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   Chapter 5 Kiss...

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"WHERE THE F*CK IS SHE", I yelled walking out of the kitchen. My men and maids stood in fear as I grabbed whatever was in front of me and smashed it. The kitchen was already mess, the hallway didn't look that good either. They let her go, these idiots let her go. "Who let her out?" I asked facing everyone.

No one talked, I took the closes vase I could find left and broke it to pieces. "F*CKING TALK." I roared.

"What is the matter with you", her southern accent came from the sliding doors that was on my left. She was still here, she didn't leave. Why Am I happy she didn't leave?

"You are an insane person, you can't go off breaking things like that. Look at the mess you made and look at everyone frightening faces. Jesus Santos, you really need to stop smashing everything you see." She tiptoed her way through the shattered vases and glasses that were all over the floor.

"Where we're you?" I shouted which caused her to startled and accidentally step on a broken glass.

"Ouch", She yelped loudly.

"Shit, you're so stupid, who walks barefoot." I scold loudly. Walking over and cradling her body in my arms.

"It's all your fault you pig." I ignored her comment and walked over to my office. "Someone get me the f*cking first aid kit." I yelled.

"You yell to much." Again, I ignored her comment.

I waited until someone came with the kit, "You can put me down, I'm fine." I stared at her while blowing air out of my nose in frustration. "It's the fire-breathing dragon", she wittily said.

I tried to hold in my chuckle. "You can smile you know, it wouldn't kill ya. And would you please put me down."

"NO", I yelled. "You're so clumsy, why weren't you wearing any shoes and where the hell were you, huh?"

"Mr. La'stat, the kit." A maid said.

"Well, what are you looking at me for, placing it on the desk and leave." I shouted.

"Ugh, you're so rude! I'm sorry Miss, I can't apologize enough for what you people go through, for having such an annoying boss, Thank you!" Doll face said.

The maid smile at her then left after shutting the door. "You'll die at a young age from a stroke caused by idiotic actions." She struggled to get out of my arm's but I held her tight.

"Give me a kiss doll face." I begged more then demanded.

Her hair was damped and her eyes looked tired. Probably due to the fact we had a long make out session last night. At first she didn't know what to do, but after a few test runs, her kisses made me lose my senses. I had to leave quickly before I did something she wasn't ready for but I was dying for. "No", she said firmly.


I walked over to the chair and sat down. Sitting her down on the desk in front of me, she handed the first aid kit and open it up. I examined her feet, a glass was stuck in there but luckily it wasn't deep. "Do you feel any glass left", I said rubbing the heel of her foot. She shook her head, casting her gaze around the room.

"What was that outburst for?" She asked.

I finished cleaning her feet and placed a bandage on it. "Where did you go?" I asked pulling the chair in between her legs.

I stared at her unwrapped wound which I caused. She pulled the shirt down but I raised the shirt back up. "I wanted fresh air, I wanted to breath." She said folding her arms together.

"I thought you left", I uttered, swallowing hard.

I traced the wound gently.

I'm the one who did that, why am I doing this?

"Why did you leave last night?" She muttered lowly.

I wanted to stay but was afraid I'd....lose control.

"It wasn't a good idea if I stayed any longer doll face." I felt Goosebumps on her thighs as my hands caressed both legs.

Yea, I was losing it...

"You said I can leave, can I leave?" She asked and my hands stopped caressing.

No, no you can't...

"Anytime you want, I'll have someone take you back to your friend's apartment." I replied sitting back in my chair avoiding her. I looked down at my fingertips as they seem more interesting than looking at her. Taking a cigarette out of my shirt pocket, I lit it up and inhaled a long deep smoke. "Can I try one time", my eye's cast upon her face as she looked at me with her head to the side.

The little vixen wants to try smoking..

"You want to try me or try smoking?" I lifted my eyebrow challenging her.

She took the cigarette and held it gently between her fingertips. "Why do people smoke?" She asked looking at the cigarette in her hand.

"I don't know, cause they want to." I shrugged my shoulder. She placed the cigarette between her lips and inhaled a small puff.

Blowing out the smoke slowly, then handing it back to me. She pulled her legs to the side and hop off the desk and proceeded to walk out without a glance back. I stared at her as she left, then stared at the cigarette that was in my hand. I brought it back to my lips and inhaled another deep puff.

"Corrupting doll face is a bad idea Santos." I said to myself.

For half of the day I didn't leave my office, I was just sitting there thinking about her. It was two in the afternoon and a knock was on my door. Vinny walked in and faced me, "doll face wants to leave and she said you gave her the ok too."

I nodded my head, "keep an eye on her, I have business to take care of and expecting Marco to call. He said he has something to tell me."

Doll face came to view and watched me from behind Vinny. We stared at each other for the longest time, then she left without a goodbye. Vinny closed the door and I just stay there.

Why are you letting her leave?

I shook my thoughts away and closed my eye's.


Two month later.....


I returned to work at Mario's, so far everything was ok, I guess, but I missed Santos for some reason. I just couldn't get him out of my mind, Stephanie and Maria said that I was different after I came back. That I was more quieter, they both tried to get me to open up about what was bothering me, but my mind was lost. Vinny would come everyday but wouldn't say anything. Just orders his regular, stay for a while then leaves. I wanted to ask about Santos, but I would back out before I even started.

I was insane to even feel for a guy like him. He was a killer, but he was all I thought about. My regular phone calls to Pa and Ma were the same, I just wanted to hear their voices again. But I knew that wasn't happening any time soon, the same faces came through the door during breakfast and lunch. Even Nick said I was different, he toned down a bit with his demands. I kind felt he was being nice somewhat.

I wonder if I never ran away, how my life would have been? Maybe boring and dull, but it would have been safe and secure for sure. I thought exploring the world would be fun, but it turned out cruel and hard. Working and paying bill, where was I going in life? I felt lost and scared sometime, but luckily I had Stephanie. She would knock some sense into me when it was needed.

Autumn was in season, the wind blew quietly in the busy streets of New York. I wanted some fresh air, so I decided to grab me a cup of coffee from down the street. I placed my light cream brown sweater on and headed out. "I'm going to get some fresh air, you want anything while I'm at the coffee shop Stephenie?" I asked.

"Yea, bring me a pumpkin spice latte and Maria a regular with 3 cream and one sugar." She said as she pulled her hair back in a bun. I left the shop and headed down the street, cars upon cars were everywhere as people walked to wherever their destination was. I've grown into seeing people all over the place, back home was calm and peaceful while here was busy and loud.

I reached the coffee shop and entered. It was busy as always, I waited in line as the cashier took the order's. Two more people ahead of me, so I just looked around at people who were sitting down in the coffee shop. There were people on their laptops and other reading, while some engaged in a conversation and others sat alone. "Next please", the blonde hair girl said with a smile. I approached and place my order. "Will that be all", she ask politely. I nodded then moved to the side, I sat on a chair and observed everyone. A couple caught my attention, it looked like they were having a heated conversation. The man took her hand as the woman covered her eyes with her other hand. He pulled his hand away and sat back staring at her with hurt, he was looking everywhere else except for her. His hand clenched into a fist as his expression changed. Rubbing his face with so much force, his hands covered his mouth as his eyes pierced at her intensely. She went to hold him but he pulled his chair back, covering her face while shaking her head slowly. Her shoulders shook and I felt my heart twist.

"Emily", the blonde girl called out my name. I stood up and received my order, walking past the couple that I knew I would never see again. I exited the coffee shop and haul my steps, to my surprise, Santos was sitting on a car looking at me.

My heart skipped a beat as I watched him looked at me. The door opened and the man and woman came out.

"It's over jesse, I trusted you", the man yelled as she was holding onto him tightly. "Please, listen to me, I didn't cheat, I was about to but I didn't. It's been killing me inside. I wanted you to know, please don't do this." She yelled behind him. They both walked down the street until I couldn't see them no more.

I turn to face Santos that was already in front of me. We stood there awkwardly. "I went to the shop and they told me you were here. I wanted to come inside but I watched as you stared at people. Then I noticed you were staring at those couple that left, you look pretty when you're observing people." He said taking the cardboard coffee holder from my hand. I didn't say anything, I just walked ahead of him. "Doll face, are you ok?" He asked concerned. I nodded my head and continued walking. He pulled my arm and turned me to face him. "What's wrong", he asked.

What's wrong? I didn't know what was wrong or right. I was happy and sad at the same time, lost and confused. Why was he here? What did he want?

"Which one is yours?" He said looking down at the coffee. I grabbed mines and held it in my hands, I stared at the cup of coffee as it was the most interesting thing.

"Do you think he'll forgive her, she didn't do anything wrong. I mean she did, but she told him. She wanted to be honest with him, but he couldn't accept what she did. Does she deserves what's coming her way?" I said looking into his eye's.

"I'm not the person you should ask doll face. I don't want how it's like to be in a relationship, but why would she even think of doing such a thing if she had feeling for him?" He said.

"Maybe she felt neglected from his end and thought about another man, how it would feel but her feeling were the same for him. It's a mistake people do, but people only seem to see the bad in it and not the good. If she didn't feel for him anymore, she would have never let him cross her mind at that moment, but she did. Then she realized what crime she was about to commit. She wanted to be honest and not have that burden on her shoulders, when she would have easily kept that secret from him. She didn't cheat, so it doesn't count." I said defending her.

"Why is it getting to you if he forgives her or not?" He said curiously.

"I don't know, should I forgive you for shooting me? For haunting my life, day and night? For waiting if another person will do the same as you did? My life is a chaos of fear, because you caused that fear. For my stupid self to think about you, when I don't want to. You ruined my life, I feel anxiety taking over my life because of you. All I wanted was to be free, but I'm not and it's all your fault." I cried out.

He stepped closer and pulled me into his embrace. God, I hated myself for wanting him to hold me. "Im...I...I'm sorry." He Utter lowly.

I pulled back only to having him lock his arm tightly around my waist. "Don't", he whispered. My heart was aching and beating fast, I felt as if I was doomed to be under his shadow forever. "You're all I think about doll face, but if I'm causing you this much pain then I won't come near you ever again. No one will hurt you, so be free and know you're safe no matter what." He kissed my temple as his stubble tickled my face. He lowered his lips to the corner of mines and gently place a kiss. "Bye doll face."

I felt a lump in my throat as my eye's started to mist. He stared at me and sighed loudly, "You want me to leave you alone or what? Your killing me." He said changing his tone. A tear fell, he shuts his eyes and took a deep

breath. "My shirts smell like you mixed with me. I sleep in the same room you slept in, I haven't felt anything like the way I feel for you. I had to hold myself back from coming to see you, well, I did come but I never came in the shop. I would just stare at you as you worked sadly, when all I wanted was to come and hold you. This feeling is different, I felt for someone before you but it wasn't like this. It wasn't making me lose my mind, your own my mind all the time. I know I hurt you and I'm sorry, the girl before you made me lose my trust in every person I see, especially girls doll face. I just have fun and leave it at that, but you came and flipped my world around very easily. Maybe I should stay away from you, go explore life. You're still young and beautiful, I'm sure you'll find someone. Even if it would..." He didn't finish his sentence as he gazed into my eye's.

He pulled back and handed the coffee back, that were probably cold by now. I looked up to see him walking back to the car he sat on. He took one last glance and left, driving by me. I felt a break in my heart and I didn't know why.


Three month later....

"Why are you always sad doll face." Vinny asked as he ate his sub.

I was sad, hurt. I wanted to see him so badly, I wanted to ask about him but I never did. "Ever since she came back from her parents, she's been like this. Always lost in her own world, she won't talk." Stephanie said as she was besides me.

"I'm fine guys, I'm just missing the people I love." I sadly said. The last phone call to Pa and Ma, I broke down. I cried and cried until I felt I couldn't breath anymore.

"Please answer me, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to disobey you, I just wanted to choose my own path. Why are you doing this to me, I'm your daughter. I didn't commit a crime, I just wanted to be free. Please Pa, answer me."

A teardrop fell, I exhaled deeply as I remembered how the phone call went.

Stephenie hugged me tightly.

"I'm fine guy's, just miss my parents."

I left and went over to clean the empty tables. It was four in the afternoon, so the place was empty. Only one table was occupied, An old couple sat there, a smile warmed my heart. They were having bread bowl soup together, the old man feed his wife and I couldn't help but smile widely. I sat a few tables away from them, at this moment, the picture of those old couple made me feel happy, but tears still fell. I was an emotional mess, but the sight before me was amazing. I sighed loudly, "Can I sit here doll face?"

My heart stopped, I didn't want to look at him. Why was he here? What was I saying, I was dying to see him but was I nervous?

"I'm I stopping you." I said angrily. I was mad at him, I wanted to hit him badly.

He pulled out the chair next to me and sat down. My heart was pounding out of my chest, I wanted to look at him but at the same time didn't. I just continued to stare at the old couple eating, "look at me doll face." He said in a taut tone.

I felt his cold hands on my arm. Why was he cold? I pulled my arm away from his touch, why Am I playing cat and mouse with him when I just wanted to be caught be him?

There, you said it to yourself Emily. You want him, maybe because his touch and kisses haunted your dreams.

The old couple were still eating. "I want that", I said pointing at them. "I want to love and live with one person for the rest of my life, without having to go through a lot to find him. I want him to love me like that old man loves that old woman in front of him." I said looking at him for the first time.

I gaped as I took in the sight of him.

"What happened to you, why is your face beaten up like that?" His left eye was swollen, he had a cut on his lower lip and was bruised black and blue. "Are you ok?" I asked nervously.



"Boss, stop", Vinny yelled but I didn't listen.

"Santos is finishing Carlos, the undefeated champ has did it again gentleman, we have a winner, a winning streak of ninety-one days straight. Santos La'stat everyone, my God that was one hell of a fight." The guy on the mic yelled. I stared at the man underneath me, his face was unrecognizable. I just couldn't stop, I kept punching. "Ahhhh, fuck man! Who the hell pissed you off?" Marco said pulling me off Carlos.

"Is he breathing", I questioned his men. They nodded their heads and carried him out of the ring, Marco held his hand out for me. I grabbed it, getting up on my feet. "What the hell man, how many men will you make suffer for whatever the hell is bothering you?" I ignored him and left the fighting ring.

"It's a girl", Vinny whispered to Marco lowly. I continued to walk, I couldn't stop think about her. I wanted her, but did she want me? Did I even deserve her? I wanted to see her so bad, she was making me lose my mind.

"Santos", Marco yelled. "WHAT", I shouted loudly. Both men stood still, I ran my hands through my hair.

"Dude, just go and talk with her." Marco said calmly. I wish it was that easy, I don't think she wants to see me. She's scared of me, she should be. What if I hurt her again?

I closed my eyes, "You don't know shit Marco, so keep out of it." I said as I grabbed my bag from the locker, pulling out a shirt and wore it.

"She's always sad boss." Vinny said causing me to stare at him. "You should give it a try, talk to her, I think she feels the same way you feel for her. I can tell she's missing you as much as you miss her."

"She scared of me, she's doesn't miss me, she fears me, so enough with the bullshit." I yelled walking past them.

"Go see for yourself boss, you know where to find her." Vinny said walking behind me.

"Vinny, how but you go. I want to talk to Santos before I leave tonight." Marco said. Vinny left and I sat down in front of Marco, "Spit it out", I said pulling a cigarette out and lighting it up.

"I want you to come to Elena birthday party, you can visit dad and see Alicia." He said smiling. Alicia, his sister that was abducted when she was eight, they finally found her after thirteen year's. I was happy for them, especially uncle Pablo. He was killing himself with the blame, he aged quickly due to the stress and pain that Alicia caused his heart. She was his little princess, he loved her more than the boy's just cause she looked like his late wife Nata.

"I don't think I can make it but I'll see the next available time and come with mama and Mario. I want to see how uncle Pablo is doing, how's Vald and Elenora?" He smiled and shook his head.

"Vlad is Vlad, Elenora is probably the sweetest stepmother ever. She makes papa happy and everyone else in the family too. Our problem is Salvador, he has a thing for Alicia but you know how he is, one word from his father and his like a different person. He turns into his father's replica, I don't want him hurting my sister." Marco said concerned.

I finished the cigarette, "Tell him, I will beat him to death if he harm's a single hair on her." Marco chuckled at what I said but I really did mean it.

"So, who's this girl who ignited a fire in you?" He asked.

"She's to innocent, she's scared of me, I even shot her." I said rubbing my chin.

I miss her beautiful face so much.

"You, shot her?" He said stunned and confused.

"I thought she's Varrao girl, like Stella and Emma were." My jaw ticked as I mentioned her.

"I haven't seen you like this Santos, even when you thought you were in love with Stella. I'm thinking this girl is pretty special, what's her name?" He asked. A smirk crept upon my lips as I thought about her. "Emily, she has this southern accent which is so sweet when it comes out of her mouth. She like a tiny real size doll, she's to innocent, which I don't know why I love so much. She told me she was scared of me, that I was haunting her life, day and night. So that's why I'm staying away from her, I don't want to hurt her again." I cast down my gaze, my hands were covered in bruises.

"So you come and beat the shit out of people here? You heard what Vinny said, she sad. She probably waiting for you to go and sweep her off her feet. Think twice before you do Santos, you said she's innocent, so I'm thinking she want something real." Marco said as he stood up. "Don't play with her heart, which I know you won't. If you wanted to, then you would have already did so. I can tell she's melting your heart, can't believe I'm witnessing you actually falling for real this time Santos. My baby is all grown up." He said wiping his fake tears. He laughed loudly as I threw the bag at him.

"I'll drop you off then I'll head out." I stood up and walked out with him to the car. Twenty minutes later, I'm parked at Mario's shop, I watched doll face talk with Vinny. She walked over and stared at a couple in the far corner. Placing one hand under her chin and other on the table, I managed to exit the car and wall up closer to the window. I got a better view at her, the cold breeze blew hard. My hands were shaking, she wiped her eyes. Was she crying? I entered the shop, walking slowly up to her.

She doesn't want to see you...

She sighed loudly. "Can I sit here doll face?" I asked. She froze still, what was she thinking? "I'm I stopping you", she said in an angered tone.

She continued to stare at the old couple eating, "look at me doll face." I said afraid of her not wanting me to even be near. I placed my hand on her arm, to get her to look at me but she pulled away.

Her sweet voice spoke. "I want that", she said pointing at the old couple. "I want to love and live with one person for the rest of my life, without having to go through a lot to find him. I want him to love me like that old man loves that old woman in front of him." She said looking at me, causing my heart to stop. She gaped as she took in my beating up appearance, "What happened to you, why is your face beaten up like that? Are you ok?" She asked all at once.

"And Oh, oh, oh I king under your control, And Oh, oh, oh I wanna feel like you let me go, so let me go..."

The song played in the background. "I am a king under your control doll face." Her face went through so much emotion all at once. "I can't get you out of my mind doll face, I don't know what to do anymore. I know you don't want to see me or be near me but I..." I paused as her hand touched my face.

"What happened?" She said in a small voice. Her fingertips still wander on my face, a ghostly smile skimmed her lips as I kissed the tip of finger.

I wanted to kiss her some more, my foot tapped repeatedly as I bit my nail. My intense gaze caused her to act nervously, I pushed the chair leaving no space between us. "Can we try?" I was bad with words and expressing what I felt. "I meant, this is hard for me, give me a sec. Ok! Let it out Santos", I spoke to myself loudly. Her smile grew wider and I grew more nervous. Her pale soft skin and light blue eye's took my senses on one hell of a roller-coaster ride. "Do I scare you?"

She licked her lips softly and nodded her head. "Should I leave?" She shook her head as her hair moved from left to right. I caressed her face gently, "I'll try to be that guy you want. Because I want you to want me to be, you know, that guy. See, I told you I don't know how to express what I felt. Shit, let me start over. Where was I? Yea, um..let me be, I mean give me a chance and I won't shoot you. Fuck, no! Wait, holy crap." I said in the most sacred, confused, unstable voice. Every word I said was out-of-order, f*ck!

"Just be ready at 6, we're going out on a date." I said pulling out a cigarette. F*ck my hands were shaking, I was waiting for her to say no but I wasn't giving up, nope.

"Ok", she said causing me to drop the cigarette from my mouth on the floor. A smile took over, now that was out-of-the-way, I wanted something else.

I stood up and took her hand, I dragged her to Mario's office. Vinny kept the girls occupied as I snuck in with doll face. Shutting the door, I faced her swallowing hard. Biting her lips wasn't helping me at the moment, I pulled her body close to mines and kissed her with all the need I had for her. Her lips so moist and soft, her body molded into mine as I held on to her for dear life. Her hands went through to the back of my neck, she pulled me down with much force I didn't know she had in her. She took control. Wet, wild, hungry and hard her kisses were. Picking up her tiny body, I grabbed her butt and squeezed hard, earning a sexy soft moan.

"Santos, get out!" Mario said.

F*cking cock blocker.

I kissed her one last time. "See you tonight doll face." I said opening the door and pulling Mario with me.

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