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   Chapter 8 Helping hand

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"She is very beautiful Don Esposito, very beautiful, " Philip said as he watched Emma enjoy her breakfast while she took in the sight before her eye's.

The scenery was breathtaking but not as breathtaking as she was. "Indeed she is beautiful, go near her and I will kill you, " I said to Philip with a smile on my face. Malkin chuckled a bit as he handed me the phone, "Don Carlos called, he asked if you would meet a friend of his named Christopher Camin." Malkin said.

"Where have I heard that name before?" I questioned both men. "His father is Christian El Camin, the old man you meet that was in a wheelchair. You meet him at Don Carlos place five years ago." Philip said, trying to ring a bell in my head.

"Oh yes, I remember. He the one who has a feud with La'stat, No?" I questioned them both.

"Yes, apparently both accuse each other of the murder of their families. La'stat lost his wife and son while El Camin lost his son and wife but El Camin family remains were never found." Philip explained.

"What does he want to see me for? I do not involve myself in these matters. I stay away from them, what does he need me to do with El Camin son?" I questioned Malkin.

"They need someone to go to Moscow that is not apart of the clan, to meet with Federic Demchk. Apparently, La'stat wants answers after all these years, you are the only independent Don that is not associated with anyone so they think you will be perfect for the job. Don Carlos doesn't want to send Christopher alone." Malkin said while handed me the phone.

"Frederic Demchk, I'm sure you heard of, Russia Dom leader and leader of all five clan's will be calling you. He wants to speak with you personally." Malkin said as the phone rung.

I stared at both men before answering the phone."Esposito", I said as I watched Emma stare at me.

"Demchk, it's a pleasure to speak with you." He said politely.

"Pleasure is all mine Dom, how many I help you?" I asked curiously.

"I see don't play with the snake's tail, I go straight for the head?" He said amusingly. "I admire a man like that, I will cut to the chase and lay what's on my plate for you to see but I must warn you. Play me like a fool and I will kill you." His voice echoed coldly through the phone.

"I am a trustworthy person that you will appreciate if you don't fool me as well. I don't do backstabbing nor hide behind anyone, I fight my battles like a man. You have my word as I have your's." I said firmly.

"Indeed you sound like one, how come you work alone? Everyone needs a back to lean on?" He questioned.

"I've depended on myself from an early age, I can carry my own back, " I replied.

"Very well, I asked for a man of the business but is not involved with the Varrao's. I need El Camin son to come here but he refuses to come alone even after I gave him my word that no harm will come to him. La'stat wants answers and I c

. Curiosity got the best of me so I went over and opened the door.

I took the key and placed it in keyhole causing the door to unlock. The room was dark, pitch black to the point I couldn't see anything. My hands wandered against the wall, searching for a light switch.

Took about two minutes to find the switch but I did, the light shined through the room. I turned around to take a look, a wide smile took over my lips. "Oh, my god, "I gasped while jumping up and down.

It was a f*cking art studio with everything an artist needs. Graphite Pencils, Eraser, Drawing paper, Painting, surface, Palette, Brushes, A Paint wall from top to bottom, left to right in every f*cking color there is.

Canvas, Ceramics, Cloth, Glass, Metal, Paper, Paperboard, Vellum, Wall, Wood. Then there was the other side where all the supplies for sculpturing were placed. "Omg, my heart", I whispered as I touched everything in the room to see if it was real. My breathing was out of control, I couldn't believe he did this.

"Ahhhh", I screamed happily while jumping up and down again. Hearing his chuckle laughter, I turned to face him with a wide smile on my face. "I'm presuming that you like your gift." He said as his icy blue eyes stared at me.

"I've always wanted a studio, Omg, Thank you Aroldo. Best. Gift. Ever." I said while approaching him.

"I thought you didn't know my name." He said confused.

I shook my head, "of course I know but I like icy blue more. I've been calling you that since I was fifteen so why stop now?" I questioned him.

"Why icy blue? Why that name?" He asked as he leaned against the door.

"Because I can call you anything I want. We never formally meet that day so I gave you a name, icy blue." I explained.

"Very well, I actually like it when you call me that anyway. Enjoy your sleep Tesoro mio." He said, leaving me all alone in the room.

"I need to learn Italian asap, " I mumbled to myself.

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