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   Chapter 13 Ma and pa

Doll Face By MarillaGarden Characters: 6981

Updated: 2018-01-26 22:51

See I got GPS on my phone

And I can follow it to get home

If my location's never unknown

Then tell me why I still feel lost

Tell me why I still feel lost....jon bellion


"Where did he go Vinny?" I questioned him as I stood in front of him. We we're in shop, he just dropped Santos off at the airport.

"He had work doll face, he'll be here by tonight or tomorrow." He said as he stood up.

Ok, he was going to play this game.

"I know where he went, so tell me when does he arrive there, why did you even let him? I can't believe you two, how could you guys do this to me? At least you guys could have asked of I was alright with it?" I said.

To be honest, I didn't know where he went. I just said that hoping I can get an answer from him and I think I will. "Look doll face, he went to ask for your hand and marriage from your pop's but he's, excuse my language, a d*ck." Vinny stated.

I was, was...omg he went to ask for permission from Pa? "He went?" I questioned surprisingly.

Vinny had this look of surprise as well, "wait, I thought you said you knew, did you?" He asked confusingly.

"When is he coming back?" I questioned Vinny. I knew Pa would tell him that he had no daughter, PA was just an old stubborn man who had his mind-set in the ice age. But no matter what I still love him, my god Santos. You really outdone yourself meanie.

"Well after your dad said no to him, he's was coming back but you mama stopped Santos and pleaded for him to stay. He said he couldn't say no cause she look like you so much, he's coming tomorrow afternoon doll face." Vinny replied.

"Well, guess you taking me there." I said while pulling off my apron. That it, I wasn't going to run away from them anymore. They needed to see that I can live on my own and have the right to choose who I will marry.

Vinny had a shocked look on his face, "Let's go Vinny, we can make it by dinner time." I said as I pulled his hand. We both exited the shop without a word to anyone, hopping in the car with my mind-set.

Oh this was going to be a glorious nigh

d Ma.

I wondered if Santos is still there and if yes? What was going on? "You can't cruse Vinny, PA will bring out his shotgun and aim at you while Ma is washing your mouth with soap." I stated as the cab driver laughed.

The car came to a stop, "We're here." I stated as I got out. Vinny paid the cab driver and stood besides me, he pulled out his phone and took a pic.

"I feel I'm on that show, The little house on the Prairie." Vinny said which caused me to hit him. "Ouch, I was only stating the truth, Jesus woman, that hurts." He whined.

We walked until we reached the front porch, everything was the same. My heart was beating so face, my nerves were getting to me. "Don't leave me Vinny, I don't know if Santos is still in there. Please don't leave me." I said nervously.

He knocked the door then ran. "Vinny", I shouted but he laughed and came back. The door opened as I was staring at Vinny, I turned my face towards the door. I watched how Ma's hands shook as she took in my appearance. The glass that was filled with lemonade, shattering below her feet. She walked out and stood before me, "Are you really here? I'm not dreaming right?" She said as she caressed my face.

She pulled me into a hug that I've missed so much. I leaned my head on her shoulder, my eyes watered as I took in her scent.

The moment was beautiful bliss but Pa yelled, "Why is she here?"

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