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   Chapter 10 Hurt

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4 days later..

Some people had ambushed Federici's home, I didn't know who they were and didn't care. All I knew that it was over and I wanted to go see Santos, something in my heart told me that it wasn't over.

"Stop Emily, it's probably not safe out there." Zena said as she held onto my hand. My heart was aching, beating like crazy. I felt something bad was about to happen, "Please Zena. Let go of me. I want to go see if Santos is ok." I said while pulling away.

"The coast is clear but I advise you not to go out there now, it's a bloodbath that your eye's and heart can't handle." Xavier said.

I ignored both of them and went out. My foot stepped out the main door, my eye's cast upon the men on the floor lying in a pool of their own blood. I held my hand over my mouth as I took in the sight before my eye's.

Frederic and the others were standing as Santo walked around the body. "They seem dead to me." He said as he stared at Frederic.

I ran down the stairs, running towards him. My heart was happy to see him alive, but that didn't last for long as the man behind him moved. My eye's widened as I watched him point the gun at Santos, sending a bullet through his back.


"SANTOS", I yelled as I ran to him before anyone else. I laid on my knees, "NO, NO, NOOOOO." I shouted as I watched the blood come gushing out of his chest.

"TAKE HER INSIDE NOW." Frederic yelled as someone pulled me back. "Nooooooooo." I cried out loud. "Let me go, SANTOS." I yelled as I watched his eyes drift towards me before closing them.

"F*CK, HE BLEEDING HEAVILY, SOMEONE HELP." Frederic yelled as he pulled Santos in his arm's. "Hang on my friend, hang on."

I watched as the men carried his body into the mansion. The man who shot Santos was still alive, "Shoot him, shoot him." I yelled as Xavier held me back.

"Somebody shoot him." I yelled.


Three days before the crowning......

"Emily, please eat something. You haven't eaten or slept well, you'll faint if you continue this." Frederic said as he kneeled besides me. I didn't even look at him, I was staring at Santos lifeless body that laid on the hospital bed.

"You think Santos will be pleased if he knew you were hurting yourself." He said as tears fell down my ch

ramble on and on, wishing that he could hear me.

"He wasn't hotter than me tho." He whispered. My head shot up towards him, his eyes were fighting to open widely. "Kinda wanna see you in shorts wearing a cowboy hat as well." He said while chuckling.

My tears fell as I placed my head on his leg, his hand moved slowly as it laid on my head. "Keep talking doll face, you sound so good when you ramble on and on." He whispered.

I got up and went into his arms, "I hate you, hate you so much." I yelled as I cried loudly. He chuckled lowly, "I love you to doll face."

I raised my head up to look into his eye's, "Don't cry, I'm fine." He said as I shook my head. "You wouldn't wake up, you scared me." I choked out as I sob uncontrollably. He pulled my head into his neck, "I'm sorry, please stop crying. My chest is hurting me." He said. Causing me to pull away, "You want me to call the doctor? Are you ok? Oh Santos don't leave me, I have no one else left but you." I yelled as I went back into his arm's.

He tried to hold onto me tight but couldn't, his body was weak.

"Marry me doll face?" He whispered as he tried to hold me tightly. "Yes, I'll marry you." I said. His arm's froze, "look at me doll face." He whispered. I pulled back and faced him. "I'm f*cking serious doll face, Marry me." He said as his eyes pierced through mines.

"I said yes meanie, I will. Or should I say I do?" I stated as a smile took over his lips. "I love you to meanie." I confessed as I buried myself into his neck.

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