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   Chapter 17 Pedro & Zara

Doll Face By MarillaGarden Characters: 13190

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"If you could look inside my life

And use my eyes, would you pity me?"...Andra day


"I never knew you had a beautiful voice Zara." I declared as we fly over the cloud's.

I begged her to come see Camila that had me promise her that I'll bring Zara back with me to visit. It was hard convincing her at first but I promised it would only be for a couple of days then I'll return her back home.

Everyone misses her dearly, even I have. I didn't think she would come to the Santos and Emily's wedding but she did. "It's not that good, you can say I sang for them as a wedding gift. I'm a Disney fan." She stated while giggling like an angel.

And truly she was, but she had broken wings that were healing slowly. "Your voice is remarkable Zara, breathtaking." I confessed.

"So, how is everyone? I miss them a lot, especially Camila. Did she hook up with Bruno or she's still chicken to tell him how she feels." Zara asked as she looked out the airplane window.

"Don't we all fear that the person we have feelings for don't feel the same way? Maybe you can push her to tell him how she feels." I said while looking at her.

"Maybe she's waiting is waiting for that push." She said as she glanced over towards me.

I was lost in her eyes that still held sadness, I didn't know if that look will ever go away. "You seem different, much better or you're putting on a smile just to make me think that you are?"

The same smile was there but I knew it was just an act and I didn't like it one bit. "It's either smile and forget or be sad and hurt. I need time, a lot more time then I thought I will need but I'll get there sooner or later." She replied softly.

"You haven't, you know, try any stupid things to end your life have you?" I questioned as I looked at her thighs.

I noticed new wound marks as her dress rose up as she took a seat when we entered the plane but didn't say anything. I just held in my anger, it was something that you couldn't do anything about it only if the person themselves wanted to stop on their own.

Her hands held down the hem of her dress as she moved nervously in her seat. Blowing out a heavy sigh, I smiled at her. "I noticed it when you sat down, I'm not judging you Zara. I just don't want you to hurt yourself, it hurts my heart." I stated firmly.

"Maybe I need a push as well." She said softly as tears filled her eye's. "Sorry, sorry!" She whispered as she wiped her tears away.

"Don't be, I'll be happy to give you that push if you let me Zara. I need to know that you're willing to let me in." I whispered as I held out my hand for her.

She kept looking at it but didn't bother taking it. I knew it was going? to be hard but I'll wait until she was ready. I pulled back and laid back in my seat, "You tell me when you're ready, just speak up." I whispered as I closed my eye's shut.



Five hours into the flight, I sat there watching Pedro sleep as I admired his features. He was beyond sexy that it hurts to look at him for too long but I just wanted to keep my eyes in him forever.

I wanted to grab his hand and beg for him to heal me but I didn't want him to suffer with me. Why should he bare my pain and try to fix me when I couldn't fix myself?

I stood up from my seat and walked to the far end of the plane where the bathroom was, taking a good look at myself in the small mirror. I found myself crying, "All you had to do was grab his hand, wasn't it enough that he healed you when he wasn't even there? His face was the only thing that kept you from hurting myself, he helped you and is still willing to help, just take it Zara. Better than drowning in the past when the future hold so more." I whispered to myself lowly.

But why does he have to pay the price of your broken soul, he deserves better than a girl that's shattered.

I opened the cold water tap and splash my face. I needed to stop dreaming of being saved, I couldn

ughed as she looked back at me. She seemed very different, I wish I knew what made her this way but I was happy. The sadness in her eye's were fading in a way or maybe I was imaging thing.

"I hope you haven't cooked anything yet Camila, Samuel is bringing a box full of seafood." I stated as Camila smiled shyly.

"Of course se?or Pedro would remember that it's se?ora Zara favorite food. No se?or, I haven't cooked anything yet, even if I have, I would still make anything for se?ora Zara. Her wish is my command." She replied head over to the kitchen, "two amor perfecto cafè coming up se?or." Camila stated loudly, leaving us alone once more.

"Thank you Camila", Zara yelled as she sat on the sofa tiredly. "You should go rest in your room, your clothes are still there, If you like to change." I said while taking a seat in next to her.

Camila came back with the café in hand, "Enjoy, I'll go get the bath ready for se?ora Zara."

"Camila, you don't have to, I can do it myself." Zara said as she took the cup of café, handed it to me. "Nonsense se?ora, I don't mind at all. I'm so happy you came, my heart is overjoyed with happiness." Camila chipped happily, leaving the room.

We both smiled as she left, "I love her, she's so sweet." Zara stated as she took a sip of her café. "Zara", I whispered lowly. I didn't know what to think nor did I want to look at her as I asked this question.

"I don't know what happened and I will never understand your pain or what you went through but please try to give me a chance to help you. Are you going to let me in or will you always pull back?" I asked as I stared at my cup.

I was waiting for a no, or give me time or I can't but didn't expect her to say, "Are your hand's gentle as your heart?"

I stared at her confused, what did she mean by that? She placed her cup down on the table and took mine as well. "Well, are they?" She questioned while staring at me with a smile.

"I don't know what you mean?" I replied back curiously. Her hands came up to my cheeks, caressing it gently. "They say words can heal a broken soul but a soft touch can do even more, I know you heart can heal my soul but can your hands heal my body?" She questioned while staring intensely back at me.

"Don't play with my heart Zara, I don't think I'll be able to handle it. But to answer your question, I'll not only heal your body. I'll have it begging not to ever let go", I whispered as I pulled her on top of me. "I'll make it forget every pain it ever felt as I kiss the pain away, you just let me do so and I'll show you how gentle I can be." I whispered against her lips.

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