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"What should I wear? My god! I shouldn't have said yes. Maybe I'm rushing things, can you believe what I'm says? Like seriously, rushing what? We're not even a thing or are we? Maybe we're a thing, in my mind. Yea! I think, I just don't know, what in God's names I'm I talking about." I rambled on to myself as I stood in front of the full length mirror that was hung behind the bathroom door.

Luckily Stephenie was out with her boyfriend, thanking the Lord above that I didn't had to explain myself as in where I was going.

"You missy, yes you! Seriously need to calm down, It's not a big deal, people go on date's. That's how they get to know each other, right? Right! Why I'm I talking to myself? I sighed in frustration as I walked out.

My mind was ahead of me by ten steps. Instead of thinking about what I was going to wear, I was thinking about other things. Like, will it only be dinner or did he had something else in mind.

Walking around the sofa that was placed in the center, I stubbed my toe on the corner of the darn coffee table that I just passed by.

"Why, Whhyyyy!" I screamed loudly while hopping around like bunny. The pain started to wear off as I entered my room, walking near my half full closet. Pulling back the curtain, I stood there thinking what to wear. My clothes were "boring", as Stephenie stated. I didn't think they were, of course they weren't like hers but, everyone has their own taste. I'm more of a country/hippie/idk really.

Yea, laugh at last part, but I wasn't fancy. Not like I didn't want to be, just, you don't walk around in heels where I'm from. So I'm use to more comfortable, simple clothes. Maybe I shouldn't give it much thought then I did. I grabbed my oversized sweater and a pair of jeans, of course you know I'm going to wear boots.

My hair was a mess and I looked paler than the white paint on these walls. As I finished dressing up, my phone buzzed, indicating that I got a message. I stared at myself in the mirror, "just relax, and be yourself Emily." I whispered at my reflection.

Grabbing my phone, I read the simple text from Santos that wrote. "Ready?"

My nerves were getting the best of me. Maybe because this was my first ever date, or maybe because I didn't know if I was doing the right thing.

I knew Santos had trouble written all over him, but he made something spark inside me. "God, please show me a sign, if he's bad then show me, my faith is in you."

Might sound stupid to you, but he's the only one I can talk to, even if he doesn't reply back to me, I can still feel him.

Letting out a deep breath, I replied with a simple yes. Locking the door and walking down the hall until reaching the elevator. A guy with glasses stood there waiting along with me, "how's your evening going?" I asked smiling. Ma always told me that I was a nosy person that did not know the meaning of keeping to myself, but that's just how I am. I like talking to stranger's, I'm that random person that you see on the streets with a smile. His eyes that were on the phone, stared at me. "Quite shitty actually." He stated.

Frowning a bit, "Sorry to hear that." I replied.

His smile caught my attention as his dimples came through. His brown intense eye's were looking at me with curiosity. "I'm David, what's yours beautiful?"

The elevator door opened and we both entered. "I'm Emily!"

"So, where you headed off to." He questioned, the elevator door opens and Santos stood there. "Going out on a date with this crazy man. Hope the rest of your evening goes better David." I stepped out to stand next to Santos.

Grabbing my waist, pulling me tighter besides him. "Off limits buddy!" Santos declared loudly as we walked out. I shook my head as I was being dragged nicely, Santos took a look behind us, I was curious so I did the same. He just stared at David as if he was planning something, David smiled and waved bye towards me. Santos was kinda angry now, he just gave me a glare I wasn't expecting.

Folding my arms together I spoke. "If you're going to be sour, then I should go back up. What's wrong and why are you looking at me as if I did something wrong." I questioned.

"Why do you have to be friendly with everyone doll face?" He asked taking a cigarette out.

Cigarette #1

"Because it's how I am, I like being friendly. Is it a crime?" I asked. Ignoring my question he looked over to where David was, and I was starting to think David was up to something, why hasn't he left yet? He was just staring at us, as if he was waiting for something to happened. Santos seemed really irritated and I was really hungry. "You seem to find David more interesting than our date Santos. I really don't know what's the problem, did I do something wrong?"

His mysterious eye's just took a hold of me as he scanned me. "Can I kiss you in front of him?" He asked.

"Seriously!" I wrapped my arms around my body ignoring him. I wasn't going to answer him, he knew he didn't have to ask. If he wanted to then he wo..uld... Omg...His arm snaked around my waist, causing my heart to beat like wild drums.

I had to tilt my head, He towered over my 5'1 figure. "Better yet, I want you to kiss me." He said with a smirk.

He thinks country girl wasn't going to, that I didn't have the balls to do so.

Ugh! Who am I kidding, of course I wasn't going to. "I don't think I have to cause David isn't there." I said taking the advantage of going the car before he finds out that I was lying. As I reached the door, I saw David give Santos a smug look. Santos hands clenched tightly as he started to walk over to David. "SANTOS!", I yelled.

Facing me, he shouted back. "WHAT!"

Just a small kiss so we can continue this night peacefully.

I walking over to where he stood angrily fuming. Gathering my courage, I grabbed his black tee he had on, pulling him down to my lips and kissed him, how he always kiss me.

Let me ask you something, do kisses make you feel as if you're floa

e, sitting on the sofa staring at me. "Santos, can I ask what is it that you do for a living." I asked looking down as people walking the street's. I knew his eyes were on me, but he didn't say anything.

"You mean to say is, why did I order my men to kill that guy, right doll face?"

Yea, that's right! Why?

I slowly turned to face him, laying my head back on the window. He took a long sip of his beer while his eyes never left mines.

I knew he was trouble but why did I want to be around him?

"That man sent personal information to a man who hates me and wants me dead, so I had to do something about it. I also thought you were planning something against me as well, that you were also sent by him. I know you're an innocent person doll face, but that man wasn't. Your not dumb and naive, you know I'm a bad person but still you're here. Answer me this doll face, why are you here?" He questioned as he laid on his stomach, placing his chin on the edge of the sofa while rubbing his lower lip with his thumb.

Because I feel butterflies every time I'm around you.

I didn't answer because I didn't know what to say, raising my shoulders in a I don't know matter. "Maybe I'm just stupid." I muttered lowly.

Staring at me intensely wasn't helping at all, I felt somewhat trapped but he didn't force me to come, I came on my own will. "If I told you I was bad person, an evil person, would you still be here?" He asked.

"You don't kill people who gave information about you just like that, there's a law and order people have to follow. Why couldn't you just tell the police about him?" I said.

He chuckled lowly while shaking his head. "The police and I don't get along that well doll face. I won't hide and say I'm a good guy when I know I'm not. I'm the worst person on this earth doll face. It's a lifestyle that was chosen for me at birth." He stood up and walked over, sitting besides me. "I'm letting you know so you can choose, either continue what we're going to start or leave before it does. Think about it before you answer doll face, because as soon as you say yes to me, then there's no way out."

I moved away from him a bit, I didn't know what to do anymore. Hearing him sigh loudly, he took another cigarette out. "It's ok doll face, I won't hurt you if you say no, but I will admit that it will hurt me in a way, but if you're sure about what you want, as in not wanting to be around me, then I'll promise to never come near you again."

We sat there for a while in silence as the cigarette aroma filled the place. Finishing the first, he took another than another.

Cigarette #6

Did I want to be around him knowing he's a bad person? Out of all the people in this world my heart could beat for, did it have to be him? Was I even sure what I felt for him was real or was it just a crush?

I can feel him growing tired of the silence as was I.

I wanted him to do something, hold my hand, kiss me, talk to me, anything! But no, he just sat there without a word.

"Guess I'll call Frederic and tell him that you won't be coming. You should get going, it's late." He said getting up.

I grabbed his hand, he looked down at me with questionable eye's. "You promised you wouldn't hurt me, but you're doing it now." He frowned as he bended his knees to face me.

"I'm not hurting you doll face, you're hurting me. Just say, leave me alone Santos and I will."

Should I? Did I want him to leave me alone? Why was my heart aching?



Say something doll face! Anything, please!

I knew her answer, she didn't want to be with someone like me, but I couldn't help but be selfish as to think she might have somewhat of a feeling towards me.

"We can't have everything we want in life doll face, apparently I can't have you."

Tears slowly fell in the corner of her eye's as she looked at me. Ignoring the stab that stung my heart, I grabbed her face gently, pulling her close to my lips.

One last kiss doll face!

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