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   Chapter 17 Sergio's son

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I think three days was enough for him to think about what he did, he didn't have the right to decide for me. It was my choice, not his but I understand why he did what he did. He was trying to keep his promise, I overheard his yelling on the phone as I stood before his office door.

I knew he was talking with Aroldo so I went in without permission. "Stop shouting and tell him that you'll call him back." I said loudly so Aroldo can hear me.

His eyes widen as I spoke, poor thing though I wasn't ever going to speak with him again. He closed the phone and stood up, "Sit Frederic." I said as I walked over and took a seat in front of him.

He sighed loudly and did what I asked him to do. "You finally forgive me Zena?" He questioned as his eye's held sadness.

"Why didn't you ask me if I wanted to leave? Do you not want me anymore, after you took your revenge on Varrao you thought ok, now I don't want her, she can leave. Without thinking how I would feel about it." I yelled.

"Was I just apart of your plan to use then dispose as you please?" I shouted as I kept my tears in bay. How could he, after what we've been through he just gives me up like that?

"Zena, it not that, you know it's not how you think. I just wanted to keep my promise to you, it was the deal we had. After it was over I thought you might want to go back home, isn't that what you wanted?" He questioned.

I couldn't believe him, "Are you f*cking serious right now Frederic?" I stated as tears filled my eye's. "Then I guess I meant nothing to you." I whispered as tears fell down.

God I wanted to hit him so bad, I covered my face as his footsteps came closer. "Zena", he whispered but I stood up and slapped him.

"Fine Frederic, I'll leave." I yelled as I walked out.



Wait, don't go! I stood up and followed her out. "Zena, come back here." But she kept going until she reached up the stairway and into her old room, slamming the door loudly.

Lex walked over behind me and opened her door, pushing me in. "You better make her forgive Dom, you f*cking love each other." He said as he closed the door after him.

She was sitting on the bed crying. "You actually think I want you to leave Zena?" I asked as I walked over to her. She kept crying, causing my heart to ache.

"It seems like you do." She replied softly. I kneeled before her, "I love you Zena, to the point I don't want to see you get hurt or regret all this in the future." I stated as I took her hands away from her face.

"Yes, you were apart of my plan but I never thought I would fall in love with you and you would return that love back to me." I said as I wiped her tears away.

"You should have asked me at least, you can't make decisions for me. I am my own person you know." She replied as we both stared into each other eye's.

"Will you stay with me forever Zena?" I asked. "Do you want me to stay with you forever Frederic?" He questioned back.

I pulled her down into my lap and wrapped my arms around her, "More than anything in this world Zena." I stated as I hugged her for the longest time.

"So do I." Sh

at him warmly, she stood up and walked over to him.

"Hi sweetie, how are you?" She asked but he only spoke Russian. He backed away from her and hid behind Esmeralda. Maryanne walked over to him and spoke to him in Russian as she was very good at it due to the tutoring she has had over the year.

"Vy khoteli by igrat' s nami?" She said softly as the boy smiled and nodded his head. He went over to play with her and the men, Zena held her hand out for Esmeralda who just bowed to her. "My queen." She said as Zena frowned. "Oh please, don't do that. I'm Zena, Frederic has told me so much about you. Thank you for caring for little Varrao." She said as she clapped her hands over her mouth.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say his name. Name him before it slips out again Frederic." She said while looking at me.

I smiled at her, "it's ok beautiful, I still don't know what to name him yet." I replied as I stood up and walked over to her. "Andrei, his name is Andrei. I've been calling him that and not Varrao, I knew how much you hated that name so the past month I've told him his name was Andrei and he now answers to that name." Esmeralda said.

I blew out a breath of relief as I heard what she said. "Thank you, I truly don't know how to repay you Esmeralda. You have been a good friend over the year's." I said.

She smiled as she looked at the boy, "It was a debt I had to pay for you Frederic, you saved my life and I will forever be grateful. It was the least I can do, I just want to come and visit him when I please, that's if it's alright with you? I've grown attached to him very much." She said as her eyes never left Andrei.

She went over and kissed him on his forehead before leaving. The little boy didn't mind that she was leaving which made me curious why.

She stood by the door, "I told him that you were his father, take care of him Frederic. I want him to be like you when he's older." She said as she left.

Zena wrapped her arms around my waist, "Guess this mansion will be filled with kid's soon." She giggled as I placed a kiss on her hair.

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