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   Chapter 2 In debt to you

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"Emma, Emma? Can you hear me?" An unfamiliar voice spoke. I opened my eyes slowly, the bright lights in the room were blinding me. "Can you remember anything?" A man asked.

"Wa..ter." I whispered. I felt that my throat was dry, my head was spinning. "She seems to be fine, whoever dropped her off at the emergency room was afraid for her life but I can assure you that she's fine." The doctor said. "Thank you, her friend said that she fell unconscious and had someone help him bring her here." Mom said.

I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.



"Get down", I hissed at the girl who helped us. Two men were shooting at us in the room, we all took cover waiting for them to run out of bullets.

"Omg, I'm gonna die, I don't wanna die, I'm only fifteen!" She screamed loudly. I shook her shoulders harshly, "You are not going to die, you have my word."

Philip and Malkin went out charging at the two men, luckily they were out of bullets so they had a chance on taking them down. Each of the boys takes one down as Albert helped them. I was with the girl, she was wrapping herself tightly while rocking back and forth. "We got them Don, what should we do with them?" Malkin asked.

I wanted to say kill them but I needed answers from them, also I didn't want the girl to be scared of me. "Stay here, ok?" She nodded her head as I walked out to see who was behind this shit.

I leaned over to the two men that were on the floor. "Make this easier on you and on me, tell me who sent you?" I hissed through clenched teeth.

I felt the girl move from behind me, "I said don't move." I yelled causing her to back into the room and locking the door.

I turned to face them, they both looked like thugs that were ordered to do this job. "I'll pay you double the amount of money, who told you to do this job, I can tell you're not mafia material." They both stared at each other before one of them spoke.

"Some dude named Danes, I don't know any last name."

I sat up straight and went over to the room, I looked around for the girl, she was in the corner, scared to death. My heart did this funny thing but I ignored it. "Come with me", I said but she didn't move. "I promise I won't hurt you, you just saved my life. I am in debt to you."

She still didn't move, I went and grabbed her arm, "Please, just listen to me." I pulled her up as she tried to pull away from me. "Please don't hurt me." She begged.

I pulled her out of the room, "Tie them up inside. We will watch who comes for them and get our answers." I said to my men. They did just that as the girl tried to get out of my grip once again.

Philip and Malkin along with Albert came out. They all looked at the girl then at me, "Thank you bella, you saved us. We owe you our lives." Malkin said softly. I let her arm go, "She's an angel from heaven." Philip said as his eyes roamed over her body. When he was done, his eyes landed on me. I didn't know what had gotten over me, I wanted to rip his eyes out.

"What are we going to do with her?" Albert said. She backed away until her back hit the wall and out of nowhere, she ran by us. "STOP", I yelled running after her. She looked back at me, causing her to lose her balance on the steps which caused her to fall, landing on the concrete floor with a loud thump.

"Shit", I yelled as she laid there. She wasn't moving, she seems to be unconscious. "Go find a car, we have to take her to the hospital. She could be hurt." I said in a hurt tone.

Picking up her body in my arms, I walked out with Philip and Malkin by my side while Albert was in front of us. It took him ten minutes to find a car, "Really Albert." Philip said as he stared at the scared woman in the passenger seat next to him.

"She's the only one that stopped, hurry up, we have to take her to the hospital quickly." Albert said.

We entered the car with the girl still in my arms. "What happened to her?" The middle aged woman asked.

"She fell down the stairs in that abandoned factory over there." Albert stated the truth. "Kids these days. How did you find her?" She questioned.

"My boss wants to buy the factory, he went to see if it was worth the money or not, we found her laying there. Our car was stolen when we came out, that's why I stopped you." Albert said.

"Yea, this part of town is dangerous, I don't know why kids go into that factory thinking they'll find something. I hope she's alright, I wonder how long she's been there for. Her parents must be worried sick about her." The woman said. She seemed to believe what Albert said.

"It would be good if you reopen the factory, lots of people are looking for jobs but can't seem to find any, you'll help a lot of families out there." She said. "Is she breathing?" She asked. "My she looks young, poor child."

We reached the hospital and entered the emergency room, the woman came along with us. "Someone help, please." She shouted. Nurses and doctors came quickly, "What happened?" A doctor asked. "We found her in an abandoned factory, she was unconscious when we found her." Albert said.

I watched as they took her into a room, that's when Albert pulled my arm. "We must get out of here before she wakes up, she will tell police everything. We don't want to be questioned." He whispered lowly.

We left and that was the last time I saw her.



"Do you remember what happened Emma?" The officer asked. I remembered everything but was scared to tell him. So I shook my head, "She was with her friends, exploring the factory for Josh's channel. They do that." Mom said.

"It's a no trespassing zone and you did so, luckily you weren't hurt. Whoever brought you here did the right thing, they saved your life. Next time when you go on these exploration with your friends be more careful. If you get caught, you will be arrested for trespassing." The officer said.

"She won't go anymore, I promise officer." Mom said. The officer left, mom came by my side and held my hand. "Why did your friends leave you there Emma, is there something you're hiding from me?" Mom asked.

"We're sorry Miss Stevens, we we're scared and didn't know what to do." Josh said as he stood near the door. His eyes held hurt, "I'm sorry for leaving you Emma, so sorry. I thought you were dead."

Mom went over to him and slapped him, "You left my baby to die there, why didn't you call the police?" Mom yelled. "I'm sorry, I was afraid." Josh said.

"I don't want you near my daughter, you hear me. You're not a friend of hers, you left her all alone, only god knows what could have happened to her." She shouted.

"Mom, it's ok." I said. "Can you go get

me something to eat, I want to talk to Josh alone."

She blew out a loud sigh, "You better be gone when I come back." She said as she left the room. Josh locked the door behind her and stood there awkwardly. "I caught it all on tape, I was there the whole time, can you imagine the view's I'll get on this video." He said carelessly.

I stared at him in disbelief, "You f*cking left me with those murderers and all you care about is...I can't believe you. I swear to god Josh if you upload that video, I'll never speak to you again. They could come after you or even worse, after me and kill me." I yelled.

He sat down next to me, "I'll blur their faces and voices, no one will know anything, don't worry about it and in the end they'll be heroes for helping you."

I can't believe it, all he cared about was his stupid YouTube channel. "GET OUT, I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU, YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE." I shouted loudly. The door opened and my breath was caught stuck in my throat.

Icy blue was here, he entered the room as his friends followed after him. The blonde man locked the door as the other stood facing Josh. "We heard everything, I'll come with you so you can give me the footage or something bad will happen to you." The man hissed in Josh's face.

Josh nodded his head as he got up and exited the room with both men, leaving me with icy blue. Tilting his head to the side, he walked around the bed until he reached my side. "Are you ok?" He asked in his thick English accent.

My body was trembling in fear. "I'm not going to hurt you um...What's your name?" He asked.

"Emma", I whispered. He nods his head and sits on the bed. "Thank you for helping my men and I. How old are you again?" He questioned placing his hand on mines.

I pulled away from his burning touch, "fifteen." I said. "Bambino", he quietly said. He got up fixing his appearance while never breaking eye contact with me. "I am in debt to you Emma, forever. Get well soon and thank you once more." He said as he took my hand and placed a kiss.

I watched his every move until he disappeared.


Five years later....

"I can't believe we're going to Italy" Lucy said. She was the only friend I had.

She's the only one that was truly sorry for what she did five years ago and I forgave her after a year of apologies. She was young and scared, Sean and her broke up that following year. I ignored bot the boys as they said I was taking this a bit far. But I don't want friends that won't be there for me when I need them. So I just broke off whatever friendship we had, it was hard at first but I got through it.

My life after that day was calm and steady. Only time I would be nervous was on my birthday, that's where I would get a bouquet of flowers with a small note saying "Ti penso sempre", which translated to I'm always thinking about you.

At first I was scared and would throw the flowers away but the following year, the note was written in English.

"You do not like the flowers I got you? It's the only way I can thank you, I will stop sending them if you throw these flowers away. Take care little one."

As long as I didn't see him again then I was good, I went to throw the flowers away but loved how they were arranged. My hand hovered over the trash bin outside our house but I took a single flower from it before throwing the rest.

The following year, I would receive a single white rose with a note attached to it and luckily Google was my translator. I never told anyone about the flower I got, not even Lucy.

"Hello, earth to Emma." Lucy said snapping me out of my thoughts. "Can you believe that we're going to Italy, ugh thanks for bringing me along." She chirped happily.

I shook my head, "Yeah, what are the odds of me winning a trip for two." It was a radio station Christmas giveaway and I happened to win it. I couldn't believe it, as they called me live on air and said I was the winner. The excitement was washed away when I remembered that icy blue was italian. At first I didn't want to go but come on, this was Italy we we're talking about. I just wanted to leave Chicago's cold weather, so I decided to go and enjoy myself with Lucy. It's not like I will see him ever again.

We were entering the plane, taking our seats in first class. "Omg, we're actually going, this trip was much-needed Emma." Lucy said buckling her seat belt.

My birthday was in a couple of days, I was wondering what icy blue would say in his note this time? I laid back in my seat, closing my eyes as the plane took off.



"Send the same flower with the this on the note, 'Happy twentieth ?birthday little one or maybe I shouldn't say little one anymore. Take care.'" I said to Albert.

"If I may speak Don Esposito?" He asked.

"You don't need permission Albert, go on." I replied.

"Well, Emma won't be here on her birthday this year. She is on the plane to somewhere." He stated.

"To where exactly?" I questioned.

"She will be landing in Italy in a couple of hours, I decided to call you now so you may want to give the flower to her in person." He said, causing my heart to beat a bit faster.

She was here, why?

"She won a trip for two, I've been keeping an eye on her as you asked. She's grown into a beautiful girl. You will see her, right?" He asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea Albert", I said.

"It wouldn't hurt sir, she'll be at Belmond Hotel Splendido & Belmond Splendido Mare. Only the finest for her Don Esposito." Albert stated.

I knew he was behind this, "What did you do Albert, you did something, I can feel it."

He chuckled lowly then spoke, "You might say I have a couple of friends that helped me achieve this. It was a fair competition where Emma won a trip for two to Italy. She's with her friend Lucy, please do give her birthday present in person Don Esposito, I've done my part now so if you'll excuse me I must leave. Enjoy!" He said as he ended the call.

I placed the phone back to its place and stood up. Philip came in along with Malkin, "Don, would you like us to go bring her here? Philip asked as I faced them.

"You knew?" I questioned.

Both men stared at each other before looking at me. "It was Albert's idea, we didn't have a say in it but since she's coming. I think it's best to bring her here to Tuscany, don't you think?" He asked.

"What Philip is trying to say is, it would be safer for you and her to be seen here, instead of in public." Malkin said.

I marched over to both men and stood before them, "Don't do anything, I will go to see her then leave." I stated firmly.

I just hope it goes well and she doesn't run away from me.

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