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   Chapter 14 Flirting

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"I can't stay here, I....I can't. This is too much for me icy blue." Emma whispered as she sat on the floor, rocking herself back and forth.

I knew she wasn't ok, the past three days she's been numb, quiet, scared to talk. All she did was nod to every question I asked, I just left Frederic with his new guests. The truth will unfold soon and all shall have their revenge. I walked over to Emma who didn't even look at me, I sat in front of her.

"Emma, I'm sorry bella. I didn't know all this will happen, if I did, I would have never brought you here. Your life matters to me, you have a special place in my heart. Two more days bella and we will leave, I promise no one will lay a finger on you. You hear me?" I said as I grabbed her hands into mines.

Her eye's were filled with tear that stabbed my heart. "Why don't you leave me alone icy blue, isn't it enough you haunted my dreams for that past five years, now you bring me into your world. I don't want to be in this, I want to live a normal life. Why did you bring me here, why?" She yelled as she pulled her hands away.

I made myself more comfortable on the floor as I faced her. "I never wanted you to come Emma, sending flowers and writing a note was enough for me but Albert would send pictures of you for me to see. I would be lying if I said I didn't feel for you every time I stared at your pictures. I would be lying if I said I didn't fall for you the moment I saw you but I always would ignore it. Somewhere in my mind, I would tell myself. That you're on the other side, that you're safe away from me and you were. But the moment I saw you sitting in that restaurant, in that tight alluring dress as your curls fell on your shoulders. How your brown eyes glittered under the dim lights, I knew that I was only lying to myself. You were more beautiful than any picture that was sent to me." I said as she intensely stared at me.

"Love is not an option for a man of my kind but one can only imagine if he was loved. Have I caused you pain to point you hate me Emma?" I questioned.

Her tears fell down on her soft cheeks that I wanted to touch so badly but didn't have the right to. "I am not asking for anything in return Emma, just let me enjoy myself drowning in your beauty." I whispered lowly.

She didn't reply and my heart really felt a pain like no other. I stood up and watched her eye's follow my movement's. I walked out the room and that's when she said, "I hate your eye's icy blue, I hate them so much. I wish I never saved you."

That's when I felt my heart shatter in pieces. I turned to face her, her tears we're the only things that spoke to me

the mug down gently on the night stand that was on my right. Winter in Moscow was dreadful, I gently placed my head down on the pillow while placing my hands in between my legs. I was facing him as I admired the way his face was sculpted. "You should see how beautifully you look while you're sleeping, especially when you make that snoring sound." He said as his eye's were closed.

"Excuse me, I. Do. Not. Snore." I said as I got up to look at him. "You we're awake?" I questioned him. His lips smiled widely as his eye's were still shut. "I've been awake since your hands brushed gently on my face." He stated as his eye's fluttered open.

Those eye's that had a special unique color always made my heart skip a beat. "Pshhh, please. You were dreaming icy blue, I didn't touch you." I said firmly which was a lie.

I maybe, sorta, kinda, mighta, lightly touch his face.

Just a bit.

"It's ok, I let my hands roam over your body last night as well. I'm surprised you didn't wake up as I sucked on your shoulder." He said which caused me to stare at him in horror.

I got off the bed, walking to the wide mirror that was hung on the wall. I pulled down my shirt, exposing my shoulders and back. I looked front to back but found nothing, I looked down on my chest as well. "You liar, there's nothing o..n....m...e..." I trailed off as I felt him behind me.

He grabbed my hair to the side and bit down on my shoulder while his other arm pulled me back into his body. Shivers ran through my body as I stood on my tiptoe to reach his height. His tongue ran along my neck, until reaching below my ear, "I only said your shoulder but since you exposed so much skin for my eyes to see, then I'm not leaving a place that I won't cover with love marks for all to see bella.

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