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   Chapter 4 Innocent

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Why the f*ck did I shoot her?

Don't doubt yourself Santos, she's definitely a spy for Varrao. He won't stop until he brings everyone down, you thought Emma wasn't a spy but she turned out to be one.

Doll face is probably the same, I know she is. She has to be one, but what if she isn't?

My mind was on overdrive, I couldn't tell who was who or what was what. She doesn't seem like one, f*ck!

The car stops at the main entrance of the mansion. My men approached but I stopped them, Mario pulls doll face out the back seat and carries her into the house. She caught a glimpse of me, and covered her face so I couldn't see her.

Yea you really scared her Santos...

We walked into the main entrance and all eyes were on us, Mario lead her to the care room where Johnny work's.

Johnny is our special handman doctor, You can say he has a special unique taste in medical care.

Vinny opened the door without permission. Johnny stood up as they entered, ''Hey man, boss shot her and she hasn't said a word. She was bleeding but Mario applied pressure on it, you have to help her'', Vinny said as Mario placed her on the bed.

I stood near the door, watching, as she didn't make a sound. All she did was cry silently. Oh please, you can't fool me doll face.

''What happened'', Johnny whispered to Mario.

No one dared to question me and my actions. I was the one in charge and what I do or say, goes! Johnny examined her legs carefully, "I need someone to help her take off her jeans so I can take the bullet out.''

She stared at him in horror, ''No, just rip it or something. I'm not taking anything off me.'' She finally spoke.

''I need you to take them off so I can properly take the bullet out, clean the wound, and stitch you up."

''But'', she didn't get to finish what she wanted to say. ''Everyone out'', I said rolling up my sleeves.

"Santos, enough'', Mario yelled.

I pulled out my gun and pointed it towards them. ''I will shoot each and every one of you without hesitation, now everyone out. Tell mama to come down'', I said while looking at doll face frightening small figure.

Her small hands held on to Mario's arm so tight. ''Boss, she's scared of you. Just let Johnny take care of her'', Vinny said.

I pulled the trigger and released a gunshot in the air, "Out Now!''

Everyone flinched back and started to walk out the room. Johnny was the last one out, ''you know where everything is, and if you need any help, just call me. I'll be waiting outside the door if you need me.''

I nodded my head and locked the door. But not before seeing Mario and Vinny on the edge of their nerves.

Yea they both f*cked her for sure.

I slowly turned to face her, but she wasn't on the bed anymore. I looked around the room but she wasn't there, I saw the tip of her flats under the bed. I walked over to the bed and grabbed her foot, pulling her out. Her hands were covering her face, I sighed deeply and picked her body up.

''Stand up straight, I don't got time for childish play. Stop covering your face'', I said in an annoyed voice.

I pulled her hands down but her eyes were shut tightly. ''Take off your clothes'', her eye's snapped open as she pulled back.

''Make another move and I'll shoot you again.'' She held her place but she didn't take anything off yet. I placed my hand in the hook of her jeans and pulled her closer to me. I unbuttoned her button, unzipping the zipper down. I was stealing a few glances at her but her eyes were shut sealed and her body was trembling. ''Please don't'', she whispered.

''Don't do anything stupid and I won't hurt you again.'' I said which I didn't know why I did. Was I actually going to hurt her again?

I wanted her to look at me at least. But she didn't, you fucking shot her, what do you want her to do? Dry hump you?

I shook my thoughts away even though they were interesting. I slowly pulled her jeans down with my fingers gently touching her skin. Feeling her smooth skin, I sucked in a breath mentally until they reached mid-thigh, the most distracting part was she didn't have any underwear on. Her cries were becoming more and more loudly. Her hands covered her body as I pulled back.

I took off my shirt, ''put your arms up'', she opened her eyes and stood there staring at me. I probably looked scary, she eventually listened and placed her arms up, but that wasn't such a good idea. I swallowed hard as her sweet pu**y became more visible for my eyes to see. Her hips and V line curved in the most delicate way I've ever seen. Her tummy was so flat, I licked my lips in hunger but it wasn't for food. It was for her, she pulled the shirt from my hand and wore it quickly. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I closed my eye's.

Disgusting thoughts, think disgusting thoughts.

I slowly masked my face and looked at her, the shirt reached below her thigh, ''sit on the bed'', I said as I walked over to get...Um....what did I want...what do you want Santos?

I cleared my mind and grabbed Medical gloves, Q-Tip, forceps, tweezers, scalpel, lidocaine injection, bandages and alcohol.

I walked back over and pulled the chair so I can sit facing her. ''This is a numbing shot, it won't make you feel anything'', I said as I lifted the shirt a bit to injected it into her thigh above her wound.

''We'll wait until that kicks in.'' I took off her flats and pulled her jeans all the way down. She held down my shirt to cover her body.

To late sexy. I saw everything and I'm kinda thankful you didn't notice my boner.

About five minutes later I asked if her leg was numb, she raised her shoulders up in a I don't know matter. I placed my hand above her wound and grabbed it. ''Feel any pain'', I questioned her. She shook her head left and right. ''Good!''

The bullet was visible to see, it wasn't in deep. ''Don't look so you won't pass out.'' I said looking into her eye's. She really does look like a doll.

Her face was so red and puffy from all the crying she did. Her blonde hair was a mess which made her even more sexy. No makeup, just pure beauty. I started to work on getting the bullet out, from time to time I would look up to see if she was watching me but she wasn't. I placed the scalpel into her skin to slowly open up the wound. Grabbing the forceps, I held on to the bullet with force so I can yank it out fast. ''You're going to feel pressure, I need you to open your eye's so you can clean the blood after I pull it out. I'll quickly then attend in stitching it up.''

Her eye's opened and I felt a knot in my throat as tears fell down. I closed my eye's. ''Stop crying like a baby. You're fine, it's just a flesh wound.''

She wiped her tears away with her small hands. "Maybe I should shoot you and you'll see how it feels'', she said grabbing the clean absorbent cloth. I exhaled deeply.

''I'm sorry'', I said pulling the bullet out. She flinched but held the dressing wound onto her thigh quickly. I took the cloth and cleaned the affected area. I examined it, it was bleeding but not to a point where it was dangerous. The blood finally stopped, I grabbed the alcohol and opened it up, took a sip. ''Want some?''

Her brows frowned together and I laughed. ''It will help a lot'', I said placing it near her lips. She smacked it away which caused it to fall on the floor. ''Feisty''

I took the iodine solution and poured it on and around the wound. I pulled back and went to get the stitching gun, ''Just keep cleaning the blood off'', I said.

I sat back down and poured a little more iodine solution on the wound, just so it wouldn't get infected. ''So you shoot people then help them'', she said looking at me.

I didn't reply. I grabbed her thigh, ''Stay still.''

After four stitches, I covered the wound and wrapped it gently. ''I'll have Johnny give you something for the pain. Until then you're not leaving here, I want to know who you really are and why you're here. I'll have one of the maids prepare a room for you. Don't walk on it if it hurts, I'll be the one cleaning the wound for you. No one else, understood.'' I said looking at her intensely.

''I'm a nobody from nowhere that wanted to explore the world outside a small town. But now I'm regretting ever leaving it. I'm not who you think I am, and I wish I never meet you or you're family in the first place. I want to go home to Pa, I thought he was the worst but apparently I was wrong.'' She said in her pretty little southern accent.

''Well, it's too late now doll face. You're stuck here rather you like it or not.''

Her eye's showed so much hate and pain. I opened the door, as everyone was still waiting outside. ''Give her something for the pain'', I told Johnny. I faced Vinny, ''Let one of the maids step up a room for her. She's staying her until I figure out what to do with her.'' They both nodded their heads and did what I asked for them.

Mario was walking down the stairs with mama. She was looking at me with disappointed eyes, I inhaled deeply.

Just breath Santos, just breath.

''How could you Santos, I keep her away from you so you won't hurt her just to find out you shot her. What is the matter with you? Not everyone is a Varrao my son, you scarred the poor girl for life.'' Mama said as she reached me.

''You said the same thing about Emma.'' I said wiping my hands off on my jeans.

''This has nothing to do with Emma, this has to do with Stella. You fell in love with her but she choose Varrao's boy. Now you're taking it out on any girl you see.'' Mama said.

I paced in front of

her left and right. Everyone was staring at me, I grabbed the oversized vase and threw it on the floor. Mario pulled back mama, while Vinny and Johnny stood still.

''Don't ever, ever, EVER, BRING THAT B*TCH UP AGAIN. YOU HEAR ME!'', I yelled storming out.

I turned to face everyone as I entered my office. And no one mattered at the moment but doll face expression of pity. I slammed the door shut and yelled at the top of my lungs, thrashing the office inch by inch.



It's been over a week now and my leg was getting better. Every night before bedtime, Santos would come in my room and dress my wound without a word and leave right after he's finished. I kinda grew tired of him not talking, after his mad outburst that day. He's been more quieter.

Stephenie asked Mario about me, he said told her that I was visiting my parents for a couple of week's. She called to check on me but she couldn't believe that I was visiting my parents.

''You didn't take any of your clothes Emily. Are you sure you ok?'' She asked. She knew something was off, ''you know you can tell me anything Emily. You're my friend, I'll try to help if I can.'' I wanted to but I was scared for my life.

That was the last time I heard from her. I miss everyone so much.

Jackie had such a beautiful soul. She treated me like I was one of her own, or even more.

I didn't know I was a noisy person until I started questioning about what her son Santos. And who's Stella that broke him to be the man he was. But she's didn't tell me anything, all she said was not to get in his way or make him mad.

So I did exactly that.

It was ten in the evening, right about time for Santos to come and dress my wound. I sat in the same spot as I did everyday, I made sure I was wearing undergarments from now on. God, the embarrassment of that day still haunts me. All my clothing were Santos tee shirts, I physical smell like him at the moment. I asked for clothes but he said I wouldn't be needing them for another two week's. All I received were a couple that were a bit..what's the word, provocative.

I nearly had a heart attack when I received them, I returned them but had Santos say something that caused me to reconsider my actions.

''You want me to fuck you, if so then don't wear anything. But be sure if I catch a little glimpse, then I'll have you in that bed naked with my c*ck buried deep inside you.''

Even since then, I've been on the edge of my nerves. I wonder how long I'll be staying here, I'm always in my room. Food was brought up to me, actually my every need was catered to me. All I had to do was push a button. But I was scared for my life, if he can shoot me then he can rape me. But the way he said it made something in my core tingle. Or the way his fingertip brush against my thigh every time he dressed my wound made me feel a weird sensual feeling so foreign to me. I felt weird feeling for a man who shot me, I knew I was going crazy. How can you feel for someone who wanted you dead? I wanted to leave before I ended up doing something stupid.

A knock on the door distracting my thoughts. I knew who it was, he never entered only if I said come in.

I inhaled a deep breath, ''come in'', I said.

He was always dressed in a loose shirt and sweatpants when he came. He would stare at me then walk in with the first aid kit in his hands, I sat on the vanity chair that was near the bed and he would always kneel in front of me. As every night, he wouldn't say a word. So I thought maybe I should today or maybe not.

Just tell him you want to go back to work at Mario's and you won't open your mouth.

''Are you feeling better'', he asked for the first time. I nodded my head.

Geez Emily, just say you want to leave.

''How long will I stay here, I mean, I'm fine but I want to leave.''

There I said it, now what?

He didn't answer me, he continued with his work silently. ''I promise I won't open my mouth or say a word to anyone. Not even to myself. I'll erase whatever I saw, I swear to god I will. I just want to go, please.''

He licked his lips then stared at me with his forest green hazel eye's.

Oh lord help me!

''I can't let you leave doll face. You know too much, the cop's are always there at Mario's shop. You'll crack and talk and I can't let you do that.'' He said standing up.

''Please, just trust me. I'll never talk, ever! I promise!'' I said as my eye's started to water. God, how long will I be here for? I couldn't take it anymore, I just wanted to leave.

I wiped my tears away, '' I'll leave New York, I'll go back to Pa and stay there. You'll never see me again. I promise, please I just want to leave.'' I said begging.

''I SAID NO'', he yelled. ''Your lucky I haven't killed you yet.''

''We'll what's stopping you, just go ahead and kill me. It's better than fearing for my life every night thinking you might come and kill me in my sleep. Just take the gun and finish me off.'' I yelled.

I buried my face in my hands and cried. I couldn't take it anymore. I was treated well but that didn't stop the fear that crept into my heart.

''Look, I believe you. I know you won't talk but you have to stay here until the cop's stop going to the shop.'' He said leaving.

''Don't you feel an remorse for the man you killed? He said he was expecting a child on the way. He was going to be a father but you took that from him, if you had problems with him, why does the child has to pay the price? For him or her not to have a father around. You denied his or her rights of seeing their father.'' I shouted which probably wasn't a good idea from the looks of Santos face.

''How did you know he was going to be a father?'' He asked.

''That's what he said when he was pledging for his life, but your men didn't show any mercy. They just shot him, just like you shot me.''

I had enough, my conscience was eating me up alive. The man's face would haunt my nights and I wasn't even the one to blame for.

Santos rubbed his tired eyes really hard. ''I didn't know that, if I knew I wouldn't have...'' he trailed his words off.

I covered my face that were already shield with my hand's. I felt him near me but I didn't dare to look up at him. He took my hand and placed the gun into it.

''They say an eye for an eye, shoot me and I'll let you leave.'' He said as he placed the gun that was in his hand around mines. I looked at him strangely, as if he was really crazy.

''I'll let you go, only if you shoot me back. I was wrong about you, I thought you were someone who....'', he sighed deeply. ''Just shoot me and I'll let you leave. That's the only way you'll ever leave here Emily.'' He said staring into my eye's.

''I won't shoot you, I forgive you. Just let me go, that's all.''

He pushed the gun to his leg, ''I said the only way for you to leave is for you to shoot me doll face. So do it or you'll be here forever.''

I closed my eye's and inhaled. ''Please, I don't want to shoot anyone. I just want to go home, please.''

''Fine, if you won't shoot then kiss me'', he mumbled.

I frowned at him and took my hand off the gun. Kiss him? Why?

''Two options doll face either shoot or kiss me. You'll leave in the morning if you do one or the other.'' He said staring at my lips.

''Shoot you'', I said.

He flinched back, I saw what seem to be hurt in his eye's but I ignored it.

''Very well!'' He replied.

I grabbed the gun and pressed down on his leg. My heart was beating wildly, the gun felt heavy in my hand's. His intense gaze caused me to break, I threw the gun on the floor, grabbing his face, I kissed him.

His head tilted in my hand's as he let a loud sigh releasing into the room. He grabbed my body on top of his and held it tight. His lips took over mines and I felt motionless. His kisses turned even more demanding but I didn't know what to do. I just gave in to him. God, why did this feel good? I was melting in his arm's, my breathing was raging and I lost control of my senses. He broke off the kiss and straddle me on him tightly. His eyes were searching for something in mines, closing his eyes while placing his forehead on mines.

''That was...'', he said and I just nodded my head. But then tears started to form. His body stiffened and his arms loosened around my body. He placed both hands on the floor besides him and leaned back. I felt something in his pants underneath me. I moved around but his hand's held my hips tight. I shyly avoided his gaze. ''You act so innocent doll face, but you're kisses say otherwise.

My kisses? Did I kiss good or bad? What was that supposed to mean?

''Sorry I'm not the best, you happen to be the first guy I ever kissed. Now that we're done here, I'll be heading home tomorrow.'' I said trying to get off of him.

He pulled me back down on his lap and I felt a thick long thing in between my legs. I moved around so I can properly sit but it was bothering me.

''I was your first kiss'', he said looking deeply into my eye's.

''Go on and laugh, country girl hasn't kissed a man and what in the world is that thing in your pants? It's really annoying.'' I said trying to get up again.

He pulled me harder on it and it was bigger than before now. ''Actually I'm honored to be the first man you kiss, and will be the only man you'll ever kiss. And that annoying thing is my c*ck, I'm holding on with everything I have not to f*ck you and make you mine.''

I stared at him in horror only to have him pull me near and kiss me senseless once again.

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