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   Chapter 16 Dreams

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 5888

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I was biting my nails as I watched Emma relax in the bathtub, I tried to not look but the door wasn't fully closed all the way. I can see how her hair falls down on the edge of the tub, how her arms fell to the side as her face was staring the ceiling wall.

Shouldn't I be asleep? But I couldn't, she wasn't lying next to me. I just wanted to wait until she was finished, just to make sure she is safe.

Her back exposed to my lustful eyes that were hungry for just a touch. I close my eyes as I laid my head back on the headboard. "Why didn't you close the door, Emma?" I asked quite irritated.

All she had to do was lock it, why wouldn't she do that? "Because I'm scared. I'm almost finished." She replied with a hint of fear in her voice.

I stood up wanting to leave just until she's finished, "Don't leave alone icy blue, please. I'm done, I'm getting out." She said as the water splashed lightly on the floor.

I tried to control myself by I was losing it. Her footsteps came closer and closer, "Is there something wrong icy blue?" She questioned innocently.

Yes, everything is wrong. I want to do the unthinkable to you but afraid you might hate me.

"Are you dressed yet?" I asked as I was facing the door. She was silent for a near moment before coming out with one of her witty comments.

"What if I'm not?" She questioned back.

"Then I might I have laid you on the bed and take you, Bella, " I stated as I turned to face her. She wrapped the bathrobe tightly around her body as her eyes pierced through mines.

"You want to erupt the volcano inside of me that's going to explode any moment by your action then be my guest Bella, but you will face the consequences. Which is me on top of you, as I watch your body tremb

, I placed my hands in between her thighs and touched her hot burning lava.

She gasped loudly as her eyes widen, "Let g....ohhhh." She moaned as her head laid back on the pillow.

"Very bad girl bella, very bad." I whispered as I moved my fingers? down her....

She wanted me to continue but also didn't want this, "Should I let go bella? Or should I give you more?" I questioned as her eyes rolled back.

I didn't dare to enter my finger, I just played along her warm entrance as it dripped against my finger. Her legs were shaking, her hand gripped my arm, I was losing my mind as still I didn't get my answer from her. "Bella, tell me to let go or continue." I said as I stared at her eye's that turned into lustful hunger.

She pressed her hand down upon mine, "Yes." She whispered softly causing me to pull away. She frowned but that all went away as I pulled her legs up on my shoulders. I kissed her inner thighs until reaching her secret treasure, I stared at her "Remember when I said I'll have you trembling beneath me bella?" I questioned her as she nodded her head.

"Well, hold on while I devour you." I said as I took over her mind, body and soul.

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