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   Chapter 15 Pedro & Zara

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Pedro, after the crowning....

"Do you still want to take her Pedro?" Frederic asked as he stared at me. Aroldo and Santos were still here after all that has happened, I promised my Dom that I will care for her even before I laid eye's on her. I didn't want to break my word but all has changed, Sergio was dead so why would I take her with me?

"It's your order Dom, you asked and I accepted. She seems scared to death every time I come near her, I don't know what to expect." I replied as all eyes were on me.

Frederic handed me a folder, "This is all the information I could get on Zara. She lived with her parents at the time, she has an older brother that is married and has four kids. She went out with her boyfriend one night then left the club, that's were they abducted and brought to Darren place. That bastard had all girls from ages fourteen and up, Zena and Maryanne were with her that night by Sergio got a hold of her. He didn't just break her, he shattered her, leaving her to commit suicide countless of times. Now that he is out of the picture, I thought to send her back but her parents died in a car accident. I don't know if she will be able to handle it once she knows, so maybe keep her with you until she seems somewhat better than we can take her back to her brother but I highly doubt he will be able to care for her but we will do that once she's fit to go back home. Try your best not to fall for her." Frederic said as he stared at me.

Great, how was I supposed to heal her?

"She is very fragile Pedro, promise me you'll do your best. I promised my queen that I will save her but my hands are tied. Zena is still in the hospital and I don't have time to care for Zara, do it for me my friend. Give me your word." Frederic said as he grabbed my shoulder.

I nodded my head, "You have my word Dom, I'll be leaving tonight. Keep me updated on the situation here." I stated.

"It will be hard for you Pedro, please try with all you have. I'm counting on you." Frederic said one last time before I left.


One month later....

"Zara", I whispered as she sat in the corner. She was scared, "No, no no no no no no noooo. Please let me go, please. I want to go home please." She cried out as she rocked back and forth.

I've kept her in a room with no objects so she can't hurt herself. The first week she cut herself which caused her to bleed out, the second week she overdose on painkillers. I've tried but nothing was working, I knew it was going to be hard but not to this point.

"I promise to take you back, but you have to help me Zara. I'm trying my best to help you but you won't let me." I said as I walked over to her.

She screamed loudly causing me to stop in place, "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT." She shouted as tears fell.

I sighed deeply as an aching pain went through my chest, "I'll leave Zara, the door is open. You can walk around as you please, no one will harm you, I promise." I whispered as I took a step back.


"Where is she?" I questioned as I looked over for her throughout the mansion. "Se?or Pedro, se?ora Zara is down by the Oceano." One of the maid's said as I made my way out.

The mansion was close by, I walked over to find her but she wasn't there. I started to worry as I walked over to her, she was in the water swimming farther and farther. "ZARA", I shouted loudly.

She turned slowly and faced me, her eye's held sadness that wouldn't go away. I took off my shoes and that's when she went underwater, "Mierda!" I hissed as I swam as fast as I could to her.

Like a crazy person, I searched for her. Going up and down in the water, my men caught me and ran over as fast as they could. "Get in and find her now." I yelled as I went under water.

"la encontre", one of my men yelled as he held her lifeless body in his arm's. Swimming towards him as he pulled her out, started performing CPR on her. After countless of times she finally coughed up water and inhaling air.

"You are going to kill me, I can't do this anymore Zara. I give up, I can't." I said as she looked at me. The men excused themselves, it was only her and I left as she sat there trembling.

I kneeled down as I picked her body up in my arm's. "I just want to die, why don't you let me die in peace." Sh

he wasn't looking. Locking her in my arm's, "Never give your back to the enemy until you know that they are knocked out completely." I whispered lowly against her ear.

God she felt so good to hold. She stepped on my right foot and slipped out of my arm's, landing a punch to my face.

Not going to lie, I saw stars floating around in midair, I closed my eye's trying to catch my breath. "Perdo? You ok?" She questioned but I didn't move.

"Stop playing, get up." She said in a worried tone. "Perdo?" She whispered softly. Was she worried about me? She rushed to my side as I laid there still, "Shit, Pedro, get up." She stated.

I opened my eyes, grabbed her and pinned her down below me. Her breathing picked up quickly as I stared at her, "You knock them down then leave." I said as I took in her beauty.

I just had to do it so I did, I kissed her as she moved wildly beneath me. She gave up and kissed me back, essence of pure lust came over us both as we kissed senselessly.

"Se?or, oh my!" Camila said as I broke off the kiss. Flustered and weak in my arms she was, I pulled back as she stood up and left.


Six months later....

She ignored me as much as she could, my stupid actions caused us to take a couple of steps back. But I didn't regret what I did, all this caring was for a reason. I was falling for a broken angel, wondering if she was falling for me.


One week later....

I couldn't take it anymore, she had to come out and face me sooner or later. I walked over to her room and opened the door, she started at me as I did the same. "I'm sorry if I crossed the line Zara but you can't ignore me." I said as I locked the door.

"Please don't come any closer, I can't do this anymore. I want to go home, you promised, you said once I'm better I leave. I'm much better Perdo but I can't be around you, I can't." She replied as she shook in fear.

"I'm not going to hurt you Zara, don't you see I have feelings for you?" I whispered as I walked closer.

"STOP, DON'T, PLEASE DON'T", She screamed loudly. "I don't want you, I don't want this, I want to go back home. Please just let me go." She cried loudly.

For the first time my heart-felt something never in it life it felt, pain and love for a person. "Very well, but I must tell you something. Your parents died in a car accident a while back." I confessed loudly.

"I don't care, I just want to go home. Away from you, I don't want to be with you." She stated causing my heart to finally give up.

"But I have feelings for you, I thought you did as well or that kiss told me that you did." I said while looking at her.

"Well you thought wrong, just let me go Perdo." She said as she cried.

"Ok, I'll get things ready for you to leave. I'm sorry." I whispered as it went out the room.



I love you but I can't..

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