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   Chapter 18 Thee end...

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5years later..

My life was completely blissful, I had a wife and a beautiful baby girl named Amalie, I chose the name so it can match her mother's. Long curly locks fell on her face as she ran through the water sprinklers. Three years old without a care in the world she smiled and giggled as I stood there looking at her.

My heart was beating quickly as how possible I can have so much love for this little being. She was apart of me, came from me and made with love, how could I not love her crazily.

I felt a pair or arms wrapping around my waist, I knew it who it was. "She so freaking cute doll face, just like her mama." I stated as I held her hands.

"Well, she is adorable but wild just like her daddy is. How long has she been out there?" Doll face asked as she laid her head on my shoulder.

"Let her play, it's hot outside. Did Vinny come back yet?" I questioned curiously. He was meant to go get what I asked for Amalie, it was a surprise and I was dying to give it to her.

"Not yet but he'll be here, where did he go?" She asked as she walked outside to our little monster that was having fun in the sun.

"It's a surprise doll face, I hope my baby likes it." I whispered as I followed her out.

Doll face sat on the bench as she watched our baby play around. I went over to Amalie as she ran towards me. "You like having fun huh?" I asked as she giggled.

Her vocabulary was short but I loved it, "juice, hungry." She said while looking over to her mama.

"Well of course you're hungry, you've been out here running wild. Let's get you dried up then we can put food in your little belly." I said as I kissed her cheek countless of times.

Her giggles and laughter made my heart melt, "love you baby, love you soooo much." I whispered as I nuzzled my face in her neck.

"Kissy monster", she shouted as doll face laughed loudly. Yea, I was a kissing monster when it came to her but I just couldn't help it, this is my baby we're talking about.

I walked over to where doll face was and wrapped my baby tightly in my arm's. Her mother just smiled as she stared at us both with love and compassion.

The maid walked out with dried clothes f

t me. You're my only child Emily and I was a father that wanted what's right for you but I didn't know that what I was doing was pushing you away. I'm sorry baby, forgive your old man and let him have peace." He whispered as he pulled me into his embrace once more.

"I forgave you a long time ago Pa, god how much I've missed you both." I whispered as tears of joy never seemed to end.

"Where my grand baby, I want to see her so badly." Ma said as she hugged me from behind. I was a sandwich between Ma and Pa and I loved it so much.

"She's sleeping with her new puppy in the living room." Santos spoke up for the first time. I looked over towards him has he had the biggest smile, I mouthed I love you as he mouthed back with a I know.

I walked over to where our princess was sleeping, PA and Ma left my side as they went over to her. Showering her with kisses, "look Nancy, she looks like her mother when she was her age." Pa said as he caressed Amalie hair away from her face.

"I know, look at her, she a beauty." Ma gushed as she placed a kiss on her tiny hand.

I stared at Santos, "I love you, was this my surprise?" I asked happily as I wiped the tears of joy away.

"Yay baby, this is it and that smile is worth everything to me. I love you even more doll face." He whispered as he looked over to my parents that we're lost in Amalie.

Who would have ever thought that one mistake night can lead to a wonderful life.

The end....

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