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   Chapter 20 Charming boyfriend

Give into me By MarillaGarden Characters: 11387

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We sat down at the dining room table while we waited for Maryanne to walk in with Demetric who was already at the door. Joseph was drinking away as Manawala eyed him suspiciously, his entire mood change once he found out that Maryanne had a boyfriend.

Walked in our little Maryanne with a very tall, handsome man. His eyes captured my attention as they were a striking deep color of green, facial hair covered his chin as a few strands of his brown hair fell on his forehead.

Wearing a white fitted dress shirt that showed his physic very well, he walked in as his arm was wrapped around Maryanne's waist. He reached the table, causing Frederic to stand up and greet him. "It's a pleasure meeting you sir, Maryanne has told me a lot about you." He said in a rough deep voice.

I was impressed on how charming he was, he faced me and smiled sweetly. Grabbing my hand, he placed a gently kiss. "A absolute pleasure to meet you as well." He spoke in a mannered way.

My he was a really good catch, "That's Joseph and his girlfriend Manawala and that over there is Elie and Andrei." Maryanne introduced them as they took a seat besides me.

"Welcome Demetric, you are quite the charmer. I wondered why Maryanne hasn't brought you sooner." I stated as I looked over to her bubble smile.

We sat down in our seats, I was seated next to Frederic while Maryanne was besides me. Demetric was seated next to her, across the table was Joseph who seat was in front of me while Manawala was next to him. Both Elie and Andrei took a seat on each side but I felt I need to be next to Andrei.

"You want me to switch seats with Andrei?" Maryanne asked. I nodded my head, she knew I had to have him besides me. She got up and switch seats with a very happy Andrei, as she sat next to Demetric on the far end.

Joseph eye's never left her for one second as she giggled lowly. Maggie and Igna came in with the food as they placed it on the table then left only to come back with more food.

The table was set, everyone had a bit of everything while Savin poured wine in each glass. Frederic hand brushed against my leg as he looked over to the couple on the end.

Maryanne was completely different as she whispered lite conversation with Demetric. "How did you meet my little Maryanne Demetric?" Frederic asked as we just started to eat, I send a warning look towards him but he just smiled.

"Maryanne and my sister are close friends sir, I met her while I went to pick my sister up. Ask for her number but she said that her brother/father was a mafia king and would kill me." He stated while chuckling.

Frederic looked at Maryanne and shook his head, "You may know my father sir, he's Vitaliy Petrov." He said as Frederic eye's widen.

"You are his son?" Frederic questioned curiously while looking closely at Demetric. "Yes sir, I am." He replied back while a smile took over Frederic's lips.

"Indeed I know your father, he is a good man. I approve of him Maryanne, if he is anything like his father then don't let him go." Frederic stated happily.

"He's alright, let's not forget his father ripped off his own brother." Joseph said bitterly as he looked over to both Demetric and Maryanne.

"Joseph", Frederic yelled loudly which caused Andrei to drop his glass of water on his plate, causing a mess.

"Are you ok sweetie?" I asked Andrei who looked at Frederic. "I'm sorry for sc

ave your guest alone and oh Maryanne?" Maggie questioned as I looked at her.

"He's a keeper my dear but the heart wants what it want's. Be careful sweetheart and just know we are here for you." She said while walking over to a smiling Inga.

I left without saying a word, I made it back in the living room but was pulled away quickly by someone behind me. Pressed against the wall between the living room and kitchen hall, Joseph hand covered my mouth as his body was pressed upon mine so close that I could literally feel his manhood.

"Sweet little Maryanne isn't so little anymore. She has a boyfriend and is very sexy." He whispered as his knee separated my legs apart. He placed himself between my legs as panic hit me hard. What if someone come out unexpectedly and saw our current state, I bit his hand but he let out a rough deep groan while placing his forehead upon mine.

His eyes shifting from hate to lust so quickly, I moved his hand away while pushing him back but he wouldn't move. He stared at my eye's then down at my lips, repeated the same action over and over until he pressed his lips upon mine.

I push me back while trying to get out of his embrace but his kisses made me weaker and weaker until I gave in completely. He picked me up easily as I wrapped my legs around him, he walked us over to Frederic's office.

He opened the door while never breaking our wild, passionate kiss. He locked the door with his feet as he pressed my body against the wall while devouring my lips into his mouth.

I felt him grew more and more, he pushed me down on his large member. A moan escaped my lips as his eye's shot open, he was breathing frantically, raging as he bit his lips and dry hump me against the wall.

I was soaked to the core, he placed his face in the crook of my neck while his hands held my waist. He just kept rubbing my hot wet core upon his large bulge. He rubbed harder and harder until I was on the verge of melting in pure ecstasy but didn't make it as Zena barged in unannounced.

I looked over at her, she was mad, really mad. She locked the door as Joseph placed me down, we were both breathing wildly.

"Zena I can explain", Joseph said as he walked over towards her but she smacked him as soon as he reached her.

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