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   Chapter 1 Taking over

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"It is here by I, Aroldo Esposito accept the leadership of being your commander, leader and owner. All who shall fail to follow my orders will be, well, simply killed. You will obey me, for I am your mafiaking." I declared as I faced the men who were seated.

Pulling the knife out from the former leader's neck, I slowly wiped it on his shoulders. "Can someone please take his body and dispose it, my feet are getting tired of standing." I said gently as they all stared in horror.

It's not everyday you see someone take the throne from beneath one's feet, but I did. It was mine in the first place, but dear uncle that shipped me off to the orphanage at a young age and took it. "It's good to be home." I remarked, staring at little Zuse, uncle's son.

He was younger than me by two year's but less manly. "I saved you the trouble of the family business, you're most welcome." He charges at me with anger but I took him down easily.

Gripping his neck tightly, "Now, is that how to greet your cousin Zuse? Remember me?" His eye's bulged out as he gasps for air.

"You enjoyed the life of luxury while I was beaten and starved to death. I just came to take what was rightfully mine, this was my father's throne, but dear uncle decided he wanted it all to himself." I hissed, watching the color of his face change.

"I wish no harm on you dear cousin, the person that caused me harm is dead. Now, if you can ever be so kind in letting me know where uncle took my mother, then I'll spare your life. If not then it's simple, I------bring in the girl." I yelled.

Throwing him to the floor and watching how he crawled over to his pregnant wife was interesting. "You see how lovely she is, we wouldn't want anything happening to her or the child now do we?" I questioned as I gently caressed his wife's hair.

Bending down, I bored my eyes into his, "I don't believe in love or family Zuse. I wouldn't think twice in getting a knife and stabbing your wife's belly." I said, touching her stomach. "My, how big. How far along are you?" Her cries were loud, "Shhhh, shh, sh. We don't want the baby to feel stress. Don't cry."

Pulling her up gently, "Tell Zuse to tell me where my mother is and I'll let you and the baby live. That, you have my word."

Nodding her head quickly, she kneels in front of her husband. I took the moment, pulling out a cigar, lighting it up. "Zuse, please tell him what he needs to know, please Zuse. I can't lose this child, I've already lost two. I can't bare to lose this child as well." She begged.

"I have your word, that you will not harm her or the child?" Zuse shouted.

"You have my word, now. If you'll kindly tell me where your father hid my mother, then your wife will be on her way back to her parents house. Safe and sound." I stated.

I motioned with the tilt of my head for Andrew to take the wife away. Walking over to where he laid on the floor, like a dog. I stared him down, "Mama better be well taken care of or I can guarantee you, that I will make you chop up your wife and unborn child with your bare hands."

His eyes held fear and that's what I needed to see from him. He tried to get but I only kicked him back down. "She's in the west wing of the house", he whispered. "But I must tell you, she...she is not well nor doesn't remember anything."

"What do you mean she doesn't remember?" I asked as I clenched my hand's.

"She seem to have lost her mind after what happen to you and your father. Locking herself in the room, father pitied the state she was in so he let her stay. You were suppose to be dead along with your father, that's what I was told, that's what everyone knew." He said as he stared into my eyes.

The knife was still in my hands, I just took it and stabbed him in his shoulder. Over and over and over again as his screams filled the room. The men that were sitting at the dinner table started to move but my men held them down. "Shoot anyone that moves." I yelled.

I stood up, leaving my dear cousin in agony, screaming in pain. The maids were here, everyone in the household were here. I faced the closest maid and marched over to where she was. "Take me to the west wing, I need to see her." I hissed as I grabbed her arm.

My heart was beating quickly as I took each step towards her. After what seem like forever, we came to a stop. The hallway was dark, cold. I could hear soft whispers from behind the door singing a lullaby. My hand gripped the handle of the door pushing it open, the room was darker than the hallway. The room smelled like flowers after the rain, a figure stood near the window, holding a pillow.

"Fa la ninna, fa la nanna

Nella braccia della mamma

Fa la ninna bel bambin, Fa la nanna bambin bel, Fa la ninna, fa la nanna

Nella braccia della mamma." She sung to the pillow while holding it near.

"Go to sleep, go to sleepy

In the arms of your mother, Go to sleep, lovely child, Go to sleepy, child so lovely, Go to sleep, go to sleepy

In the arms of your mother."

I switched the light on but it didn't seem to be working. I stepped closer to her, trying to get a better look, standing in front of her. She smiled, "Shhh, my child is trying to sleep."

Her skin was pale yellow, her body was disintegrating slowly. The word mama was stuck in my throat as I watched her. "Mama", I choked.

Her eyes laid on me, she moved closer to the dresser that was near her. She seem to function well in moving but was her mind still intact?

The match lit up as she placed it on the candle, the pillow in her hand dropped as she gasped. "Rocardo", she said surprisingly.

"No mama, I am not father. I am Aroldo." Her eyes opened widely as her steps came closer. Her hands ran along my arms, stopping at my shoulders. Her eyes watered as she stared at me before moving her hands to my cheek. "Please tell me I'm not crazy, that you are really my son." She said as her tears fell.

I couldn't take it anymore, dropping to my knees. I held her legs tightly, hugging her. "I am real mama, I've come back for you."

I've haven't cried, since forever but my heart was aching. I learned to cope with my feelings but this time, I couldn't hold back. "I'm sorry mama, so sorry."

Bending down to face me, "You're alive, you're not dead." She said as she held me tightly, crying.


One year later......

"Safe trip my love", mama said as she walked down the stairs with me. "Be sure to call me when you arrive and don't stay too long, my heart can't bare to be apart from you." She placed a kiss on my cheek, smiling happily.

"Two days and I'm back mama, Andrew will care for you until I come back." I said as I kissed her forehead.

Entering the car, I look back at her one last time before leaving t

he estate.


Several hours later in Chicago....

"Welcome Don Esposito, I am Albert. I'll be taking you to meet Don Carlos, you and your men are my responsibility until then." He said as I reached the car that was parked near the plane I just came off. "Was your flight good?" He asked.

"Very." He nodded his head as he opened the door for me. Philip and Malkin were my trusted men, wherever I go, they go with me. They both entered the car with me as Albert drove off to our destination.

Thirty minutes into the drive and Albert inform us that we're being followed. "The car behind us, has been following us, I'll turn here to see if they truly are." He stated while making the turn.

"Fanculo", Philip cursed lowly. All three men take out their guns, getting ready for what was about to happen but a car crashed into us out of nowhere. Groaning that came from the men was all I heard before I fell unconscious.


Four days later.....

"Who are they, we've been here for four days and no one has come looking for us. The amount of screaming we have done should have been heard but no one is here." Philip hissed as he tried to untie himself.

It was pointless, we were about to face our death anytime soon. "Don Esposito, I have let you down. I am truly sorry." Albert said.

"You have done nothing, all I want to know is, who is behind this?" I was trying to wrap my mind on who could have done this but I came to no conclusion. I've made peace with every Don out there so why am I here?



"Emma, Josh is here." Mom yelled. I was in my room getting ready. "I'll be down in a minute." I yelled back.

My dumb friend Josh wanted to go film in an abandoned factory for his channel. He was an "Urban explorer", as he puts it, his channel was a hit due to me and my friend's reactions. Some places he took us were scary as f*ck while others were just ok.

I grabbed my phone and small bag that was filled with snacks, it gets boring sometimes while we're at these places. I exited my room, running down the stairs. Josh was waiting at the front door with Sean and Lucy. "Mom, I'm leaving. I'll be back by ten." I yelled.

"Nine", she yelled back from the kitchen.

"K, nine, bye." I said walking after my friends. We hopped in Sean's jeep, driving off to our destination. "So guys, act like you're scared and shit, like you've seen a ghost. I want this video to hit more than a million views." Josh said.

"All you videos get over a million silly", Lucy said.

"Yea, but I want more." Josh replied.

"So, where are you taking us this time? It better be in the city Josh, last time mom grounded me for coming home late." I stated.

"Yeah man, me too. Dad was on my case for a week for coming home at two in the morning, it better be in the city." Sean added.

"Would you guys chill, it's in the city, make a left here." Josh said. We entered a no trespassing zone, Sean parks the car and looks at Josh. "We have to walk from here, two hours no longer man. Lucy and I have a date."

We exited the car and looked around the fence that was holding us back. As always, Josh climbs the wired fence. We did the same and walked towards the once meat factory. Josh gets to work, opening his camera and starts to film.

"Hey guys, as I promised you another video. My friends and I will explore this place where I've been told, that the Mafia do their dirty work. This is the old meat factory, it's been abandoned for fifteen years now. Let's see if we'll find any dead bodies?" Josh said, talking to the camera.

We walk around the building until we found an open door, entering it slowly. It was dark but we had our equipment ready with us. "As you can see, the place smells and looks horrifying." Josh continued to talk. We heard a muffling sound from the upper floor, "Omg guys you hear that?" Lucy said terrified.

"Wtf, josh. Who did you hire this time to scare us for your damn video?" I hissed. He gave me a wtf look, "Oh shut up, you'll edit that out. But for real, did you?" I asked.

He turned off his camera which was odd, my stomach started to form knots. "I swear it's not me this time, someone must be here." He quickly open his camera back on started to speak. "Omg, guys my friends and I just heard something from the upper floor, I swear to you it sounded like a call for help."

Josh walked up the stairs to the second floor, we followed behind him quickly. My heart was racing, "guys maybe we should leave." Lucy said as she grabbed Sean's hand.

The muffling sound was heard clearly now, this time Josh closes the camera for good. "Nah, it's not worth it, let's go guys." He said pushing us back.

I pushed his hand and walked over to the door. "Emma, get back here." Josh whispered.

I placed my ear on the door and listened carefully. The sound was coming from behind the closed door.

"Emma, don't! It could be a serial killer waiting to attack us, don't open it." Josh hissed.

I was lost, someone probably needed help."We can't just leave, they need help. Look at this place, it's cold and dark, only God knows how long they've been in there." I said.

"Fine, you do this by yourself, We're leaving Emma." Sean said as he grabbed Lucy hand and left.

I was all alone and the muffling sounds were getting louder and louder. Inhaling deep, I tried to open the door but it was jammed. Looking for something to unlock the door. I felt someone behind me, gasping loudly while placing my hand on my chest. Gladly it was Josh, "Pray to God we make it out alive Emma, you and your kind heart will get you in deep shit." He said as he picked the lock open that was placed on the door.

How come I didn't see that?

He pushed the door open, pointing the flashlight in the room. We stared at each other before he left me alone with the four men that were tied up. "Josh come back, we can't leave them here." I yelled but he was long gone.

I picked up the flashlight and pointed it towards them, their eyes pierced through me. "Please don't hurt me, I'm only trying to help you guys. I'll untie you then leave." I said as I walked in. They watched my every move, especially the man in the middle, his blue icy cold eyes never stopped staring at me.

I just began uniting one of the men when I heard people talking from far away. "I can't believe we caught them, boss will be so pleased with us. We got the biggest Mafia leader of all Italy." A man said.

My heart stopped completely, I faced the men that were in front on me in horror. I got up as fast as I could, I just wanted to leave but I didn't want to feel responsible for their death. I quickly untied one of the men then the other, that's when gunshot were heard. I ducked down, shielding myself from harm.

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