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   Chapter 23 Thee end...

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8 months later..


I laughed at how Zena tried to get the boys all stay in there spot as she tried to change them into dry clothing. They just finished taking a bath and we crawling left and right, it was the beginning of spring and the flowers started to bloom. The sun shine beautifully through the open balcony, she wore a white fitted dress as her hair fell below her waist.

Giggles was all you heard from her after three months of depression that took over after she found out our little princess didn't make it. I stared down at my arm's, taking in the simple tattoo I did for my baby.

It was in her memory that I will forever keep in my heart, we grieve as we tried to accept our lost. But as Zena said, what God gave, god shall take back. He needed his gift back and we accepted that fact but not before we shed a few tears.

David, Daniil & Denis were the triples name's. Zena though it would be easier and cuter if they all had the first letter of their names the same. We named our little princess Anastasia, Zena wore a pendent that was engraved with our princess identical footprints. The jewelry maker took five months for him to finish it but once he was done, Zena was pleased with how it turned out.

My heart ached every now and then when I remember how I could have had a little girl that looked like her mother but Zena would bring me out of my sadness. I wouldn't know how to live without her as she is the one who gave me my strength.

I felt small hands as they tried to climb on, I pulled Denis up as his hazel eyes stared at me. "You are given mama a hard time, along with your brothers little one." I whispered as I held him in my arm's.

The beauty walked towards me as she had both boy's in dressed in her arm's, "Yes they are but their father is lost in his thoughts as always. What has you so lost that you couldn't give a helping hand?" She questioned as she smiled beautifully.

I didn't know that my life would end up this way, never knew I would have a family this big when I was bond to be alone, grieving over the lost of my first wife. I had it set in my mind that I will never be happy but the impossible happened. I found love and this love gave me more than I could ever ask for.

"Have I told you that you are my beating heart Zena?" I questioned as her breathtaking smile grew even more. "You complete me and have given me heaven my love, I love you." I declared as I stood up.

I leaned into her, to capture her lips upon mine. The same effect every kiss she gave

as, "comfortable little one?" I asked as she made her way towards me.

"Yes old man, very comfortable." She replied back as she placed a kiss on my cheek. She was my last worry, her rebellious seemed to fade away but I felt as if Zena and her were hiding something from me that had to do with Joseph. I never questioned it because simply I thought it was nothing and I truly hope it's nothing.

The ring on her finger tells me that there isn't a problem between her and Joseph. "Zena, Demetric mom wants to come over if that alright with you. I told her that you have your hands tied at the moment with three little munchkins." She said the last part in a baby voice as she kissed David that was in Lex lap.

She sat down next to Savin and looked at me with a smile, "Happy birthday dad."

And indeed it was my birthday, the best one I've had in ages. Elie came back with Aura into the kitchen, Andrei was sitting besides Zena as always. Maggie and Inga were smiling and as they chatted with each other. My trustworthy men held my boys in their hands and I got to witness it all.

"I know it's early in the day but it's a small cake since you didn't want to celebrate your birthday. I love you Frederic, happy birthday my beating heart." She hummed in my ear the words I always say to her.

"Make a wish papa", Andrei yelled as everyone surrounded the table to look at me. A smile that came from within, took over my lips as I felt the hands of my beating heart caress me softly.

"Make a wish Frederic", Zena whispered lowly as she placed her chin on my shoulder.

"My wish already came true." I stated as I blew out the one single candle.

The perfect gift was my family

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