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   Chapter 12 Ambush out of nowhere

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The car ride back to Frederic mansion was quiet, not a word was spoken between us. As if I had done something wrong, or have I? I didn't know, maybe I scared her a bit or maybe she doesn't want anything to do with.

She probably was telling the truth about having a boyfriend, but why would she kiss me? "Don Esposito, we have a problem." Lex stated, bringing me out of my thoughts.

He stared at me through the rear view mirror while I stared back at him, I tried to read his eyes but couldn't. He stared out his side mirror, I took back behind the car and noticed a dark suv.

"How long until we reach the mansion?" I questioned him.

"If you hold on tight, I can make it in fifteen minutes." He said as he gripped the steering wheel.

"What's going o..n.....ahhhhhhhhh", Emma yelled as the car turns around on the road.

"Hurry the f*ck up Lex, there behind us, f*ck!" I shouted as I held Emma down. "Omg, what's happening? Who are these people?" She yells as Lex makes a sharp turn.

"Almost there." Lex yells as a shot came flying across the back window glass. "F*ck!" He cursed loudly.

"Do you have any weapons?" I yell as I held down Emma. "Glove department and under the passenger seat." He stated as he drove like a madman. "Almost there."

"F*ck, the mansion is surrounded by car's. F*ck, f*ck. What should I do?" Lex yells as he continued to drive.

"Run them down, NOW!" I shouted as I ducked down beside Emma.

"Icy blue, I'm scared." She said as she held my hand tightly.

"It's ok bella, I'm here with you. Don't be scared." I said as the car slams into a car.



"They are shooting at Aroldo, ERIC, get the men ready at the gates and block the car from escaping the premises. Block all four corners of the mansion, I told Lex to lure the car here and here, Let's see who dares to target one of mine friends." I stated as I pointed at the map.

"Let shoot some a**hole", Santos says loudly causing Emily to hold him back. She cries after him but he just exited through the doors like a madman.

"Zena, take Emily upstairs. Take everyone upstairs now, don't come out until one of the men you know comes and gets you. Understood?" I tell her as her hands shook.

She held onto me as her eyes plead for me not to go. "I'll be fine, go, please." I said while pushing her up the stairs.

"Frederic, don't go, don't." Maryanne yells. I push Savin by his shirt, "Shoot anyone that comes up those stairs that you do not know." I hissed lowly in his face. He no



"Stop Emily, it's probably not safe out there." Zena said as she held onto my hand. My heart was aching, beating like crazy. I felt something bad was about to happen, "Please Zena. Let go of me. I want to go see if Santos is ok." I said while pulling away.

"The coast is clear but I advise you not to go out there now, it's a bloodbath that your eye's and heart can't handle." Xavier said.

I ignored both of them and went out. My foot stepped out the main door, my eye's cast upon the men on the floor lying in a pool of their own blood. I held my hand over my mouth as I took in the sight before my eye's.

Frederic and the others were standing as Santo walked around the body. "They seem dead to me." He said as he stared at Frederic.

I ran down the stairs, running towards him. My heart was happy to see him alive, but that didn't last for long as the man behind him moved. My eye's widened as I watched him point the gun at Santos, sending a bullet through his back.


"SANTOS", I yelled as I ran to him before anyone else. I laid on my knees, "NO, NO, NOOOOO." I shouted as I watched the blood come gushing out of his chest.

"TAKE HER INSIDE NOW." Frederic yelled as someone pulled me back. "Nooooooooo." I cried out loud. "Let me go, SANTOS." I yelled as I watched his eyes drift towards me before closing them.

"F*CK, HE BLEEDING HEAVILY, SOMEONE HELP." Frederic yelled as he pulled Santos in his arm's. "Hang on my friend, hang on."

I watched as the men carried his body into the mansion. The man who shot Santos was still alive, "Shoot him, shoot him." I yelled as Xavier held me back.

"Somebody shoot him." I yelled.

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