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   Chapter 8 Why do I feel this way...

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"Why do I feel"


"Frederic, " Maryanne whispered.

I was in my room at the time, watching Zena's sleeping form. "Yes!" I firmly said. Her steps came near, until she was standing besides me. "Has she woken up yet?" She questioned as she watched her steady breathing go up and down. "Not yet, she's probably exhausted from last night." I replied.

Maryanne sat on the bed, grabbing Zena's hand, rubbing it gently in her's. The two have grown a strong bond, it's usually Zena who cares for Maryanne. She made her own responsible to look after her, but this time is was Maryanne who was caring for Zena. These two girls have been my first priority to look after, Maryanne was like a little sister to me but Zena... I couldn't understand what I felt for her yet.

Have I truly forgotten Natalie? What did I feel for Zena? It's not like she will be here forever.

"Veena hasn't slept nor ate anything Frederic. You have to do something about her, all she does is cry. Did you really kill her father?" Maryanne said, as she laid her eyes on me.

I let out a raging breath, "I wanted to but Zena asked for me not to. I didn't, for her." I stated. She smiled while lowering her head. "You have feelings for Zena, I know you do. She too has feelings for you."

I stared at her, taking in what Maryanne has just said. Does Zena feel the same for me? I sat back in the chair, watching the two. "Go tell Inga to help the girl, to keep an eye on her as well. I don't want her to be hurting herself. I won't hear the last of it from Zena when she wakes up."

Maryanne stood up, reaching in front of me, she wrapped her arms around me. Giving me a warm hug from the heart, "You're like my big brother

Frederic, thank you for being you. Even if sometimes your scary but I know deep down inside. You're the sweetest person ever."

I didn't return the hug, it wasn't like me to show just anyone how I felt. But these two have taken a hold on my heart without knowing. She unlocks her arms and smiles beautifully. Then walks out of the room, leaving me once more with sleeping Beauty, who was laying on my bed.

Exhausted from not sleeping all night. I walked over to the other side of the bed, slowly climbing on. I tucked myself near her, bringing her body into my arms. I was convinced that I was falling for her, especially after last night's kiss that lingered in my mind throughout the night.

Do not let yourself get attached to her Fredric, by the end of this all. She will be leaving and you'll once more have a broken heart.

My eyes drifted as sleep came over me.



My body felt warm, my arms wrapped around a tight firm pillow that was rather comfortable. I snuggled into the pillow that was calming my heart down. Pulling the pillow tighter into my hold, I realized that it wasn't moving. I didn't want to open my eyes, afraid that the position I was sleeping in, will not be comfortable once again.

An even sound of slow deep breaths was heard and I knew I wasn't alone in the room. I slightly opened my eyes, causing my breath to hitch a bit. I stared at him taking in his features, I knew he was awake. But he didn't open his eyes, "Why did you kill him?" I asked. Ignoring that my body was wrapped around his.

My le

fell as my heart twisted, I didn't know how long I was standing there.

Stupid Zena, stupid. Why did you do that.

The door reopened, his breathing was loud. Pulling me into his arms, ''I can't hold it any longer." He said, placing his lips on mine.

Igniting a desire from within, leaving trials of wanting and need. His kisses were so electrifying, causing goosebumps to appear all over my body. I pulled him down for a longer kiss, and as if I didn't weigh a thing he hosted me upon his glorious body. I wrapped my legs around his waist, giving into him. His kisses were wild mixed with passion, causing me to moan in his mouth.

Pulling me back into the room, he slammed the door shut with his foot. My hands ran through his hair, pulling a bit. Earning a husky groan from him, our lips didn't part for a second, causing me drown in lust. I was losing my mind, my senses along with my heart.

His lips attacked my neck as he placed my back on the bed. I fisted the soft sheets under me while moving left and right. Roaming his hands over my body inch by inch, grabbing and kneading at the right spots made my head spin. "You smell so amazing, " he mumbled into my neck.

Gathering me in his arms, I stared at him as a shiver soared through my body. A tear escaped unintentionally from the corner of my left eye, it wasn't because I was sad. It was because I never felt this way before, I felt as if I was diving into a pool filled with heavenly clouds. His lips curved to the side, making my heart skip a beat.

A loud banging startled the both. He picked me up in his arms as he sat on the bed. I wrapped myself around him, nuzzling my face into his neck.

"Dom, we can't find Zena anywhere." Lex said frighteningly.

He held me even closer to his body if that was even possible. "She's with me." He stated.

A loud breath of relief was heard and I giggled. "Okay, I'll tell Maryanne she's with you. Goodnight." Lex said.

We could hear his footsteps fading away. Frederic pulled my hair back gently, his mouth captured my lips once again before pulling back. "You'll have a lot of hickeys to cover up tomorrow." He said before devouring my lips one more.

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