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   Chapter 16 Love is pain

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"I love you too much to lock you up so I'm letting you go." Frederic...

Two week later...


"I'm tired Frederic, I want to leave." Zena whined as she got off the bed. Antoin said that she can leave but I just wanted to make sure she was really ok before we left.

I watched how she paced the small hospital room, "Antoin said that I'm fine, why do you keep telling him that I need to stay more? Look at me, I'm well, good, fine. Please Frederic, let's go. I'm really hating this place." She complained.

Maybe I was over exaggerating or maybe I was waiting for her parents to come take her, I just couldn't tell her. I didn't know how to tell her, will she be happy or sad?

My heart was breaking but she needed to go, I promised her when it was all over. That I'll let them both go, now it's time. I went over to her side and pulled her into my arms, "I love you Zena, love you so much." I said as I held her.

"Yea? If you did, you would have let me leave this damn hospital." She shouted while pouting. I pulled her chin up, capturing those pink, soft lips of hers. She melted into my arms, surrendering.

I pulled back and gaze into her eye's, she was the meaning of pure perfection. I wonder if I could live without her by my side, my heart twisted in a hurtful way.

You don't hold your heart captivate, you let it go so it can be able to beat until it's dying days and you are my heart that beats my queen.

"Why are you sad Frederic, is there something you're not tell me?" Zena questioned. I caressed her cheeks as her face was still in my hands, those mesmerizing eyes that I'll never forget stared back at me.

"I'm just enjoying your beauty my queen. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, even more beautiful than Natalie." I confessed.

Her warm smile took a hold on my heart, and at the moment I imagine my life with seeing that smile ever again.

"Damn it Frederic what are you up too? I can see it in your eye's, what did you do?" She questioned as her eye's searched for the answers in my eye's.

"I have to send Maryanne back to her grandparents, it's all over Zena, which means you're leaving too." I said while releasing her. I moved back as her expression change.

"What do you mean go back? Back where Frederic?" S

r view mirror in horror. He questioned curiously with his eyes, I looked back with a smile. "I am his queen." I said to the old man.

He nodded his head as he drove off.



"I don't want to go Frederic, please don't let me go. I want to stay with you." Maryanne cried as I tried to get her in the car.

Commotion was at the front gate, I didn't know what was going on until I watch a cab drive up the driveway. Eric walked over to see who it was but stopped as the back door opened, Zena stepped out. "Pay him and give him an extra tip." She said to Eric as she walked over to Maryanne.

"Oh Zena, tell Frederic I don't want to go. I want to stay here with you both, please." Maryanne begged as Zena ignored me.

Zena pulled Maryanne up the front steps as Lex and Savin stood happily near the door. "Hey guy's." She said as she walked in, leaving me standing there in shock.

How? Didn't she leave with her parents? She stayed? She actually choose to stay with me but why didn't she talk to me or even glanced at me?

Shit! Was she mad that I didn't tell her?

I took two steps at a time until entering the mansion, Eric followed closely. I stood there as I watched my men greet her, Eric rushed to her side. She looked up at him and gave him a big hug, "I'm hungry, is there anything to eat." She asked Eric.

"Zena?" I said loudly but still she ignored me. I was getting annoyed, so I shouted loudly.

"EVERYONE LEAVE, NOW!" I demanded as she turned to face me with anger eye's.

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