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   Chapter 15 Saving

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The night came to an end, El Camin wasn't the one who was behind the killing of Pablo's family but Eros, Salvador's father or he thought he was. Turns out Salvador and? Xavier were brothers, Christian El Camin and Sara were they're real parent's.

Pablo La'stat and El Camin made truths. Everyone was happy but still shocked at the news, how can one as Eros be so devious? He was truly a devil in disguise.

We all sat in the living room as the fire burned through the fireplace. All in deep thoughts, "I can't believe he had me fooled all these year's, I thought he was my best friend." Pablo said as he tried to wrap what had just happened around his head.

"I think we should call it a night, the person behind all this is dead. Everyone please go rest, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." Frederic said. Everyone stood up and exited the room quietly, "Aroldo stay, I need to speak with you." He stated while the others left.

I sat back down, giving Frederic my full attention. "What's the matter?" I questioned him. He stared at me before getting up to take the seat in front of me. "Since Salvador isn't a Gibinshy and turned out to be El Camin son, I want you to take his place in being my second in command." Frederic said calmly.

"I appreciate the offer Frederic but as I told you, I work alone." I stated firmly. He let out a loud sigh, "Reconsider my friend, I need you by my side." He said while extending his hand for me.

I took his hand and shook it, "Repeat after me." Frederic said. "I Don Aroldo Esposito, hereby accept to take charge if anything happen to Dom Frederic Demchk. I will protect what is his as if it was mine." He said.

I repeated what he asked from me, he seemed somewhat pleased. "Thank you Aroldo, you are hereby named my second in command. I will address it tomorrow at the crowning, I need a man like you that I can depend on." Frederic stated.

Zena head peaked through the door, "Frederic, it's getting late.

Santos said as he bended down to sit on the floor.

Frederic and Zena rushed to Maryanne side as I rushed to Santos side. "How the f*ck are you out of the hospital you crazy bastard?" I asked as he chuckled.

He tried to catch his breath before talking, "Varrao sent me a note saying that I couldn't save Frederic loved ones before and I wouldn't be able to save them now, but I proved him wrong." He said with a smile.

"Where's Emily?" I questioned.

"She's safe on her way here, these men are hired assassins boss. They were only four of them, we shot two outside and one in here but I don't know where the other one." Santos said as he held his wound.

I checked if he was bleeding but he wasn't, "I'm good, just tried." He said to me.

"The fourth one is dead in Frederic's room, how did they get past the security outside?" I asked curiously.

Frederic sighed as he hugged Maryanne shaking body, "Shhh, little one. You're safe now, I'm so sorry." Frederic said as he held her.

Emma walked in with everyone else behind her, she came by my side while wrapping her arm's around me. This was f*cking too much for one day, "Double check again to see if there's any left." Frederic yelled as both Zena and Maryanne we're in his arm's.

The men walked out, "I will f*cking kill him." He yelled loudly.

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