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   Chapter 10 Out in Russia part 1

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"I like this one, it's more me then this skimpy thing right here, " Emma said as she held both dressed in her hands. "And why do we have to wear white dresses on Sunday? Won't we steal the spotlight from Zena's special day?" She questioned while looking at the dresses closely.

"You look very adorable when you squint your eyes while waving your hands in the air, " I stated. She rolled her eye's and went back to the dressing room.

I walked over to where she was and waited for her to come out, "You know, um, maybe you should try that so-called skimpy dress on. Just to see, I personally think that it will suit your body type. It will empathize your figure more, instead of hiding it underneath that very interesting choice of clothing you wear." I said.

It was quiet, to quiet if you asked me. "Emma, are you ok?" I questioned as she came out. "Excuse me?" She said as she flipped her hair to the side.

"Let me tell you something icy blue, you never tell a woman what to wear, ever. She ain't gonna f*cking do it for any man out there, If I want to empathize my figure then I will do so. I am not waiting for you to tell me what to do or what to wear. I want a pound of makeup on my face, then I'm gonna put a f*cking pound of makeup on my face. I wanna walk in sweats with no makeup on, then I'm gonna f*cking do that as well. I am not going to please your eye's just because you want me too. Besides, you wouldn't be able to handle all of this." She said pointing at her body.

She went back inside the dressing room. "I didn't mean it that way Emma, I just wanted you to wear the dress that's all. There's no need to empathize anything, you're beautiful no matter what you're in. I apologize." I said as I walked back to sit in the chair.



"A**hole.", I whispered to myself.

Empathize, what the f*ck did he mean by that, what it suppose to mean that I'm not sexy enough?

I took a look at myself in the mirror, I can be sexy if I want

ped his arm around my waist. "Do you want to buy anything else or should we leave." He said a bit louder.

"Let's go, I'm hungry, " I said as he held my waist and walked behind me.

"Mr. Esposito, your purchase and the madame coat." The woman said as she came from behind the counter holding a fur black coat in one hand and a small wrapped gift in the other.

Icy blue took the coat and placed it on my shoulders while opening the gift box. My eye's widened as I watched the ring shine in the middle of a white fabric rose.

"Omg, that's so beautiful icy blue. Who's it for?" I asked as I admired its simplicity and elegance. He pulled the ring out and held it, he took my left hand and placed it on my ring finger.

"What are you doing icy blue, take it off, " I said as I pulled on his hand. He gripped my hand up and placed it upon his lips. "Can you just accept my gift please." He said against my hand.

My heart was beating quickly, he pulled me against his body and unexpectedly placed his lips on mines. The kiss was dominating and rough yet filled with passion and love.

I gripped on to his suit jacket while staring at his chest as it rises up and down. I didn't know why I did what I did but f*ck it, I pulled his neck down and kissed him again without holding back.

And it felt so f*cking good.

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