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   Chapter 9 Moscow

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"Please, have a seat. We will be leaving shortly." I said to the man who was standing before me.

"I have your word that no harm will come to me when I arrive there?" He asked in fear. "You have my word, no one will harm you. You are under my protection Christopher, please tell me your story or should I say, your father's story." I asked as we buckled up our seat.

"This is your captain speaking, flight from Arezzo Italy to Moscow Russia will be a two-hour flight. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride."

Malkin was with Emma while Philip stayed back home to care of mother and Nicki.

"I don't know where to begin, but I'll start somewhere. Father fell in love with a woman who was in an abusive relationship, they kept their forbidden love hidden away from everyone. The woman got pregnant with twin boys but her husband found out that it wasn't his children. The women named was Sara, she was a beautiful woman with a golden heart, she filled the void in father's heart. She eventually got a divorce from her husband and left, father married her while she was eight months pregnant. One awful night, some people came and set the house on fire. Father was going crazy as he couldn't go in to help his wife and unborn children, I was at school that day. After countless attempts at putting the fire out, the went to check the remains of her body but never found anything. Someone tipped father off and said that is was Pablo La'stat who had committed the act. Father not knowing why he did so, he took an oath that he will destroy his family once he gets his hands on him. Pablo tried to get the Varrao's to help him talk with father but father didn't want to listen, he just wanted to kill him and his family. Over the years father kept an eye on Pablo and his family, he knew where they lived and he knew how many children he had because someone always told him about Pablo's whereabouts. I have a family Don Esposito, I don't want the La'stat boy's coming after my children for revenge, so I agreed to come and face them with what I know. After father got his revenge, he went mad. He drunk so much one night, that he was in a horrible car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He has lost his mind, claiming the man set him up, he keeps saying that he has Sara locked up. I've asked father so many times who is the man, but he says he can't tell me because he will kill her, along with the twins. Whoever the person was, played the role of the devil very well." Christopher said as he stared at me.

"Your father knows the person who is behind all this but doesn't want to tell anyone? He thinks that Sara is still alive but I can guarantee that she isn't." I stated firmly.

"But she is, father said that he heard her voice as she pled for help for him to save her, " Christopher claimed.

"Excuse my words but your father is a madman who has lost his mind a long time ago, he might be saying things that never happened, " I said.

"Or maybe he is telling the truth, I won't cover up for what father did to the La'stat family but some blackmailed him, letting him believe that Pablo was behind the Murder of Sara and her kids." He said, defending his father.

"I haven't told you this but Pablo and a man named Anthony are they waiting for us to arrive. They want to get things cleared before his boys arrive along with their friends." I stated.

He took in a deep breath as he looked out the window. "If it's eye for an eye then they can take my life, please Don Esposito. Don't let them kill my family, give me your word." He said.

"You have my word, no harm will come to you or your family Christopher. How many children do you have?" I questioned.

He looks at me and smiles, "Three princesses and a queen." He said with so much love and pride.

"Is that lovely girl your wife?" He questioned me while looking at Emma who was sound asleep. "I wish, but she will be soon, " I said full of confidence.

The rest of the flight was calm and quiet, landing in Moscow safely. We exited the plane, without a word. Emma stood next to me in fear as she saw men approached us. "Don Esposito, I am Eric. I will take you to meet Dom Demchk safely." The man stated as he took a look at Emma.

"You are scaring her, take your eye's off her now." I hissed loudly while pulling Emma that was grabbing onto my shirt.

"I apologize, I mean no harm madame. I will n

blo. "You know the truth now and I would like it to be kept a secret until we find Sara. As for your family's death, Christopher has apologized and asked to take your vengeance on him but I know you won't." He said firmly.

Pablo walked over to where Christopher was standing, "I asked your father so many times to face me but he never did. I begged him to listen to me but he never did, my wife and son were killed because of him. My daughter was kidnapped and

Tortured for a year because of him, shipped into a container where Anthony found her and saved her life." He yelled while landing a punch on his face.

"What did you say?" I questioned as I stood up from my chair.

"You did the right thing, Xavier, you saved her life. I wonder wwhateverhappened to the woman, what was her name again?" I asked Xavier.

"The woman name was Sara, the little girl was Alicia. Don Romano is still mad at me for disobeying him but I did what was right." Xavier said.

I remained silent as I remembered what my friend Xavier told me when we were just fourteen years of age.

"Is there something wrong Don Esposito?" Frederic questioned curiously.

I rubbed my face harshly as all men stared at me. I sighed loudly, rubbing my eye's. "They can't be the same people, it's impossible, , I muttered lowly.

I looked at Pablo who was staring at me confusingly. "The woman, her name was Sara, right?" I questioned pulling my phone out and dialing Xavier number.

All men just stood there as the phone rung. "Aroldo, my friend. How are you?" XXavier'svoice came through the phone.

"Xavier, the girl you saved that night, remember. What was her name? What was the woman's named? How old was the girl Xavier, Talk now." I yelled.

"Calm down my friend, why are you asking about them?" He questioned all eyes were on me.


"Very well my friend, the girl's name was Alicia. She was nine at the time, the woman's name was Sara." Xavier said. "What the f*ck is going on, why are you asking me about them, you know they haunt my life. Why bring back memories my friend." Xavier said.

Everyone in the room was shocked at what they just heard. "Tell him to come to Moscow, I need him here now, " Frederic demanded.

"Who is that? Where are you?" Xavier questioned.

"I need you to come to Moscow Xavier, I think you hold the last missing puzzle piece that will solve everything, " I said.

"I can't leave Sophia, " Xavier stated firmly.

I turned to face Frederic, "Tell him that he can bring her along, I have plenty of room for everyone in my home." Frederic said loudly.

"Get on the plane and come with Sophia, Frederic Demchk men will be waiting for you at the airport. You will know everything when you arrive." I said while pulling off my tie and ended the call.

I sat on the chair, "Small world, very small world we live in." I said as everyone took their seats.

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