn't he believe me? Doesn't he know I freaking like him, I just wanted to feel safe. But he took his best friend side instead of mines.

I looked down at the sketches, the fireplace was on. I took them all as I walked over and sat near the fireplace. My tears just fell, I said I was going to burn them. I guess it's time.

My hands were heavy as I took the first sketch, I stared at it before crumbling it into a ball and threw it in. The bedroom door opened but I didn't care who it was, I continued to throw them in one by one.

Footsteps came closer and closer until they reached me, I knew it was him because of his scent. He sat down beside me as I kept throwing them in.

"Emma." He whispered in a hurt tone but I just kept going. His hand gently touched my hair but I flinched back.

"Don't f*cking touch me." I said as I swallowed the lump in my throat.

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