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   Chapter 4 You're coming with me

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"I assure you Don Esposito, I did not assign anyone to follow Emma. I know how much you care for her, I would keep an eye on her from far distances but not to the point I follow her everywhere. What has she told you? You said red Nissan car, yes?" Albert said through the phone.

"Someone is f*cking with us and I want to know who it is. They've been watching Emma for over three years now. Why haven't they've done anything? Does anyone know about Emma besides Don Carlos and you?" I asked.

"No, no one knows about her. Something is off. I'll drive over to her street and see if I can spot the car. I'll call you of I get any information." Albert said as he ended the call.

Someone is following her to get to me, it could be the same people who captured us.


Emma's mom....

"Mom, how are you I just called to tell you Italy is beautifully breathtaking, I wish you were here with me. Maybe next time we can go on a trip just you and me, I'll be back before Christmas. Love and kiss muah, bye." My baby said as she left a message for me on the answering machine.

"Awe, she's a good girl, isn't she?" The man said as he circled around me. I was tied up in a chair, "What do you want? Just take what you need and leave me alone." I yelled as I cried.

He yanks my hair back causing me to scream in pain, "What I want is your daughter, but she's not here at the moment. Maybe she's in Don Esposito arm's now, making love to the biggest Mafia leader." He said.

I frowned at what he said, how can my baby know the person he's talking about. "Look, you must be mistaken for another girl, my daughter doesn't know anyone by that name."

He walked by the kitchen counter, placing black leather gloves on. My eye's widened as he pulled a pistol out from behind his back while attaching something to the head of the pistol. I crashed in the chair while screaming, "Please, don't." I begged as he came closer to me.

He pointed the pistol against my forehead while I silently sent a prayer to god. "Yes, pray. You will need a miracle to save you from me."




"Open the door Emma, it's me." Icy blue eye's said. I unlocked the door quickly, he stood in front of me while his phone is placed against his ear.

"Grab your belongs, you're coming with me." He said in a firm voice.

"I can't just leave my friend here and why should I come with you?" I asked. He was thinking really hard about what to say but didn't say anything. "Please Emma, just come with me. I'll tell you when we get to Romulus estate." He said.

Who's Romulus?

He came into the room without permission, walked over to the bed and woke up Lucy. But it was no use, she was knocked out cold, "What's going on ummm...What's your name?" I asked because I forgot.

He stared at me, "You don't know my name?" He questioned. I shook my head as I tried to remember what the mystery man said.

"Aroldo, Aroldo Esposito." He stated.

"I'll just call you icy blue", I mumbled.

"Don't pack your clothing just your personal items, we have to leave now. I don't have my men with me now, but Xavier brought his men. They are waiting for us downstairs so please hurry." He said as he picked Lucy up in his arms.

Luckily my personal belongs along with Lucy's were in a backpack. I took the backpack and placed it behind my back as I followed icy blue out the room.

Into the elevator which lead to the lobby which lead to the outside breeze that blew through the wind. We hurried into a van, the driver looks back at icy blue as he placed Lucy on the seat. "Don Esposito, Master Xavier asked for you to go stay at the Romano mansion for the night. He awaits you there with his wife." The driver said but icy blue didn't reply.

The van took off, I stared at icy blue but he only ignored me. I pulled away his phone that he was looking at, "What's going on? Was the man one of your's or no?" I questioned.

It took a while for him to say something and when he managed to do so. It was a simple response, "No."

"There's something you're not telling me, what is it?" I asked while picking on my skin. His eyes followed my movement's, my skin was about to bleed from the amount of pressure my nails did.

A deep growl came out from him, "Stop." He said as his icy blue eyes turned cold. "It's all your fault, It's a habit I caught myself doing after I met you. I have f*cking anxiety that you caused so f*ck off."

The van stopped in front of a big mansion where men were surrounding it. Mystery man and a beautiful girl stood at the entrance of the mansion. Icy blue grabbed my hand that I was picking on, taking it up to his lips while placing a ghostly kiss on it. He took his phone that was still in my hands and opened the van door, stepping out.

Holding his hand out for me, "I'm sorry." He said. Water works started and I couldn't help

myself, I just cried like a baby. He sighed loudly before he placed his hands on my face, "Don't cry, I said I was sorry. I never apologized in my life but I am to you."

"Are you ok?" The girl who was standing next to mystery man said. Her voice wasn't like the rest of them here, it was American like. "Hi, I'm Sophia and you are?" She asked nicely.

I wiped my tears away and clear my throat, "Emma." I whispered. Mystery man was standing behind her, "This is my so-called husband Xavier." She said with a chuckle. "Come on, let get you and your friend inside. We can finish talking over some doughnuts and coffee."

I smiled softly before stepping out the van. "Teco, please take her friend to one of the guest rooms upstairs." She said as a blonde cutie came.

I entered the mansion that took my breath away. "Nice place", I said.

"Yeah, it's pretty big. I haven't seen it all yet. Maybe we can take a tour together." She said, leading me into a lavish living room.

Xavier and icy blue were right behind us. "You two talk, we need to take care of business." Xavier said.

Icy blue just stared at me one last time before leaving. "He seems to like you, is he your boyfriend?" She questioned. I shook my head, "Old acquaintance that flipped my world upside down." I replied.


Couple of hours later...

"Wait, let me get this straight. You never knew your father, dragged here by force, married a man you don't know and know everyone calls you Don Sophia." I said as I took a bite into a chocolate covered doughnut.

She raised both her knees up against her chest as we both sat on the floor. "Yup" She replied as she sip her second cup of coffee. "What about your mom, will she be coming here to stay with you?" I asked.

"I don't know, my step dad won't let her and to be honest, I don't want him to come." She said, sighing loudly.

Sophia was cool and down to earth, sweet as f*ck too. I didn't know why but I felt good after spending time with her. A loud bang on the door was heard throughout the mansion, we both got up to see who it was.

Icy blue and Xavier were ahead of us. The door opened and I gasped, "Mom" I yelled while running into her arm's.

"What happened, why are you here?" I questioned as I hugged her tightly.

"Oh my baby, thank heaven you're alright." She said while kissing all over my face. She faced the man who came in with her, tears fell down as she tried to hold back from breaking down. "Thank you for saving my life, I would have been dead if it wasn't for you." She said to the man.

"I'm glad I came at the right time." He said. I was lost and confused, "Can someone telling me what the hell is going on." I yelled, pulling back from mom's arms.

Sophia was crying, Xavier just smiled while icy blue stood in the background staring at me. "I think it's best if you slept in your mother's arms. She will tell you everything in the morning but for now, she exhausted from the flight." The man said, who still to this minute I had no clue who he was.

"Teco, please send Emma and her mother to one of the guest rooms as well. It seems this mansion will have company for the next few days ahead of us." Sophia said with a smile.

"Mom, you go ahead. I need to talk with icy blue over there." I said as I marched over to him.

I grabbed his hand and ignored my mom as she called out for me. I pulled him into the room that Sophia and I were in, locking the door behind me.

I faced him, "You will talk right now before I go ham on you." I yelled.

His face frowned as he tilted his head go the side. "Ham? Are you hungry?" He questioned. I shook my head and giggled, "Never mind, just tell me why mom is here and what did she mean by saving her life?"

"She is fine, no? She is here and alive. Why do you want to know what happened?" He asked.

I stared at him, "Um, hello. She's my mom and she's here. Why. Is. She. Here?"

He blew out a loud irritated huffing sound as his hand harshly rubbed his face. "Someone tried to kill her, but Albert made it in time before anything could happen to her." He stated.

My hands covered my mouth and again with the water work. I grabbed the closest thing I can find and threw it at him but it ducked away from it.

I walked over and stood in front of him, my hand automatically landing on his cheek with a loud smack that echoed through the room.

He faced me with a smile on his face, "Ok, I'll take that and you're welcome." He said while rubbing his cheek.

If it wasn't for his beard, my fingerprint would have left a mark on his face. My heart ached as I felt bad for slapping him and once again, the waterworks started to pour. I lifted my head up and stared at his icy blue eye's before I choked out and apologize.

"Well, I'm not sorry Emma." He said which caused me to frown. He pulled me against his body before his lips covered mine.

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