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   Chapter 21 1 month later

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My legs were wrapped around Frederic waist as he positioned himself near my entrance. When you have kids, there's not much time for you to play around and have fun. You're always scared that they might knock unexpectedly which caused the moment to be ruined. The kids were at school and Frederic would be out doing his work but today he came early, I mean two hours early.

"Ahh, sexy! This means you can scream loudly and I can enjoy hearing you." His deep voice whispered against my chest.

No one was in the mansion, I was about to go out with Maggie and Inga shopping but Frederic pulled me back.

Eric and the other men aren't here either, "Let's see how loud you'll make me scream Fed- AHHH", I shouted loudly. "Sorry", he mumbled as his mouth attacked my breast. "You could have warned me before you thrust yourself in me, it--ohh- it--it!"



I smiled as I watched her lost for word's, her face was facing the ceiling as I pushed myself in deeper to her moist core. Her beauty possessed me as her heart claimed me, I didn't know who my life would have been without her. "Frederic, stop thinking and fuck me." She said as her eyes pierced through mine. "You said you'll make me scream, so make me Frederic. I want you so. Fucking. Bad." She as her body rocked back and forth on mine.

I groaned as she was causing me to lose my mind, "Я так хочу тебя." I whispered as I laid back on the bed.

"I want you too", she replied which caused me to smirk. My Zena understood what I would say but never bothered to learn the language. She knows but she speaks her native American tongue no matter what.

I felt a smack on my face, I placed my hand on my cheek. "What was that for?" I questioned as her breathtaking smile took place. "You're lost in your thoughts, the kids will be arriving any moment and still you haven't made me scream." She replied madly.

"But I'm tired", I whined a bit. She sighed loudly before getting off me, "You mean to say that your old." She stated as she walked naked in front of me towards the bathroom.

I heard the shower run, that's when I got up and followed her in. "I am Zena, very old you see." I stated while walking over to her. She was giggling as I kissed her neck, goosebumps sparked against her skin. I pushed her in the shower while closing the shower door. Water drops hit against her back as she faced me, I placed my hand into her hair as I pulled her into me. She stood on the tip of her toes so she can reach my lips, electro shock waves hits my body every time our lips unite.

I died for her touches, begged for her kisses, would give myself a million deaths just so I can have her in my embrace. My hands danced their way down her body as a lustful shiver shook her body.

She grasped tightly on my shoulders as I pulled her body upon mine. "You drive me crazy my queen." I confessed as her mouth cover my chin. Her lips made their way down my neck as my arm's held onto her waist. Slightly pushing her back against the tile, I slid her body down on my extremely happy member that was waiting for her to arrive.

They both meet once again but this time they would be occupied for a while. I focused on Zena once more, her eyes were shut as I p

moment, "You gave in, while your very nice, sweet boyfriend is in the other room. Don't blame Joseph alone for what you did as well." I stated firmly as she looked up at me.

"Chose Maryanne and I will support your choice no matter what. Demetric or Joseph?" I questioned as Joseph stared at her intensely.

"I--I", she mumbled as she couldn't make up her mind. "Fix this before you head back out-"

"There's nothing to be fixed, I won't come near Maryanne again." Joseph said as he walked out.

I turned to face Maryanne that was sobbing uncontrollably. She came into my arms and hugged me tightly while tears made their way out. "You don't know who you love huh?" I questioned as her cries became even louder.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Frederic, "Are you sure you're ok love?" He asked one last time. I stood up and sat on his lap, "You worry too much Frederic, I'm fine, just sleepy." I replied back while I laid my head on his shoulders.

Andrei and Elie were on my side end of the table, I can see their smiling faces. "Did you enjoy your date Elie?" I questioned as Frederic held me tightly in his arm's.

"Very much mama, she's very beautiful." Elie said but I felt that he didn't seem to care that much about her.

"What about that other girl, the one you did your school assignment with here, what was her name again?" I questioned curiously while looking at how his eye's turned a slight chance of color.

Frederic hands gripped my waist as he took notice at Elie. "Aura, her name is Aura and she's just my friend." Elie said quietly as he stood up from his seat. "I'm full, may I be excused please." He whispered lowly while looking at us.

"You may", Frederic replied back as we watched him leave the dining room. Frederic looked over to me with a confused look.

I got up unexpectedly off his lap and belched out everything I just ate on the floor.

"Omg, mama you OK-"

"Zena, you alright?"

"Mom, Omg what happened-" I heard everyone saying all at once, I felt Frederic's hands pulling back my hair before I started to see black spots.

I stood up in a rush which caused my head to spin and then I passed out.

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