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I was in the restaurant having a drink with my dear friend Xavier, I've known him since forever. We both grew up at the same orphanage, Romano came and took us under his wing, Actually, if it was for Antonio Romano, I'd still be the scared little boy who didn't want to leave. But he came and took both of us, mended us into the men we are today. He kicked me out of his home and said his job was done, that I should go and face my fears and take back what was rightfully mines. Which I did, thanks to him.

My eyes roamed over her body once again, Xavier chuckled while getting up. "Where are you going Xavier? Sit down." I said as he finished his drink in a rush.

"I can't stay out this late anymore, my wife is waiting for me." He said as he pointed to the ring on his finger. I laughed a bit louder than I was supposed to. Who ever knew Xavier would be married to his Antonio Romano daughter? "Keep laughing my good friend, I'll leave you to your spying." He said as he left the restaurant.

He passed Emma and her friend that I still had my eye's on, he was about to leave but turned back to where the girls table was. I stood up from my ?seat as I watched him walk towards the them. Shit, shit, the f*cker was talking with her, he pointed my way. She slowly turned her face towards me and dropped the glass that was in her hand on the table.

Knew this wasn't a good idea..



"Go easy on the wine Lucy, that's your sixth glass today. You've been drinking since you've woken up." I said while looking at her.

"Oh please, let me enjoy my time." She whined. Lucy has had a hard time lately, thats why I asked her to come along with me on this trip. Her parents just got divorced after twenty years of marriage and she was heartbroken and devastated. She has kept all her pain inside, I could feel that she's hurt but she won't even cry it out. She just refuses to show weakness, "Fairytale happy ending aren't real." She said grabbing her seventh glass.

A man walked up to us and smiled, I was confused because he didn't look like a waiter. He was tall and handsome with dark brown eye's. "Hello Emma." He said which caused me to frown.

"Do I know you?" I asked as I took a sip of my wine. "No, you don't but you do know my friend Aroldo, yes?" He asked with his deep accent. He reminded me of icy blue, "No, I'm sorry I don't know anyone by that name." I said as I took another sip.

He pointed his finger to the other side of the restaurant, I looked over to where he was pointing at and gasped. The glass fell from my hand as I watched his icy blue eyes stare at me.

"O.M.G, look at him. He looks like he could kill someone with those gains, it's like all he does is workout." Lucy said as she finished her eight or maybe ninth glass of wine. "If I was you Emma, I'd say I know him so I can run my hands through his steel body, ugh." She said as she tried to stand up straight.

"Where are you going Lucy, sit down." I hissed. Icy blue was coming our way, Lucy tried to balance herself but failed as she tumbled back into icy blue arm's. "Are you ok?" He asked.

Lucy smiled then scrunched up her nose. "I think I'm going to puke." She stated before vomiting all over icy blue's shiny new suit. The waiter's came quickly and helped him, his friend was laughing loudly by my side. "Go on little one, laugh." Icy blue said as he stared at me. I was holding back my laughter in, I got up and walked over to Lucy who was covering her face from embarrassment.

"You ok?" I asked. She shook her head, "Please take me back to the room." She whispered quietly. I placed her arm around my shoulder as my arm went around her waist. I felt Goosebumps as icy blue grabbed my waist from behind, pushing me aside as he carried Lucy in his arms. "I think it would be a lot quicker and easier if I helped." He said as he walked ahead of me. His friend smiled at me, handing over my clutch and Lucy purse. "Enjoy the rest of your evening Emma, I look forward to seeing you again." Mystery man said.

I walked out the restaurant, reaching where icy blue was standing. "I knew this trip was a set up." I said as I walked pass him to elevator. Luckily the restaurant was in the same hotel where we we're staying at, he followed me into the elevator with a knocked out Lucy in his arm's.

It was awkward just standing there not saying anything. Was it me or is this elevator slow?

I could feel his eyes staring at me as I stood in front of him facing the door. "I didn't set up anything." He said in his thick English accent that I almost forgot about.

A ghostly smile took over my lips as the elevator door opens. I walked ahead of him which made me feel a bit uncomfortable, I was in a black skin-tight dress that Lucy paired with extremely high heels to match. I felt the back of my hair stand up as he spoke, "Sto godendo."

I turned to face him, "What was that?" I questioned. He had his eyes closed, shaking his head. "Nothing."

We reached our room, I pulled out the keys from my clutch but they accidentally fell on the floor. He was making me nervous, he huffed loudly while I picked up the keys.

What's was his problem..

I opened the door widely and moved out of his way so he can get in. He placed Lucy on the bed, she was covered in puke and so was he. "Thank you." I said as I took of my heels and I wish I never did. "I see that you haven't grown much." ?He stated while caressing his beard.

Yeah I was short but who cares, "I see your on steroids and with a few grays here and there." I said smiling.


ive year's ago, he was a lot younger with a baby face and his body was lean but now. He was bigger, I mean a lot more muscular. His broad shoulders, chest and arms appeared as if he was flexing but he wasn't. "You look much scarier than before." I said out of nowhere.

The only thing that hasn't changed was his icy blue eye's. They had the same look that wouldn't leave my memory no matter how hard I tried. "You should go clean up, your filled with puke and kinda starting to smell." He looked around the room until he found what he was looking for. "May I" He asked pointing at the phone.

"Sure", I said walking into the closet to find my oversize nightgown. I came out as he was undressing himself. "Wtf, what are doing." He just continue to unbutton his shirt.

"Taking a shower, I have a flight at eleven. I called room service to come collect my suit and have it cleaned. You don't mind spending two hours with me before I leave?" He asked as I stared at his body.

My god he was sexy..

My gaze went to the floor, "Sure." I said pulling my curly hair away from my face as I looked up at him. His icy blue eye's turned into a shade of deep blue that caused my breathing to elaborate. A knock on the door interrupted our stare off, I went over to his side and took his clothing that he placed neatly on chair.

I opened the door, three people stood there with two service carts that were filled with food. I handed the suit to the guy that handed me a black tee and black dress pants. "This is for Don Esposito." He said.

I moved out-of-the-way as the two other men hauled in the carts on to the balcony that Lucy and I tried to open for the past two days but couldn't. I watched as the set the table and lit some candles, I didn't notice icy blue was standing next to me until I felt his hands trying to get his clothes out of my hand's.

My heart stopped completely as I took in his body that only had a white towel wrapped around his waist.

Too much testosterone going on, my god he was ripped.

I stood up and went out to the balcony where the men we're standing waiting patiently for us. One of the men pulled out the chair for me to seat. Icy blue eye's came out dressed in all black looking sexy as f*ck with his damped hair.

Both men bowed their heads as he walked over to the table, pulling out his chair. He sat while the two men started to served us dinner, It was so quiet to the point I could feel my heart and blood pumping. The men finished serving us and left the room, we ate in silence until he decided to start a conversation. "What are you studying?" He asked.

I knew he knew everything about me, he was keeping an eye on me for five years. I decided to throw him off guard and lie, "I'm studying medical school." I said taking a bite into this delicious garlic steak with mushrooms. "This taste good." I said as I watched his confused face.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked as he took a sip of his wine. "No, I just thought you'd be studying something else." He said, taking a bite of his food.

"Something else like what?" I questioned as I watched him think really hard. "Like an artist, maybe." He stated.

I knew he knew everything, "Then why do you asked if you already know." I said placing a fork full of this delicious food in my mouth. His eyes followed my tongue as I licked the corner of my lips then down in the middle. He gulped down his wine glass in seconds while pouring another one for him.

"So, it was you who set up this trip huh?" I said placing the fork down on the plate. I sat up straight in my chair, "You haven't finished your meal yet." He said.

"Stop ignoring my question and answer it." His icy blue eye's always did something to me if I stared into them for too long. "I promise I had no hand in this but if you remember the men that were with me that day. One of them set this up, his name is Albert." He declared while taking a long sip from his wine glass.

"You mean the guy that follows me everywhere?" I said to him. He frowned and shook his head. "What do you mean follow you everywhere? Albert would never do that, yes I've told him to look out for you but not follow you." He said confused.

"Maybe this Albert sent someone to follow me around. The guy is always in a red Nissan, wherever I go he's there." I explained.

Icy blue looked concerned about something. "How long have he been following you? When did you notice that he was?" He asked.

"I don't know, probably when you sent the first bouquet of flowers to me. I went out to throw them and the car was parked across the street from my parents house. I didn't give it much thought at first but then I started to see the car everywhere I went." I said quietly.

"Why didn't you go to the police or something." He yelled.

"Cause I thought it was you, I was scared shitless. Why are you yelling at me?" I shouted.

He got up from his chair and paced the floor as his hand went through his hair many times. He was mumbling to himself, I couldn't hear a word. He stopped as he faced me, "Don't open the f*cking door until I come back. I will go call Albert and see if it was him who sent this man." He said nervously.

"Wait, you mean he wasn't one of your men?" I questioned.

"No he wasn't, Albert would have told me about it if he had done such a thing. I'm afraid it might be the same people who captured us that night, we went back to interrogate them but they were nowhere to be found. I think...let me go talk with Albert first. Don't open the door, understood." He said while intensely looking at me.

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