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   Chapter 6 This is my girlfriend

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 8483

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"No f*cking way, that's the guy you saved at the factory? Wow Emma, how come you never told me about him? I'm kinda hurt, I thought I was your best friend." Lucy said sadly.

I got off the bed and went over to check my appearance, "It was something I kept from everyone, only Josh knew about them because they threaten him but he got what he deserved." I said while tying my hair up. "Icy blue said that he can get you in at the Florence Academy of Art", I said while smiling at her.

"Oh my god, Oh my god, are you serious, that's like our dream Emma. Can he really get me in?" She questioned while walking over to me. She grabbed my hands than hugged me tightly. "Oh god, I hope he can. You have no idea how much I want to stay here and go to that school but what about you? That's your dream as well, does he know that?" She asked.

I was a bit jealous that she will be attending that school but she deserves it. At least she doesn't have to go back home and cry all the time about her family falling apart. "I don't want to go to school now, I'm taking a year off, I want to figure out my life first. Promise to call me and visit in Tuscany, Teco will be with you so try to be friends with him."

"You mean blonde is coming with me too, god he's so cute." She stated as a knock on the door interrupted our conversation. "May I come in", Teco asked. I smiled, looking at Lucy fixing her appearance while pinching her cheeks.

"Come in", I replied. Teco appeared wearing a suit and held two coffee mugs in his hand's. "Don Esposito asked for me to tell you, that the car to Florence is waiting outside. We must be there by one pm, Don Esposito have set an appointment for you to showcase your skills live there. You are a sculpture, no? Have your passport ready, the drive is three hours long. We should get going, we have a lot to do there." Teco said as he handed us the coffee.

"Omg, like right now and yes. I'm a sculpture artist while Emma here is a perfectionist in painting, drawing, and sculpting.", Lucy said excitedly. The expression on Teco's face was admiration, "I never knew that you must be very good Emma." He said which caused me to blush.

"So are we leaving, I think we should go, " Lucy said in rush. "Si Bella, let's go", Teco said with a smile. After finishing her coffee and getting ready, we went downstairs where everyone was waiting for us. We said our goodbyes even though they weren't really goodbyes. Lucy left in a rush, not actually believing that she was on her way to Florence.


to Xavier, "I have a boyfriend you know." She stated.

"No you don't, I would have known, " I said a bit angry. She doesn't have one, I know she doesn't have on, she can't have one. "Who is he? What's his name? Where is he from? How old?" I questioned over and over.

"His name is Ricky, you had no right to tell mom that I was your girlfriend." She's said.

Is she lying or telling the truth?



Ricky? Really? That's the only name I could come up with, I was lying. I didn't have a boyfriend I just...I don't know why I said that.

He stood there quietly, he seemed somewhat sad. "I am sorry for stating that, it's just a lie. You're not actually believing that you're my girlfriend?" He said which caused a ping in my heart.

Yea, not like he's interested in me.

I shook whatever that was in me away and walked away from him but his footsteps followed me closely. "Is he good?" He asked.

But I just ignored him.

"What does he do? Is he an artist like you?" He questioned some more.

I halted my steps, causing him to stand behind me directly. I felt him move in even closer if that's even possible. I heard him inhaling in deeply, I turned to face his icy blue eye's that has haunted my dreams every night.

"He has dark thick brown hair, perfectly shaped eyebrows, luscious lips. His jaw is sculpted in the most perfect form while his nose is long, pointed and straight." I said, trying to hold my hand down from touching his face.

"You forgot his eye color, " he mumbled. I backed away from him and left him alone. I was a couple of feet away from him.

"Their icy blue, " I whispered to myself as I wiped the teardrop the fell on my cheek.

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