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   Chapter 17 What lies ahead..

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 7891

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"When will he come back?" He said to me as he sat in the chair. I looked back at him, he was much older and more powerful. But how?

"The Don is still in Russia, he'll be back by the end of this week or maybe earlier, " I replied as a wicked smile appeared on his lips. He placed his feet on the desk as he stared into my eye's, "What is the reason you want to go against him? I know you're one of his trusted men, why betray him?" He questioned curiously.

I pulled out a cigar and lit it up, inhaling the hard rustic tobacco taste. "I want to be in charge for once and take what he desires most in life, Emma, " I stated.

"You want the power or the girl?" He questioned again. I stood up and walked over to the woman who was laying on sofa unconscious.

"Doesn't take the Don leadership comes along with everything he owns? I want everything that belongs to him, Everything." I stated as I watched the woman's even breathing rise up and down. "Who is she?" I asked curiously.

He pushed the chair back and stood on his feet, walking towards me. "I have secrets no one knows about, that would be Don Aroldo Esposito sister." He said as he took in my shock expression.

"He doesn't have a sister, why the lies?" I said angrily. Does he want to play me like a fool? Guess he doesn't know what I'm capable of.

"Oh but it is, you see, when Aroldo father was murdered, he had already had Aroldo but no one knew that his wife was pregnant. As you know she was held captive, locking her in a room where they hoped she would die but the whore survived. Months went by and her tummy grew bigger and bigger until she delivered a child. This is the child, Victoria was kept in a room with no contact which caused her mind to play against her. They hid the child away, I should know because I was there, the child grew up in the same house but as a maids child. It was the perfect crime that no one knew about, well, until now Philip. You are the only one who knows this secret, along with me of course. I will bring Don Aroldo? Esposito to his knees, I will kill him with my bare hands and you will help me achieve this goal." He said.

I smiled widely as he did the same, "You are very clever sir, what is her name?" I asked.

He looked down at the woman, "Isabela, she's only two years younger than Aroldo, he's even played with her in the ma

as I wrapped his bleeding hand. His eyes shifting to mines.

"I can't, he is in my home. I am the Dom and must show that I am capable of controlling myself but his days are numbered. I will kill him sooner than he thinks, the problem is, father." He said as he shook his head.

"Didn't you say that you'll leave that up to your brother?" I asked.

He sighed loudly before walking over to his chair. I stood beside him, "I think you should call your brother over here. Tell him about his son, then leave it up to him to decide if he wants to kill your father or not." I said as I sat on the desk.

He nods his head while looking over to the phone, picking it up, he called someone. He waited patiently until the person picks up, " Esmeralda, I need you to come now and bring Sergio son with you. I'll have Eric come and pick you up." He said as the woman's voice yelled through the phone.

"Please, just come. It's time for Sergio to know the truth." Frederic said as he ended the call. He laid back into the chair as his tired eyes closed, "Let's see if Sergio will comprehend what father did." He said sadly.

Frederic called upon Eric and his other men, they stood before him as he spoke. "Eric, you go get Esmeralda and the boy. Lex and Savin, you two go get Sergio." Frederic said as the men nod their heads before exiting the room.

"Let's hope this night runs smoothly as planned." Frederic said as he looks up at me. I stood up and stared back at him, "You know that hell will rain upon us, let's hope we kill them before they kill us." I stated firmly.

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