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   Chapter 2 Witness

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''You're total is $16.98 sir, would you like to try our Louisiana doll cookies?'', Stephanie said to the customer.

It's been 4 months since I've run away. Thing aren't easy, everything is so expensive and I'm kinda missing Ma and Pa. I called them after a week of settling in but it wasn't pretty, Pa said that he doesn't have a daughter anymore. It broke my heart to think Pa would actually consider me dead, but Ma was more understanding of why I ran away.

All my life I've been the perfect obedient daughter to say ''yes'', and listen. Being raised by two strictly parents isn't all fun, I never got to go out and party with my rebellious friends Rachel & Stacy. I was forbidden to do anything with my life, all I ever did was school, church and work. I thought maybe after I finished high school, I'd move away and start exploring the world with PA and Ma permission of course. But school ended and Pa had other plans for me, like helping around the farm.

So I did, I stayed until I was twenty, but then Pa started planning my life, that was the red signal for me to do something. It was weird when Pa asked me to go out on a date, I mean, never in my life time would I have thought Pa would say that. Cause it was his number one rule, NO DATING ALLOWED, but uncle John, our neighbors son was the only guy Pa wanted me to date. You can say he's cute, with his blue eyes and dirty blond hair. But he was, how do you I guess.

I really tried to make it work but he's just like Pa, I don't want to marry someone like Pa, I want the opposite. Peter, uncle John son planned to follow in Pa footsteps. Which was absolutely fine but I don't want to be a preacher's wife. I didn't want to stay in that rusty small town, I had the right to choose my own path without anyone telling me what to do. I didn't commit a crime, I was a grown woman that had every right to live how I pleased. So I planned to run away, it was my only hope. I thought maybe if I put my parents under the spotlight then they would accept the fact and would eventually forgive me.

But no, they haven't! I call every week to check on them, it's...sigh..they don't even answer the phone. It's rings and rings and rings until it hits the answering machine, and as always I leave a message.

''Hey Pa, I just want to check on you and Ma. How are you guy's? I miss you Pa and I know you don't want to hear my voice but I still love. I love both of you, I know what you're thinking Pa, You're thinking that you raised a disobedient child but I had to do what I felt was right for myself. I still go to church every Sunday and I don't party or drink nor date Pa. I hope one day I call and you actually pick up the phone'', I said as tears fell down. ''love you, bye!''

I wiped my tears and ended the call, turning around to be faced with Mario as he stared at me with sad eyes.

''Sorry, had to make a phone call. I'll get back to work right away'', I said as I passed him through the kitchen.

It's been a successful business so far for Mario, he bought the next door plaza and opened it together with his deli shop. It's more like a restaurant/ deli/ bakery store, and it was making a lot of money. More and more people came in everyday, it's usually a full house and a long line, but we manage through. Mario figured that I need help so he hired Stephanie and Maria. Both girls were an absolute delight to work with. Stephanie found out that I was looking for a place to stay, which I was. Because I can swear to the god above, that room was haunted, now go on and call me crazy, but at night I hear people whispering and footsteps going up and down the stairs. I told Mario about it but he just said that I should stop watching scary movies. When I told Stephanie about it, she asked if I would like to move in with her. She had an extra room and needed someone to help with the rent and bills, so I gladly said YES.

Her apartment was so nice an cozy, giving you this soft classic look. I fell in love with it right away and moved in the next following day. I love the fact she's a clean freak and keeps everything organized but sometimes it really did bug me.

''Emily, some help over here." Stephanie said nodding over to the same man who gave us trouble every day. I wanted to tell Mario about him but he's just so busy, but since he's here today. Then he can deal with him, I walked over to Stephanie side and faced the man. ''What is it this time Nick'', I said to him while folding my arms.

''Oh, pardon me Miss. I would like another sandwich do to the fact that you got my order wrong." He mocked my southern accent.

''F*ck off a**hole. I've done your stupid sandwich 3 times with the same shit you order over and over again, and still it's ''wrong'', you do this every day for a good 2 hour's. What is your problem?'' Stephenie half yelled half whispered.

''Now, now! You know the customer is already right Stephenie'', I said smiling while looking at him. ''I would gladly take this sandwich and make you another one Nick.''

''No you won't!" A voice said from behind me. Turning my head where the soothing deep manly voice came from, but was greeted by a muscular chest. I stared at his arms that were covered in tattoos, his white short-sleeved tee looked like it was about to rip apart if he exhaled. His wide shoulders made him seem so much bigger looking. The trail of tattoos didn't stop, but my eye caught his bottom lips. My body was doing funny things as I continued to stare at his lips. Then the bridge of his nose came to sight, so pointed and straight. His lips curved into a side smirk, why was he smirking?

My eye's stared into the most gorgeous eye's I've ever seen. ''You finish checking me out doll face?'' He whispered as he put his arm around me. "You mind telling me why you're giving my girl a hard time'', he asked as his intoxicating aroma hit my nostrils. He stared down at me, lord help me.

''Southern bell has a man, oh my oh my. You're not so innocent after all.'' Nick commented.

The stranger pulled his arm off me and went to grab Nick by his shirt, pulling him off his chair. ''GET OUT!" He yelled making everyone stare at us.

''Now, let's not get to mad'', I said grabbing his arm and letting Nick go. ''Nick, please sit down, I'll have your order ready again in no time.''

''I lost my appetite'', Nick said leaving.

''Why didn't you let me kick his a**." The very oh so sexy man said. Everyone in the shop we're looking at us. ''You need to learn how to control your temper. Everyone please do excuse what just happened, I apologize for any inconvenience. Please enjoy your meals and the rest of your day.'' I said.

People got back to whatever they were doing. Stephanie walked ahead of me as I followed only to be pulled back. I turned to face um...God he is hot.

''I think you're man needs a little love'', I stepped back only to see Nick again. I wanted to punch him so bad.

''Your skin is really itching for a beating huh.'' Mr. Hot and sexy said.

I went between them, ''Please, both of you, Stop! Why did you came back Nick?''

I held back Mr.yummy, God I need to stop calling him these names.

''I paid for my fucking sandwich, so I'm getting it'', he said sitting back in his seat. ''Go get my order right southern bell.''

Nick really was a assho... lord give me the strength, I turned around to see candy man raging.

''Please, just let it go. But thank you! Would you like to take a seat'', I said pulling him away from Nick. I reached the front of a deli where an empty seat was vacant. ''There you go, far away from Nick and problems. Is there anything I can get you'', I asked pulling out my notepad and pen. I have a habit of clicking the pen top on and off a lot, I don't know why but I do. I waited for him to order but he never did.

Don't look up Emily, candy man might give you cavities. Stay away from candy. Candy is bad, taste good but very very bad.

''What you're name'', he asked.

''Guess you can't read name tags huh'', I said pointing at the tag. He nods his head, trying to hide his smile, ''Tell Mario, Santos is here and get me a cup of coffee, two cream no sugar.''

''You say please, it's proper manner. But one coffee, two cream no sugar coming your way. And

I'll tell Mario you're here.'' I walked away only to bump into Vinny. ''hi doll face'', he said as his hands held me tight from connecting my face with the floor.

Letting me go slowly, ''Thanks Vinny, that was close. Do you want the usual or are you here for Mario as well'', I said fixing my appearance. ''The usual doll face, and who else wants to see Mario?" Vinny asked walking to the front counter with me. He grabbed one of the cookies and ate it. I prepared Nicks sandwich again and Santos coffee, I glanced at up to see candy man looking at me while on the phone. Vinny phone rang, which he answered. ''Hi boss'', he stated then remained silent. His face turned into so many colors that I thought he was going to puke.

I walked around to where Vinny was seating, ''hey, you ok'', I asked touching his shoulder.

''Where's my coffee'', candy man yelled.

Vinny whole body went sift. He turned around only to stand up quickly on his feet. ''Boss'', he yelled. I looked between Vinny and Santos.

Guess Vinny works for him.

Stephenie handed me the coffee and sandwich. I went and placed Santos coffee down on his table. And walked to where Nick was seated, ''Here you go, hope you choke on it." I hummed smiling.

I walk back to the front counter, I was getting tired but most of the people we're leaving. Lunch break was coming to an end, I went over to help Maria in the back. I reached Mario door and knocked, ''come in'', he said.

I opened the door and peeked my head through. ''You're brother and Vinny are waiting for you.''

He nods his heads then stops. His head shot up so fast as he stood up. ''You said my brother'', he said nervously. I looked at him strangely, ''ahhh, yea! You're brother and Vinny.''

He grabbed the papers that were laid in front of him and shoved them into the top shelf drawer in his desk. He seemed nervous about something or maybe I was over exaggerating, oh well, whatever it was, I left it at that. ''Make any kind of sandwich Emily and delivery them later on to the table. Bring me a coffee as well.'' Mario said as he left in as rush.

I shook my head and went over to where Maria was. She smiled as I approach her, ''Hi sugar! how's is going, sorry I haven't came and helped you. Been such a busy day Maria, you want me to give hand with anything.''

Her beautiful big brown eyes smiled at me as I moved to her side. Helping her place the cookies in the oven. ''Your such a sweetheart Emily, but I got this. Hey, Stephanie and I are going shopping after the shift is over. You wanna come?'' She asked as she took out the first batch of cookies that were already cooked, placing them on the rack to cool down.

''You girls aren't going shopping for clothes but for guy's'', I said as Maria laughed out loud. ''Yup, you got it. So, what do you say, Are you coming?''

''Emily, where is the order I asked for.'' Mario yelled.

My feet picked up the pace and started on the orders. I made a roast beef with swiss cheese and jalape?o for Mario, turkey breast with bacon and cheese for Vinny and a steak sub with pepper jack cheese for candy man. I felt Stephanie by my side, ''he is so hot Emily, who is he?''

I finished making the coffee and toasting the subs. ''That Santos, Mario older brother, and he is handsome.'' I said picking up the tray and walking towards them. I placed the tray on the table, ''enjoy!"

''Thank you Emily.''

"Yea, thanks doll face.''

Both Mario and Vinny said. But candyman was already eating, oh well! I walked around cleaning up the tables, lunch time was over. I finished the last table and went back, walking by them but only candyman was there. Where did Vinny and Mario go?

I walked pass him. ''Emily right'', he said as I turned to face him.

"Yea Emily!'' I said placing the trays in back counter and threw the leftover food that was on the tables in the trash. ''Would you like anything else cand...I meant Santos.'' I faced the other way.

Omg, I was going to say candy man out loud. Woah that was close. I fanned my blushing face with my hands. I turned to face Stephanie who was giggling as she left into the kitchen, Santos raised his eyebrow at me. ''I want something sweet'', he said pulling out a cigar.

''Um, Santos. I don't think it's allowed for you to smoke in here." I said approaching him with a warm vanilla cake topped with caramel ice cream. I took the cigar and placed it back in his pocket. His colored green eyes that stared at me for so long, caused my heart to beat a bit faster than usual.

Oh my, why am I having these weird feeling?

''I'm sorry, I just don't want to get in trouble with Mario and that big sign above your head says ''no smoking allowed'', I said smiling. He looked up above him and his chest came to view, he had so many tattoos on his body. Which was kinda cute. ''You know, I always wanted a tattoo but Pa said it was a sin to get ink on your body. But those are really pretty, but aren't they painful?''

He took a bite of his cake and ignored my question, I took that as a leave, go away sign! So I did. ''Enjoy the rest of your day Santos and tell Jackie I said hi.'' I left him and went Into the back, Stephanie and Maria were peeking at him through the glass window between the front counter and back. ''You girl need to stop stalking guys and go up and talk to them.'' I said kinda annoyed.

''I don't think I can ever talk to someone who's that sexy, god look at that face and body. I think I'm wet just by looking at him." Stephanie said as Maria giggled.

''Omg, what is wrong with you? Looks aren't everything you know'', I said.

Trying to ignore that I don't know how ''wet'', feels like. Actually I didn't know anything in that department, Pa and Ma shield my eyes and ears from all ''evil'', from this world, as they say. I've never had my first kiss nor had an actual date, I sighed to myself.

''Look how hot he is and imagine that sinful body pressed upon your's. How it would b.....''

''STOP'', I yelled at Stephenie not letting her finish. My body felt it was on fire after she said that, cause I did what she said. I imagine his body pressed upon mines....oh lord. I went out to the back alleyway and ran around the building until I reached the building behind the shop. I went in and sat on the stairs, I would come here to cry after I ran away but now it's just a place I come to think and get life figured out.

''Omg Emily, what was that?'' I said to myself. God, they must think I'm so crazy or naive. I closed my eye's and inhaled a couple of deep breaths. I heard noises on the upper floor which was weird, the building was abandoned. I walked up the stairs and heard footsteps coming down, so I hide behind the steps.

Two men were dragging a guy which they threw him on the floor violently.

''Look, man. I swear... I...I don't know shit. look I'll give you the money, I'll...I'll tell you were Deane is. just don't kill me man, I have a baby on the way man...please....'' A man begged while a gun was shoved into his head.

I watched from behind the steps, as three men holding guns to the man's head as he pleaded for his life. I covered my mouth with both hands just so I wouldn't make any noises.

''Please Vick, spare my life man, I'm begging you please.'' The man pleads some more as the gun was pressed to his head.

''You don't fuck with Santos, and you don't fuck with me." He pulled the trigger and shot him without any mercy. I gasped loudly and all eyes turned to find the voice. I ducked deeper under the steps and held my hand over my mouth. shutting my eyes tightly but my ears could hear their footsteps near. My heart was racing rapidly and felt sweat running down back.

''let's go, whoever it was, their gone.'' Their footsteps faded away. I heard the engine car started and drove off. I looked through the steps and saw the man's body lying there. A tear fell down, I wished at that moment to be in my small room, under the blanket. I wished for my boring life back because this wasn't what I expected.

I walked out slow, ''I have to call the cop's'', I said to myself. I ran out to find help. I yelled, ''HEL......'', but a hand clapped over my mouth shut. I felt something poke my head. ''Make a sound and I'll kill you just like that guy inside.''

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