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   Chapter 16 Wedding day

Doll Face By MarillaGarden Characters: 6383

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"No need to mess with God's design you're just so simple and sweet"


It's was gloomy day, the past week was all sun and no rain and today was dark and gloomy. Cloud's cover the sky's, I was mad and pissed.

I wanted everything to be perfect and it was, but if only the weather? cooperated, it would have been a lot more amazing then it already was. The men were outside waiting while the girls were standing at the altar

Waiting for me to walk down the aisle with Frederic.

I smiled at him as he held my hand, probably the sweetest man I've ever meet in my life. "I hope it rains beautiful." He said as the music started.

"Why?" I questioned him as my eyes teared up. I wanted Pa to walk me down the aisle but he wasn't here.

"Because raindrops means a lifetime of happiness, especially on your wedding day." He stated as he pulled me out of the mansion and into the garden.

Everyone stood up as my eye's were only on Santos that wore a white dress shirt and black slacks. I could see his smile as he watch me walk up to him. I was surrounded by people I knew who love us, who wanted happiness for us. My heart soared through my chest as it filled with so much love for these people.

Thunder roared loudly but my heart was even louder as Santos took my hand into his. "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today." Vinny said as I faced him.

"Wait, he's not the one who will be getting us married?" I questioned as Santos pulled back my veil. Everyone laughed, "Come on doll face, I've always wanted to say that." Vinny whined as I shook my head.

The pastor who will be carrying on with the ceremony pushed him aside. "I apologize, he took my place and I couldn't do anything about it." The old man said as everyone laughed.

I turned to face my bridesmaids that were behind me and watched Vinny walked behind Santos and stood still.

Raindrops drizzled lightly, I looked

nd blinds us, we have the choice to take either it or ignore it. Somewhere in this world, there is person meant only for you, doesn't matter how far they are or who they are. They were written only for you, to be your other half, to cherish and love. I found mines and I hope you all find your's, angels among devils we stand as one. I ask from Santos and Emily to never forget what made this day possible, it was their love and in the end. It will only be the one thing you need in this life, love and forgive, fight and make up, never go to sleep while the other is mad or sad at you. Make each other feel that this all was worth it, to my beauty Zena. If love was a person, you would be that person."

Frederic said as Zena teared up.

"Saluti", everyone cheered loudly.

Zara hummed loudly as all eyes fell on her.

"So this is love, Mmmmmm, So this is love, So this is what makes life divine. I'm all aglow, Mmmmmm, And now I know, The key to all heaven is mine, My heart has wings, Mmmmmm, And I can fly, I'll touch? ev'ry star in the sky, So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, So this is love."

She sang so beautifully as her eyes never left Pedro.


Everyone clapped and whistled loudly as her eye's were lost in Perdo.

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