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   Chapter 14 The crowning

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"The Crowning of the



"What is going on?" Father said as mother was fixing his tie. We we're all ready for the night to begin, but a gunshot was heard earlier.

"Frederic shot his brother, apparently he was in Zara's room. I think he was trying to kill her but Frederic killed him before he got the chance." I explained as I placed father's shoes on.

His hand went through my hair, "You don't have to attend dressing me my boy, your mother will do that." He said with a smile on his face.

"I want to." I said as I stood up. Mother brushed off my shoulder and held me tight. "You are a replica of your father's youth my love. I'm so glad I get to witness you stand before my eye's." She said as a smile grew on his lips.

I grabbed her hand and kissed it, Anna was on the bed giggling happily. Father turned his wheelchair and went closer to her, "What is so funny little bambino." He said as he took her in his arm's.

"Don't play with her Christian, she might drool all over you." Mother said as she went over to them. Father really loved Anna, as well as mother.

"I don't mind at all." Father replied as he held Anna closer to his chest. Clicking sounds of heels were walking towards us, I turned to face Sophia who was dressed in a white gown.

My heart picked up its pace as I took in her beauty. "Are you all ready? It time." She said as her eyes roamed over my appearance.

"My, you look marvelous Sophia." Mother gushed as she walked over to her. "Indeed she is." Father said in agreement.

I walked over to her, I was flabbergasted in what to say. "You look absolutely beautiful mia amore." I stated as I took her hand and placed a kiss upon it.

Her cheeks turned red as she looked down to the floor, ignoring my gaze.

"The crowning will take place now, I will be escorting you all to your table." Eric said as he stood near the door entrance.

"I want my family protected at all times, we don't know what the night holds for us." Father said loudly causing Eric to smile.

"You all will be safe, promises made by the Dom himself." He remarked.

Father nodded his head, "I would like a gun in my possession, just in case." He stated. Eric walked in and stood before him, he took out his gun that was behind his back and handed it over to father.

"Thank you my boy." Father said happily with a hint of relief.

Eric stood behind him and wheeled him out the room. "Shall we my beautiful ladies." I spoke, placing mother's hand around my left arm and Sophia's hand on my right arm.

They both giggled which caused my heart to beat happily. We all walked out, following Eric as he lead us to event. The house was decorated from the ceiling to the floor with white sheer fabric that hung gracefully.

"My, Frederic has out done himself. Look at how beautifully designed it is, I truly hope this night will end right." Mother said as we took our seats near the stage.

We we're all seated as five men stood near our tables. Eric walked over to them, "this is your table you will protect with your lives no matter what. Keep your eyes peeled for danger, if you see anything that you think will harm them, you act quickly. Understood?" Eric said to the men as they nod their heads.

He turned to face us, "please, if you see any harm that will cause Dom Frederic, you act upon it quickly as well Xavier." He said as his eyes pierced through mines.

He was loyal to his Dom, without a doubt he will give up his life for him which caused me to wonder why? I nodded my head, assuring him that I will. He left our table and went up the stairs to the upper floor, "That is a man you depend on with your life. He is truly loyal to Frederic." Father spoke as Anna played with his pocket watch.

"Do you think it's safe for Anna to be here Christian." Mother said in a worried tone. She was sitting next to father as he caressed her face, "She is safe with us my love, I won't let anything harm her, I promise." Father said, easing mother's worries.

She exhaled loudly as she rubbed Anna's face. "I can't wait to leave, I want all of us to be under the same roof. Safe and sound, away from all this."

Sophia hand gently held mines, "We will all leave soon Sara, I hope this night comes to a peaceful end." She stated as her eyes looked into mines.

A loud voice came through the room as all eyes turned to see who it was. A tall man stood in the middle with a wicked smile on his face, I didn't know who he was but he seemed somewhat evil.

"Varrao." Father said with so much hate. Mother and father both stared at the men who walked in, taking their seats in the middle. They we're only a couple of table's away from us, I stared at the man who was looking around with a smile that held no good.

His eyes landed on mines, then towards father. He tilted his head to the side and let out a wicked loud laughter that filled the room. I watched how he stared at father then back at mother. He stood up and walked over to us, he reached our table and stood before father.

"Christian El Camin, who would have ever thought I would get to meet you. Excuse my manners, let me introduce myself. I am Matteo Varrao jr, you might know my father. It so wonderful to meet you, where have you been hiding all these year's. I don't think Pablo would like it if he sees you here." He said as he stared at father.

Sophia held my hand tightly as I was uncontrollably tapping my feet. I don't know why but I just wanted to grab this man and punch him. A voice spoke from behind this Varrao guy, "father are you alright?" Salvador asked as he stepped in front of the man who had a confused look on his face.

"Yes my son, I'm fine. Have a seat next to your brother's wife." Father said as the man still held a confused look.

"Matteo, so nice to see you. Where is your father." Pablo asked as a smile took place on his lips. He stared at the man who was looking at Salvador with questionable eye's.

"Don't hurt yourself my boy." Pablo said as he placed his hand on Varrao shoulder. "Tell your father that Eros is dead and that Salvador is Christian El Camin son." He hissed angrily as he squeezed Varrao's shoulder.

The look on his face was priceless, Salvador laughed loudly as he took his glass of wine and sip ever so slowly. "Cheer." Salvador said causing this Varrao guy to leave.

We all watched him as he was talking to the men he came in with. "I will go get Alicia, stay with your family Salvador." Pablo said as he left.

"Eros and Varrao were on this from the start, they are the ones who blinded both Pablo and I." Father hissed angrily as he stared at the

Varrao's who we're starting back at us.

Salvador placed his hand on father's hand. "Don't try any stupid old man, leave it up to Frederic. He has everything planned out for tonight."

We all looked at Salvador as anger took over him. He wasn't the man I met a couple of day's ago, he was different. Filled with hatred and anger, father noticed that. I noticed that as well, he wanted vengeance for what Eros put him through and I felt that he was planning on taking it.

We all looked back at the Varrao's table as Frederic men surrounded it. The lights went dim as all eyes stared at Frederic and Zena who stood highly on the staircase.


"You look so sexy Salvador, you kinda look like your father mixed with your mother. Now I know where you get your good looks." Alicia said as her arms were around me.

I pulled her in closer to my body, "did I tell you how I can't wait to see you in a white gown like this as you walk down the aisle. You look so sexy, making me want to rip that dress off you and make love to you." I said as she giggled.

"Caveman I tell you." She said as her hand gently touched my lips. Her eye's flashed in pain before she spoke again, "Promise me you'll be safe tonight, I don't want to lose you Salvador." She said as she waved her hands against her eyes. "I'll start looking like a panda bear if the water works start falling down."

I pulled her closer as I kissed her lips, she was nervous as well as I but Frederic knows what he's doing. This night has to end, and hopefully it will end peacefully.

I wasn't Frederic right hand anymore but I was still his friend. I was actually happy that I don't have that burden on my shoulders, I knew Aroldo would be even better as his right hand as I'd ever will be.

I would be lying if I said I haven't changed since I shot Eros, I was sad because he was still the man who raised me. Not in the best way but it was probably his way of being a parent to his ex-wife child. He treated me with so much hate, not physically but mentally.

He wanted me to become like him which I never wanted to. Gave me all the essential in life but never the love, never showed me the love I've always craved for. But I felt that love when my father hugged me that night, I felt it so much that my heart ached.

"What are you thinking about Salvador?" Alicia questioned as she hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her, "Thinking about how my life was. How Eros caused me so much pain, how he f*cked up my mind." I replied with the truth.

She held me even closer, "forget about him, you have a father and mother that truly loves you. Can't you see that?" She asked as she pulled away.

I smiled and nodded my head, "I do see it my sweet, I see it very clearly too." I replied as my arm's went up her arms. "It just showed me that no one will ever love someone as much as your real father or mother does." I said which caused Alicia to frown.

"Um, your wrong Salvador. Anthony and his family loved me so much that they healed

all of us will happen. I have this bad feeling that won't go away. Let's hope things run smoothly according to plan." I stated as I took in my surrounding.

Everywhere I looked, Frederic's men were there. They were securing each corner, then I questioned myself what is this feeling I am getting? I shook my thoughts away as I watched Maryanne went down to the dance floor with Eric, she smiled so sweetly as she danced with him.

She was close by Frederic and Zena, Frederic handed Zena to Eric but Varrao took her hand before Eric could grab it. Everyone stood up, I couldn't hear what was going on but it seemed as Zena went along with Varrao's act.

He smiled widely as he placed his hands around her waist. She kept a distances from his body, Frederic was holding in his anger as he danced with Maryanne.

The feeling was getting more and more disturbing, I knew something was about to happen and something big that will break Frederic in piece's.



"Care to dance mio amore." Varrao

Said as he grabbed my hand before Eric did. Eric and Frederic both wanted to fight but I held my hand out. "It's ok, one dance just stay close by please." I said to Eric as he was staring at me not to.

I nodded my head and assured him that I'll be fine, even when I was actually scared but I wanted to prove to this Varrao that I'm not afraid of him. Frederic held Maryanne in his arms and danced closely by us.

Varrao placed his hands around my waist but I held back away from his body. "Very beautiful queen you are Zena, now I know why Frederic

Choose you." He said as we danced together.

I didn't talk back nor looked into his eye's that I felt on me. I continued to dance with him as he swayed away from Frederic's side. "You will break him for me Zena, then you will walk out with me hand in hand. I will watch him break in every way possible." He whispered lowly only I could hear.

I stared into his dark evil eye's that held hatred. "What make you think I will do that?" I questioned as he pulled me against his body. "I have your father and mother locked up. I will kill them if you say yes." He smiled widely as he took in my shock expression.

My heart was beating quickly, I pulled myself back. Away from him, Frederic caught my expression as tears filled my eye's. Varrao pulled me back, "keep dancing love, I still want your answer." He said.

"You're lying, you don't have them. You're bluffing, I know you are." I hissed as his hands digged into my waist painfully. "Oh, but I'm not. Your parents were off on a business trip when I happen to abduct them. They've been locked up for quite a while now." He said while chuckling.

He pulled back, "Say no to your king beautiful or you will be saying bye to your parents. I will personally send their body parts to you, so you can see." He said as he left to sit back in his seat.

Eric came by my side, "What happened, what did he say?" He questioned curiously as he took in my sad expression. Frederic handed

Maryanne over to Eric as he took my hand. "Are you ok? What did he say to you? Why does it seem you want to cry?" He questioned.

I don't think I can take another heartbreak Zena, you are the only one I have left. Don't leave me, please.

I remember Frederic words that stung my heart. My tears, I couldn't hold on to anymore. He pulled me up on the stage, the spotlight was on us as we stood together. Everyone stood up, I looked around the room, my eyes landed on Varrao who had a sick wicked smile on his lips.

What if he truly has my parents? What if he kills them?

Frederic kneeled on one knee as he took out a black velvet box that was in his pocket. Oh god, please no.

He opened the small box that had a ring in it. My tears fell, "Will you be my queen Zena?" He asked.



I was waiting for her answer, she was crying which caused my heart to break. I looked over to Varrao who was staring at Zena intensely. I grabbed her hand and asked once more. "Zena, will you?" I questioned as she shook her head.

She fell to her knees, "I can't, I love you but I can't. He has my parents, he will kill them if I say yes to you. He wants me to walk out with him." She cried as her hands covered her face.

I pulled her head up, "He had them but now they're safe. I promise you Zena, their safe." I said to her as my eye's closed as I remembered what father said.

"What are you doing here father, the crowning is in a couple of hour's. I don't have time for you, I just killed my brother, I don't want to kill you as well." I said to him as I drank and drank to forget.

I was alone with father in the room, "I've come to tell you that Varrao has Zena's parents locked up but I helped them escape. They are back at their home, I have men protecting them until you finishing my son." Father said as he stood before me.

He sighed loudly as he continued to talk, "I hurt you my son but it was to keep Sergio boy safe from Varrao, he promised to kill him if I didn't do what he asked from me. I never meant to take away your Natalie, I am sorry Frederic. This is me apologizing to you, which I know is not enough but I can see you have fallen for Zena and that is something I will never take away from you." Father said.

I stared at him, "Do you forgive my boy?" He asked.

I shook my head, "Never will I ever forgive you for what you done. I have my brother's blood on my hands because of you." I said angrily as I threw the glass against the wall.

He stared at me for the longest time, "Forgive me my boy, if not now then maybe in my afterlife." He said as he pulled the gun out and shot himself.

"Zena, look at me." I whispered as I wiped her tears away. "I promise you that they are safe. Will you be my queen?" I asked once more as everyone's eye's stared at us.

"Yes, I will be your queen Frederic. Yes, yes, yes." She shouted loudly as she wrapped her arms around me. I pulled her away and grabbed her hand. I placed the ring on her hand as Eric brought the crown, I stood up and placed the crown on her head.

Cheers were heard loudly throughout the room. But a gunshot came and landed on Zena's head. I stared at her as she laid on the floor, chaos broke loose as men in every direction moved. I kneeled down and grabbed Zena's body, I couldn't comprehend what was going on around me.

I just held her as her eyes drifted away before she laid lifeless in my arm's.

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