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   Chapter 1 Runway

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It's been 2 days since I ran away from St. Francisville, a small town in Louisiana. I bet Pa and Ma are really upset with me but I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was locked up in the middle of nowhere, and Pa wanted me to marry the son of our next door neighbor, a young man named Peter.

I don't think so..

So I began planning two months ago, to get out of that shit hole. Excuse my manners, you might think that it was a stupid idea. Which I'm beginning to see clearly now, but I had to take the risk. Being the perfect daughter isn't as easy as people might think, especially when your Pa is a preacher. My family is very religious and so am I, but I've always dreamed of exploring the world, seeing new faces. And that's what I'm getting in this busy city of New York. I always wondered why they called it the big apple, was it shaped like one? I just got off the bus last night and spent the night in a hotel. I didn't realize how expensive everything was.

Lord help me.

I only have 2 grand left from all my savings and I haven't found a place to stay. No one seems to be helpful, everyone is busy in their own little bubble. Looking around like a chicken with no head, bumping into stranger's left and right. Where are their manners? Why is everyone in a rush?

I spotted an older lady and decided to ask her for help. ''Excuse me Miss, but would you be so kind as to tell me where I can find a cheap hotel that I can spend the night?''

She eyed me up and down and smiled, ''You're not from around here, are you?''

My clothing probably gave it away, or maybe my southern accent. But whatever it was, I'm sure I stood out like a sore thumb.

''Yes Miss, I'm not from around here'', I started to tear up. I felt like i was lost but I had to do this for me. I couldn't ?be locked up with my parents for the rest of my life. If only they gave me the freedom to actually be free, then I wouldn't have ran away in the first place.

''Oh honey, don't cry. How old are you?'' She rubbed my arm kindly.

''I'm 21 turning 22 in a couple of week's, it's my first time away from home.'' I said as I felt all my ?emotions rushing in.

''Oh dear, don't be sad. My son owns a deli shop, how about we go over there now and see if the apartment above him still has that spare room for rent?'' she offered sweetly.

I felt as if God opened his doors for me and answered my praise. I grabbed my small hand bag that I packed my clothing in and walked besides the old lady. ''I'm Jackie by the way, what's yours?''

''Emily'' I smiled. We walked for a good six blocks until we reached her son's shop. It was a small one but it seemed really busy due to the line of people waiting. ''Your son must make the best deli sandwiches in the city.''

Jackie laughed at what I said but I didn't see anything so humorous about it. We walked past the people who were in line, making our way in. I heard someone yell, ''Mama, what are you doing here?''

The man didn't have an American accent, it was foreign to me. I looked around and spotted a cute man looking at me intensely, I avoided his gaze cause I knew I would be blushing. ''Mario, I decided to come visit you since you don't visit me'', she hugged him. He was a very tall guy that had a prominent scar on his upper lip going down to his chin, he captivated me. His intense brown eyes locked into mine. ''I just visited you two days ago Mama, '' he said as his gaze never left mine.

Was there something on my face?

''Ah, this is Emily, Mario. I was wondering if the room above you was still for rent? She needs a place to stay and this is her first time away from home, '' Jackie said.

Mario pulled his Ma to the far corner and chatted with her, leaving the customers waiting. I looked around to spot the handsome man but he was gone.

''Hey buddy, I got work to get to, hurry up, '' a man yelled rudely.

Mario was in the far back with Jackie in a heated conversation. The corner top was open so I slid into it unintentionally.

''Hey! I want a pastrami sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and garlic sauce. Make it extra toasty and put in two chocolate chip cookies in the bag with the sandwich!'' The man shouted.

Everything was laid out in front of me, I glanced back at Jackie, but she was pulling on Mario's ear. I shook my head and placed my bag on the floor, rolling my sleeves up and put on the white gloves. I started to assemble the man's order. This couldn't be so hard, the menu on the wall had the names of each sub with price, so I got to work. It'd been at least 10 minutes and still they hadn't came back, so I kept the orders going until the last customers paid. I placed the money in the bag I had hung behind the counter because I didn't know how to work the cash register. I took off the gloves and turned, right into a muscular chest. I tilted my head upwards to look at him.

''Where are you from

and who sent you?'' His throaty deep voice sent a terrifyingly shiver up my spine.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and felt a sweat from how close he was. '' I'm not sent by anyone and, I....''

He tilted his head and faced his mom. ''She's not what you think Mario, just look at her. The poor girl is alone in a big city with no shelter. If it was up to me I would take her with me to your brother's house but you know Santos, '' Jackie said.

''If the room is unavailable, then it's really ok. I'll just find a place to stay, if you would kindly tell me where I can go, I'll be out your way.'' I picked my bag up and walked around Mario.

''Your money is in the bag, I didn't know how to work the cash register and oh, '' I pulled out a 3 dollars, ''this is for the cookie I ate.''

''Mario!!''Jackie yelled as he sighed deeply.

''Ok'', he said and Jackie gave him a big kiss on the cheek while saying something in another language.

''The room is not the best but it will do. It's more of a living room and bathroom only. There's no furniture and no kitchen, is that ok?'' He asked as I nodded and smiled.

''It's $200 a month, do you have a job?'' he asked.

''Not yet but I'll start looking for one as soon as possible.''

''There's a coffee shop down the street, I know the owner. I'll talk with him in letting you work there for the night shifts, and you can work here morning shifts. I saw how you handle everything and how polite you were. I could use the extra help around here but I have rules and you must follow them, '' he said.

I nodded my head vigorously as he told me all his rules. He handed me the keys to the apartment, ''you should go clean it up, open the windows so air can come into the room. I have a spare sofa and bed I'll give you tomorrow but for tonight you're sleeping on the floor. And about your clothing, '' he said looking up and down at me. ''Wear a black shirt and a black pants if you have any.''

I guess people don't wear long sundresses to work here. I pulled out the money so I can pay him. ''This month is on me. Go with mama and buy a couple of shirts and jeans so you can move around without having every guy in the room staring at your legs.'' He said as he left into the back.

''Excuse my son dear, he's very.... outspoken, I guess you could say.'' Jackie pulled me up the stairs and into a locked room. I placed the keys in the lock and opened the door widely. It was.... it was a dump, it was covered with spiderwebs and dust and it had an absolutely awful smell. Jackie walked in and opened all the windows.

What was I expecting for $200, a suite with crystal chandeliers? I shook my head and went in. Taste the real world Emily. Thank you god, for sending Jackie my way, I will forever be grateful.

I started to clean the mess, and after a good 3 hours of hard work, I was finally done, with the kind help of Jackie.

We talked as we worked and I found out that Jackie has two boys, Mario and Santos. She was a widower at an early age, she raised the boys on her own. I also found out that Mario was married but Santos, who was the oldest, wasn't.

I stood back and took a look around the room. A smile appeared on my face, I was starting a new life, all on my own. "Wow, this is the cleanest I've ever seen this room.'' Mario said as he entered the room.

''I guess luck is on your side, Emily. I asked for them to bring the sofa, which has foldout mattress and a TV. If you have any money, you should go buy some essential for yourself like, soap, toothpaste and other things. There is a CVS four blocks away, go and I'll have my men bring up the sofa-bed.''

''Bless you and your mother Mario, I will forever be in debt to the both of you, '' I said, trying to hold back my tears.

He nods at me, ''It's not a bad neighborhood, but if you hear any gunshots, don't be afraid.'' He said cryptically as he walked out.




''I need you to find those figli di puttana, Andrew and Denise, before they leave the country. I don't want any loose ends, do you hear me?'' I barked through the phone to Vinny.

''Boss, relax. I'll have both men at your feet by tomorrow. I just want to know who the new chick working at Mario's place is?'' Vinny said with his mouth full.

''You're at Mario's?'' I asked. It'd been awhile since I last saw him or went to his place.

''Yup, just got out. Your mom is there too, I got to say, boss, she looks like a Barbie doll, but shorter.''

''Stop stalling and bring Andrew and Denise, '' I closed the phone and laid back in the chair.

A moment later, I felt someone unzipping my pants, I looked down at Sasha and closed my eyes. ''I'll make you feel all better daddy, '' she said, her tongue licked around the tip of my c*ck.

''Show daddy, show me how good of a girl you are.'' I closed my eyes, enjoying whatever she had to offer. But it was nothing and I fell asleep.

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