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   Chapter 12 6 months later..

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"Why you gotta work doll face?" I said as I took a bite of my sub that doll face just made. We we're at the Mario's shop as she poured the coffee into my mug then sat down beside me.

"You promised I could work, I love working meanie so let not." She said as she placed a kiss on my cheek.

We we're good, no! We we're more them good, we were happy. I smiled at her, "Yea, yea! But I miss you every time you're not around. I hate waking up and you're not by my side." I said as I handed her the sub. She took a bite and handed it back.

"It's ok silly, I heard Jessica is back home. What about Zena and Maryanne?" She questioned.

I placed the sub down and took a sip of my coffee that she was holding. "Zena is giving Frederic the silent treatment. Apparently he wanted her to leave but she surprised him by going back to the mansion. Poor guy is sad that she won't even talk to him but I know she's just trying to pull his leg. Don't worry about them, they will figure it out." I stated as she smiled happily.

"I'm so happy for them, they both deserve each other." Doll face said.

I got up and kissed her long and hard. "I'll be back by tomorrow, I have unfinished business to take care of. Be safe, love you doll face." I said as I left the shop.

I didn't tell doll face that I was going to meet her parents, I didn't want her to freak out, but I surely was. I didn't know if they would accept me but I had to try, not that I cared but doll face did. She misses her family so I thought I should go and visit them, along with asking her hand in marriage from her father.

I got into the car, "You sure you don't want me to come with you boss?" Vinny asked. I shook my head, "Nah man, I think I got this." I replied back.

"But what if they say no? Then what?" Vinny questioned again. I took out a cigarette but Vinny pulled it away. "I'll tell doll face that your smoking when you promised her that you'll stop." He said as he drove off to the airport.

There were a lot of promises I made for doll face and I was planning on keeping them. "Boss, just stay calm when you talk to her parents. Show them that you're worthy of their daughter, which you are but show th

aited for him to say something. My hands were sweaty and I was at my breaking point.

"So you're the man who my daughter is in love with?" He questioned as he sat on the bench in front of me. "I guess I am, Emily never told me she talked about me." I said as I rubbed my hands against each other.

"What are you here for?" He asked calmly. I swallowed hard before talking, "I came to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage sir." I said.

He stood up and faced me, "I don't have a daughter." He said as he left me alone. I got up and followed him out, I was trying my best not to explode but this man was testing my limits.

"Sir, please listen to me. I love Emily, I love her a lot. She done nothing wrong, why are you being so harsh on her." I asked as I followed him to his car. His wife was standing there talking with a group of woman.

He turned around and whispered lowly so no one can hear us. "As I said, I don't have a daughter. Go back and never come back here again. Tell her to stop calling, tell her that I am disappointed in her." He said in an angered tone.

Breath Santos, breathe. You're doing this for doll face.

"You know, you're right. Maybe she is better off without you, don't worry. I'll take care of her until my last breath." I said as I walked away from him.

I caught Nancy's eye's as they begged for me not to go but there was nothing left for me to do here, Emily's dad was a stubborn man who I knew I'd never change.

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