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   Chapter 3 Bang

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''Where did find little house on the Prairie girl Mario?" I asked.

Walking around in the room above the shop. I was waiting for my men to finish their work, so I decided to stick around and have fun with doll face but she left before I had a chance too.

''Mama brought her here, look Santos, She's not like the woman you know, so f*ck off and leave her alone.'' Mario said.

''What? Emma is not enough for you, now you want to take country girl away from me too brother?''

Staring out the window to the abandoned place behind the shop. I bought the place and dressed the outside of the building but the inside was for personal reasons only.

I Wish I had my binoculars to see what's going on.

''You're never going to let that go huh, you didn't even want her. But when I took interest in her, all of the sudden you found her attractive. Emma and I are happily married Santos, I thought you accepted that already.'' He said in a hurt tone.

Of course I didn't care about Emma, she was just a fling but out of all people she had to choose my brother. It was just weird, thank god we didn't have sex or I would have never let this marriage happen.

''Just didn't take you for guy that wanted used merchandise.'' I said lighting a cigarette up.

I watched how his face raged in anger to the point I cursed. ''F*ck, sorry Mario, I didn't mean it that way, I just.''

''Save it, doesn't matter what you think or say. Emma will be my one and only, even if her life before wasn't perfect. She perfect in my eyes no matter what, all I ask is for you to respect her and leave Emily alone, she's not like you're b*tches you have around. She to pure to be dragged into your filthy world Santos.''

I was about to talk when Vinny opens the door without permission. I stared at him, ''sorry boss, we have a problem." He said out of breath.

Looking between Mario and I several times before speaking again. ''The men caught someone trespassing the building behind and they saw the whole thing.''

''F*ck!" Both Mario and I said at the same time.

''Did they finish them as well." I curiously asked.

Vinny looked to be holding back something. ''Spit it out Vinny." I ordered.

''It was doll face that saw everything." He said nervously.

''F*ck, no, no man. Santos please, you can't kill her, she's....f*ck f*ck f*ck." Mario yelled pacing the room.

''Tell them to kill her." I carelessly told? Vinny.

Mario pushed me down and started to punch me. ''F*cking no man, she just started her life and you want to kill her.'' He yelled while placing punches on my face. Vinny pulled him off me.

Holding in all my anger, just so I wouldn't kill him right there and now. I sat up and pulled my gun out, ''You know, you're so lucky that you're my brother or you would have been dead by now.''

''Where is she now Vinny."

Questioning him, I got up and headed out the room. Mario was behind me as well as Vinny. ''She's in building with Vick and Bruno. They got rid of the body and called me after, but said they had a little pretty issue on their hands and wanted me to come look. I thought it was maybe a homeless girl they could take to work in the club but to my surprise, I found doll face. She ran to my arms and started to cry, I didn't know what to do, so I came as fast as I could, knowing you're still here waiting.''

''Wait you had a hit and didn't tell me, I would have lock the back door and this wouldn't have happened. Since when do you do your hits during the day? What the hell man, talk to me!'' Mario shouted, pulling my arm back.

I lost it, pushing him against the wall with so much force that I saw pain in his eye's. I threw the first punch than a another than another, Vinny was trying to hold me back but I just pushed him against the table which caused him to flip it over. I faced Mario, ''You don't question me anything, what I said, goes. End. Of. Discussion. Now stay here so you don't have to see doll face being killed, I end her life quickly. Vinny!" I yelled.

''Yea boss!"

''Stay here with Mario."

''Boss, she's doesn't deserve to die." Vinny whispered as he stood up. ''She's really doesn't deserve to die, she's just..''

''Wow, she got you both good, shes from the south huh, I guess she did that voodoo shit on the both of you. Don't let her southern accent and sweet charm fool you, I bet she's one of Varrao's girls that's trying to fuck us over. Can't you see, I know she's a spy for them. Out of all the people she could have asked for help, she asked mama. And then your stupid a** let her work here, now Varrao has eyes and ears on us.'' I yelled.

''She's not, I doubled checked her background and what she told me was true.'' Vinny declared.

''Just because Emma was a spy for Varrao, doesn't mean every girl you meet is. Emma was forced into this, and you know that. Varrao had her family so she had to obey him, but she couldn't take it anymore. She told us everything Santos, god damn it! You were there went he shipped her family's body parts, just because he knew she told you. She's gave up her family, so stop pointing fingers at her, she paid the price.'' Mario shouted angrily.

''Boss, I am 100 percent sure she's not a spy. She's to innocent to be one, and as I said. I double checked her background, she doesn't even have a passport. How the hell could she know Varrao.'' Vinny said.

''Let her live Santos, please.'' Mario pled.

Sighing out loud, I stood up beside the wall, ''let's say you both are right. How will we explain what she saw, hmm? How will I know she won't go to the cops and rat me out? I'll take a smoke until you guys figure it out.'' I pulled out another cigarette and lit it up.

''She has a hold on you two, was she a good f*ck?'' I asked looking at the cigarette lint as it dropped slowly. ''Is her pu**y tight, did you both gang bang her." I said laughing.

''I swear you're f*cked up big time." Mario said in disgust.

''So, have y

ou figured out what you will say, maybe I should just end her life and save us the time and energy.''

''No! Just...I don't know." Mario said confusingly.

''Um, boss. You can scare her, I mean threaten if she doesn't keep her mouth shut then she's going to have to work as a stripper in one of your clubs. She'll be terrified and will obey whatever you say.'' Vinny said which wasn't a bad idea.

''OK if that's it, then I won't go, I don't want her to lose trust in me.'' Mario said.

''Oh, so you be the good guy and I'm the bad guy huh'', I said annoyed.

''Look, if she sees me then she'll never believe me. I'll keep an eye on her here and Vinny can track her every move, if she does something stupid then you can take her and do whatever you want with her." Mario declared.

Whatever I want with her? I want to rip what's between her legs using a ten-inch pipe, that's what I want with her.

''Very well Vinny, you come with me and Mario stays here. Let's see what doll face have to say.''

''Don't hurt her'', Mario yelled as Vinny and I walked over to the building.



''I swear, I won't say a word, I'll leave, go back home. You'll never see my face again.'' I said to the two men in front of me.

Why did I leave the shop in the first place, god I'm so stupid.

I heard footsteps approaching.

Oh god they've come to kill me. Why did Vinny leave me? God I just want to go home to Ma and Pa. God please help me..

''Doll face'', Vinny said as he sat in front of me.

I felt scared and alone. I didn't want to be here anymore, I wanted to go home.

''You left me, you left, you left'', I said while hitting him with all I had. Then I cried in his arms, ''tell them I won't say anything. I promise I won't.''

''You sure about that doll face, the boss knows you. He knows everything about you and your family, he'll hurt them if you tell anyone or go to the cop's. You understand Emily, he'll let you work in one of his clubs as a stripper and let every guy touch you.'' Vinny said, which caused me to back away from him.

''I won't hurt you, you know that but I can't say the same about the boss. He's a very scary person doll face, he will hurt you if you tell on him. Not only you but your family as well.''

I stared at Vinny while I cried my heart out. I didn't want them to hurt Ma and Pa, I didn't want any harm anyone I cared about.

''Vinny, take Vick and Bruno out and wait for me at the shop. I want to talk with Emily alone.'' A familiar voice stated.

I wiped my tears away and saw Santos standing in the corner looking at me.

''You don't fuck with Santos and you don't fuck with me....bang''

Omg he meant this Santos, Mario brother? What the hell have I gotten myself into and who are these people?

Vinny got up but I held on to him. ''Please don't leave me, he's going to kill me, please don't go." I cried out, but Santos yelled so loud which caused me to flinch.


Vinny and the two men left, ''have fun boss, bring her with you so we can get a turn.'' One of the men said.

I hugged myself and placed my head on my knees. His footsteps came closer and closer, until I felt him inches away from me.

''Tell me who you work for and I'll spare your life."

I refused to look at him. My body was shaking in fear, I felt my life was coming to an end.

''You wanna play it this way? OK!"

I waited for what's about to come but nothing happened. I raised my head to see him just staring at me. ''There you are." He whispered before pulling my hair with so much force.

''Ahhhh'', I screamed in pain.

He dragged me across the place. Kicking and screaming was all I can do, but no one came to help me.

''Shut up, no one will help you, now you're gonna tell me who you work for or else.'' He uttered, pulling out his gun before pointing it towards me.

The gun was placed on my forehead. I felt my lungs couldn't function on their own anymore, my body went numb. I stared at him as tears fell down my cheeks, I felt everything going in slow motion.

"I'll count to three, if you don't tell me who you're working for, I will shoot.


''I swear I don't work for no one, I work for Mario at the shop.''


''God, I swear to god that's where I only work.''



I felt the wind knocked out of me. I didn't feel the gunshot, but I heard it.

Was I dead? Why don't I feel pain?

Then a sting rushed through my body so fast that it made my heart beat quicker. I could feel my body, but there was a numbing feeling in my leg. I stared down and saw blood, I touched to see if it was real. I flinched at the pain that was rushing through my body rapidly. He shot me, he really shot me. I looked up to see him looking down at me, something flashed in his eye's but I didn't know what it was. Tears fell down.

''You shot me!" I whispered.

''Boss, what the fuck! Shit! Emily..Mario help." Vinny said, rushing besides me.

''He shot me."

''I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He mumbled, pulling me into his arms and walking us out. ''He wanted to kill me." I whispered.

''Shit Santos, I told you not to hurt her." Mario barked out as he helped me into the car with Vinny.

''Emily, look at me. You're fine, it's just a flesh wound. We'll take you to someone who will help you.'' Mario said sitting beside me in the car.

Vinny went into the driver seat and Santos stay in the passenger seat.

''Emily, are you ok, f*ck, talk Emily. Say something please.''

But I couldn't move my lips. I felt I couldn't do anything.

''She's in shock man, she didn't even scream in pain. Look at her, wtf boss? I told you she wasn't a spy. Why did you shoot her'', Vinny said while driving like a madman.

Mario pulled me into his arms, ''I'm so sorry.''

I stared at the mirror that was in front of Santos. He was staring back at me as well, all I seem to do was cry. He pulled the mirror up and stared out the window.

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