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   Chapter 15 Varrao's death

Give into me By MarillaGarden Characters: 8503

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A week later...


"Frederic, you need to stop drinking. Zena needs you by her side." Aroldo

Said as he stood next to Santos.

I laughed loudly, "She's dead, She dead, she won't wake up. Even if she does, she won't remember me." I said as I tried to stand up but failed.

Aroldo sighed as he pulled my head up harshly. "She's not dead, she's just in a coma. And how do you know she won't remember you? Just because? Antoin said that she might have memory loss doesn't mean she will forget. You have to be by her side when she opens her eye's. Wake the fuck up Frederic, look at you. Zena doesn't deserve this, you don't deserve this." He shouted angrily in my face as he let go.

"I'm done with him, talk some sense into your friend Santos." Aroldo yelled.

Santos walked over and pulled me up, "look here boss, she's not dead. She will wake up and you will f*cking be there for her. Even if she doesn't remember you, MAKE HER REMEMBER." He said as his eyes stared into mine.

I pulled the gun and pointed it at his face, "OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT NOW." I yelled loudly.

"What, you wanna shoot me, go ahead shoot. Your not my boss, my boss would have been with the one he loved no matter how painful it was for him." Santos said as he pulled the gun away from my hand.

I sat back down on the chair, all I wanted to do was break down but I couldn't. "How about we go and release some steam, I think we should end Varrao's life tonight. Once he's out of the picture, you can focus on Zena more." Aroldo said as he pulled me up.

"What's there left to do to Varrao that we haven't done yet. The man is barely breathing, I think Aroldo is right. Let's just shoot the mother f*cker and get it over with." Santos said in agreement.

Eric walked in with a bucket in his hand, I frowned as he walked over to me. He splashed the entire bucket of ice-cold water on me, "Wake the f*ck up Dom. Maryanne is asking about you, why you haven't went to visit Zena yet." He said as he threw the bucket on the floor. "I'm tired of making excuses for you, next time I'll tell her that you don't want to come." He said as I went charging towards him.

Aroldo held me back, "He doesn't mean it, he just wants you to sober up that all. Let's go and kill Varrao, I think it's time for his death." Aroldo

Said as he walked me out.

Santos was walking ahead of us, he reached the back door and into the cold winter air. It was still ten in the morning, the cold air did a number on me due to that I was dripping wet.

We walked into

wly as her head moved again. Was she having a nightmare? "Zena, can you hear me. Please open your eye's, give me a signal that you can hear me beautiful." I said as I held her hand.

She didn't move, I sat back on the chair as her hand was still in mines. I stood up to leave, "I'll come back right away." I said as I left to use the bathroom. I went over to the small sink and opening the water, splashing the water against my tired eyes.

I was so tired, I'll just go take a nap by her side. I walked out the bathroom and into the room where she laid. I pulled off my shoes, luckily the bed was big enough for the both of us. I laid by her side as I got myself comfortable, I faced her and froze. Her eye's were open, she blinked a couple of time but her eyes were open. Her eye's we're open, my god her eye's were open.

"Water." She whispered so low I could barely hear her. I didn't know what to do, "I need to ask the doctor if it's ok for you to drink." I said while looking at her.

Did she remember me? I wanted to ask but was afraid. Her eye's held nothing, I couldn't read them.

"Who are you?" She asked. And at that moment I felt like I wanted to die, tears fell from my eye's I couldn't hold back. "I'm just playing with you Frederic." She said as her hand tried to wipe away my tears. I fell into her arm's, "I'm going to get you for that, you f*cking scared me." I said as I let out a breath of relief.

I pulled myself off her, "Six f*cking months Zena and you f*cking scare me like that. God I love you so much." I confessed as I kissed her.

"Ugh, coma...can't... breath Frederic." She said as she tried to push me away. "Shut up and let me kiss you." I said back.

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