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   Chapter 19 5years later..

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Three kids to care for was a lot of work but I wanted one more that came from Frederic and I. Trying for the past five years was hard but still I loved my life. I had everything I wanted and more, waiting for the kids to come home from school as Maggie and I prepared a small meal for them.

Maryanne was in her first year of college, she was twenty years of age now. Her beauty was something we feared a lot, tall and sexy she walked in as Elie followed behind her.

"Pervit", she said as she stay down at the kitchen table. Her long blonde hair reached below her waistline as she pulled it away to take her seat.

"Hi mama", Ellie said as he placed a kiss on my cheek. Fifteen years of age he stood tall and handsome, such a heartthrob with his blue eyes and blonde hair. He took a seat next to his sister as they waited for Frederic to arrive with Andrei who was ten now.

The boy had resembles to his father but looked more like Frederic with his striking deep blue sea eyes and dark chocolate black hair. "How was school Elie?" I questioned him as I placed the meal on the table.

Maggie came and placed the drinks as Frederic walked in with Andrei by his side. I smiled widely as Frederic came and placed a kiss on my neck.

"Hello my beating heart." He whispered against my neck as I melted.

"Hi", I whispered back. "School was boring as always, can we eat now?" Elie said as he dug in without waiting for a response.

I shook my head as I felt Andrei wrap his arms around me. "Hi mama", he smiled as he looked up at me. I took my seat as I pulled him into my embrace. "Hi sweetie, how was school?" I questioned as he sat besides me while Frederic took his seat.

"It was good." He said as he started to eat. I looked around and smiled, they were all grown up which caused my eye's to mist in tears. Now I knew how mom's felt when they're children grew up before their eyes in a quick pace.

"I'm going out with Demetric tonight and I don't want Eric nor Lex or Savin to babysit me on my date." Maryanne started the conversation off.

"You're not going out tonight, I told you that Joseph will be here. We're all going to have dinner together and that's final." Frederic said leaving no space for negotiate.

Maybe Joseph was the cause of her rebellious ways, Maryanne wasn't the sweet bubble girl as she was before anymore. After one night when Joseph came to ask for forgiveness for his act's while apologize to Maryanne.

But Maryanne didn't accept his apologize, blame us for being "lame parents" for taking his side. We didn't take sides, Frederic and I felt that his apologize was sincere, that came from the heart. I would know if he was lying but he wasn't, maybe fate sent him that night to save Maryanne.

"I hate him, I don't want to look at him. Why do you let him even come here?" Maryanne questioned while yelling.

"Maryanne, please sit down and finish your meal." Frederic whispered calmly as he took a bite of his food.

"I like Joseph, he cool. Yea he is!" Both Elie and Andrei said.

Maryanne frowned and huffed just like an overgrown baby with a temper. I looked over to at her and stared at how she was playing with her food, "Is he bringing that annoying girlfriend of his?" Maryanne questioned curiously while looking down at her plate.

I sighed deeply as I was lost in my thoughts, "That annoying girlfriend of his is his fiance so behave young lady." Frederic replied back.

She had a crush on him and wouldn't admit it, Joseph was a very handsome man. His hooded mysterious blue eye's and shoulder length dirty blonde hair would catch any girl's attention, let's not for his height and broad shoulders and manly physique that will make you drool. She had a major crush on Joseph and I didn't blame her one bit but, he was a way bit older than her. Then again the age gap between Frederic and I didn't mean shit, "I think Manawala is very beautiful woman, maybe Joseph should settle down and marry her." I remarked as I took a bite of my food.

Maryanne stood up and left the kitchen in a rush, "What's wrong with her?" Elie questioned as he played on his phone.

"Hey, both of you go take off your school uniforms and take a shower. Homework should be done before dinner, no games or phones until you both are done." I ordered them as they stood up.

"Hey papa, um, So there's this girl and I was wondering if I can go out with her by ourselves?" Elie asked while shifting from side to side.

His hand ranked through his hair and smiled towards a smirking Frederic, I shook my head while giggling.

"Who is she? Do we know her?" Frederic asked as I got up and took the rest of the plates. Placing them in t

the dress to change into.

"Leave my handsome king to me, he will be happy to meet him as well. Now get dress and wipe that heavy makeup of you. I'll wait so I can braid your hair, I miss doing that." I whispered lowly as I looked down at her.


Elie barged in, "Mama, papa is here! Joseph and Manawala arrived as well, papa wants you to come down now." Elie said as he looked at Maryanne with wide eyes. "Wow, you look beautiful Maryanne. I miss this look on you, it matches you, stay this way please." He stated as he left.

I stood up and walked around Maryanne that looked absolutely stunning. Her longs locks were cast down her back as she was dressed in a dress that reached above her knees. Light makeup caused I personally think she doesn't need any, her beauty was far more than perfection.

"You are truly and angel, I bet Frederic would be happy to see you this way again. Please remember, don't ever change yourself for a person. Be you Maryanne, I'm sure you will be the main attraction for tonight. Did you call Demetric?" I asked as we walked out the room hand in hand.

"He was shocked and surprised when I asked him to come and said that this is a "big step" in our relationship." She said as she rolled her eye's.

We made our way to the living room where Frederic's voice was heard, "You two are welcome to stay as long as you please my good friend."

We walked in as Andrei made it clear for all that we have arrived, "Mama is here, now can we have dinner?" He said a bit irritated.

Joseph spun around as Frederic made his way towards me, "Why are you so beautiful?" He questioned while kissing my cheek. His eyes lit up as he took a good look at Maryanne, opening his arms for her which she happily went into. "Can I say my little one is back?" He whispered lowly as he placed a kiss on her head.

"I'm sorry, I love you guy's", Maryanne whispered back as she hugged him.

"Ah Zena, it's good to see you again."

Manawala said, as she made her way alongside Joseph who had his eye's locked on Maryanne.

"It's a pleasure to have you back, you're welcome to stay as long as you want. Hello Joseph!" I said as he leaned over to kiss my cheek.

"My Maryanne, you are absolutely beautiful." Manawala stated as she eyed her up and down in a look I didn't like.

Frederic noticed as well but ignored it, I looked over to Joseph who was staring at Maryanne intensely. He leaned in as he placed his hands on her shoulders, pulling her towards him. I nudged Frederic as he looked over to them, Joseph leaned in, placing at long lingering kiss on her cheek. Manawala grabbed his arm, as Maryanne pulled back quickly.

"Frederic, I invited Demetric over. I hope it's ok." I said as I looked up at him.

"Of course it's ok, isn't he Maryanne's boyfriend?" He questioned curiously.

"Well, they are dating but I don't know if it's official yet. That's why I invited him over to see if he's fit for Maryanne." I replied back.

"You have a boyfriend?" Joseph questioned her as his eye's turned


And that's where I knew that Joseph had feelings for our little Maryanne.

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