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   Chapter 7 Familiar Faces

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 7204

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Tucson Arezzo...


"Oh my god, mom look. That's the Cathedral, icy blue can we go in, please." I said as I faced him.

Yes we 're tried and yes it was night-time but I wanted to go in so bad. He smiled as he stared at me, "Maybe tomorrow, mama is waiting for us and I don't want to keep her waiting." He stated.

I turned back to view it once more as the car passed by it. I was in beautiful Italy and didn't get to see what I want which kinda sucked.

I pulled my knees back up and continued to finish my sketch, "May I see after you finish what you have drawn?" Icy blue asked.

No, you may not!

"I don't show my sketches to anyone, not even mom, " I mumbled.

I felt his eye's on me but I just ignored him. "She really doesn't show her sketches to anyone, there kinda her secret thing she keeps to herself." Mom explained to him.

They're top secret because all my sketches are of this dumb a**.

"Must be something close to your heart if you don't show anyone." Icy blue stated.

I looked up at him while drowning into his eye's, "Or maybe it's something I'm trying to forget and not store in memory, so I sketch them out so I can burn them at all once when I'm done." I said bitterly.

All he did was stare and all I did was drowned.

I closed my eye's and continued to draw his f*cking eye's that I never seem to get right.

"Will you be able to forget them once you're done?" He questioned.

"Can you please stop asking me, I don't know, OK!" I shouted loudly.

"Emma, " Mom said in a warning tone.

"He didn't say anything wrong, why are you shouting?" She asked.

"I don't know, I'm just tired. I'm sorry, okay. Just...never mind." I said in defeat.

The rest of the drive was quiet, I continued with what I have started and I wish I never did.

I looked down at what I've created, a ghostly smile I didn't want anyone to see was there but icy blue caught it.

"Happy with the results?" He asked as he took in my expression.

"I guess it's ok, " I replied back.

The car came to a stop but his eye never does, mom stepped out first. "My what a beautiful home you have." She gushed in awe.

Our e

d from the grandfather for quite a while, they lived happily alone and all was good until one day, both your grandmother and mother disappeared into thin air, leaving no evidence or trace what so ever to what happened to them. Your mom and my mom were best friends in school. End of story." I said as I walked up the stairs and into the house but icy blue blocked my way.

"Can't you see its destiny Emma, we 're meant to cross paths." He said with a wicked smile on his face.

"A horrible destiny if you ask me, out of all 7.125 billion people in the world, she had to be your mother." I hissed while he smiled.

"You smell so divine, you look so sexy. I've watched you grown into a beautiful woman and I will make you mine." He whispered, causing me to drop my sketchbook on the floor.

He went to pick them up as I stood there in horror. He picked up the sketch as he looked at it closely.

"Shit, " I hissed while snatching it out of his hand.

He smirked as his lips moved to say something but I stopped him before he could say anything. "Remember, I sketch them out so I can burn them in the end."

He just stood there with an unerasable smirk that I wanted to smack off his face. "You can burn them, but you can't erase them in your mind. Besides, I look way more sexier than this." He said as took the sketch from my hand and held it up.

"Cocky much, " I hum, leaving him at the door with the sketch in his hand.

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