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   Chapter 7 Killer...

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"Why is he coming?" I shouted loudly at Bishop. "I can't have him come here and scare her, he will know that she is not who I say she is. You know father sees right through one, I can't have him come and ruin everything."

I paced through the room as I rubbed the back of my neck. She will break, she can't handle all this. What if he knows what I'm planning?

"I think you should act as you always do. You two seem very understanding and it seems as if you two are… lovers." Bishop lowly said as he looked at Eric.

"We're not lovers, where did you even get that idea from?" He must have lost his mind to think of such a thing.

"I think you should do as Bishop said, you two do look like lovers Dom." Eric said avoiding my gaze. I shot a glare at both men to shut up before I would kill them both.

"When will he arrive." I questioned Bishop.

"Maybe around dinner time." He replied. I let out a huff of irritation, what is the old man planning?

A knock on the door interrupted our conversation, Eric walked over and opened it. A grinning Maryanne peeked her head out, "Are you finished yet?" The men chuckled as they shook their heads at her. "I don't think it's a good idea little one, but your bickering helped yesterday. Eric take her and keep an eye on her."

He nodded his head and left with a satisfied, grinning Maryanne. Bishop didn't move, so I knew he had something to say. "Just spit it out Bishop." I said looking out the window at Zena, She was in her chair outside sitting as the snow fell down.

"I can't work with Sergio anymore Dom, I know you want to keep an eye on him but I can't stand how he treats Zara. The girl is dying slowly, as we speak." I face him, placing my hands in my pockets.

"I've called Pedro and spoke with him, about taking her when he arrives, he didn't want to, but it was an order. He had no choice but to say yes. Let's just hope she makes it through these two weeks of my brother's fury." There was nothing I could do for her at the moment. All we could do was wait until Zena was crowned.

"You have two more weeks, Bishop, stay with Sergio and keep an eye out for the girl. I don't want him to hurt her to the point of no return." I said placing the trenchcoat on me.

"I'm afraid he already has." Bishop lowly muttered. He sighed loudly before leaving the room.

I grabbed my phone and called Salvador, the bastard didn't call me. What was more important than checking on his friend. "I'm not even going to ask, what's new." He stated in a non caring voice as he answered.

"I'm wounded my friend, I've been shot, and not even a "Wish you die card", you're so generous Gibinshy. How ever did I get so lucky to have you as a friend." I hummed.

The call went silent for a moment. "I like her a lot Frederic, it's not even funny. She's on my mind 24/7, I feel I won't even have the chance to be with her." Salvador said. His words came from his heart, was my friend in love?

"You're alright, yeah?" He asked. Hearing me chuckle then spoke. "Yeah, although I don't think you'll die only by the hands of a woman Frederic, you'll see. She will break your walls down and force you to love her, if you want it or not. Mark my words Dom." He spoke in an assuring tone.

"Care to tell me what's going on and where you've been? Who is the lucky woman." I questioned him.

"La'stat's daughter!" He uttered.

"WHAT, SHE IS ELEVEN YOU IDIOT." I yelled through the phone.

"What, ew no! Not Elena." He sighed loudly before continuing. "Alicia." He said.

Alicia? Wasn't she lost? Did they find her?

"Yes Frederic, they found her." He said answering me.

"When?" I asked

"It's been a couple of months now, remember when I called you about your father and Varrao? It was about that time." He stated.

"So over nine months ago, and you didn't tell me." I said as I looked out the window.

"Just like you didn't tell me about the girls you bought. What's that about Frederic." He asked concerned.

"It's not like that old friend, it was to help her but she came along with the plan. I just hope she doesn't crack under pressure, she's too gentle for all this." I replied.

"Why does it sound as if you care for her Frederic?" He asked.

Maybe because I do, but she will leave when it's all over.

"Of course I care, she and her sister are my responsibility, to protect them until al ofl this is over. I promised her that she will go back home and I intend to keep that promise." I stated firmly.

"Is she pretty?" He questioned.

Mesmerizing to the point you'd get lost.

"Very, now I've called to tell you. I want you and Santos here by next week, the crowning will be held the next following Sunday of your arrival. La'stat's boys are coming as well, and who ever you like will too. Bring Alicia, she can keep Zena company while you're here." I said suddenly.

"WAIT, YOU'RE CROWNING HER QUEEN?" He said in shock.

Here we go...

"Does she know what the crowning means, Frederic?" He asked curiously.

Not yet!

The line went silent again. "She will say no, " I said in a low voice.

"Tell her, Frederic, before someone else does. The poor girl will be married without actually knowing she is getting married. She has the right to know, will it be the same as before?" He muttered.

"NO, " I shouted loudly.

"Okay, I was just asking Frederic. At your place right?" He questioned.

I sighed deeply. "Yes, here."

"So you called to ask if I will be your best man?" He asked chuckling.

"You know your place Salvador, you are the one who will be Dom if anything happens to me. Santos comes next, then Pedro followed by Joseph. Now if you'll excuse me I have to call each and every one of them." I announced.

"Santos has a girl as well, a country girl. Marco visited him a while back and said that he was in deep as well, but the bastard shot her." He stated.

"I fear Santos is not the loving kind, then to think of it, neither were you. Now Pedro with his fuck up attitude will have to deal with a broken girl, but at least he's a man with dignity. All we have to do is find a girl for Joseph, then we'll all be in the same boat." I laughed loudly.

"Pedro, maybe he can love but Joseph, I find it hard to imagine, the man is colder than ice. Anyway, I have to get going, I will see you next week, take care and please, tell her before anyone else does." He said before the line went dead.

I called Santos next, after the third ring a soft voice picks up. "Hello!" A soft accent came from the other side of the line.

Did I not call Santos?

"Is this not Santos' number?" I questioned.

"This is, but he's not here at the moment, he's trying to cook but also setting the kitchen on fire. I asked him not to but he insisted, guess we're having burnt chicken and rice tonight. Care to join?" She asked with a slight laugh.

"What is your name, " I asked as I stared out the window to find Zena looking down on a piece of paper.

What was she reading?

"Emily, how 'bout you Mr.? You sound foreign, from where?" She questioned quickly.

"I am Frederic Demchk, I'm from Russia. Santos works for me." I stated.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'll hand over the phone to him now." She said. Hearing her yell his name out but all I heard him do was curse loudly.

"Watch your language Santos, jesus! You need to calm down, here!" She said annoyed.

"Who is it?" he yelled.

"My god, I told you to let me cook, some date Santos. You know what, just get out and answer your friend Frederic, he's on the phone waiting for you." She said in a rush.

Everything seemed silent.

"What's wrong, aren't you going to answer it." She asked curiously. Pots and pans fell making a loud bang.

"Boss?" His tone filled with question.

"Yes Santos! She sounds very lovely, didn't know that was your cup of tea." I mumbled.

"Yeah, well, neither did I. Mini size Barbie doll." He said chuckling.

"I'm not mini, god created me like this. And if God wanted me like this, then why should I complain. Besides, the best things do come in small packaging." She shouted loudly, that even I heard her.

"Quite feisty might I say too." Santos declared.

"Next week I want you here, bring Emily with you as well. Crowning will be held two weeks from today." I announced.

"Okay, but I don't think doll face will want to come." He stated.

"Hand the phone to her." I ordered.

"Doll face, Frederic wants to speak to you." He said loudly. I knew the bastard was smiling wickedly.

"Yes sir, " her soothing gentle voice spoke.

"I invited Santos to a royal ball, you can say. I would love if you accompanied him as his date. Also, my girlfriend feels a bit lonely here, she has no friends. I would love if you came and kept her company until the ball." I asked politely.

"Um, how long will I'll be staying for?" She questioned.

"Two weeks, Santos along with my other friends have a job to do before the ball, so I need them here before hand." I explained.

"Sure, I'll accompany him as his date." She replied.

"Thank you, do enjoy your dinner." I commented with a chuckle.

"Haha, funny! Guess it's pizza for us, take care Frederic. Bye!" She said. Santos asked for the phone back.

I spoke before he had the chance to. "You hurt her and I will kill you myself Santos. She sounds to innocent for your type, I want your word that you will not harm her." I shouted lowly.

"I-I uhm", he mumbled frightened.

"I know, you shot her but one more stupid move like that and I will have your head. Understood?" I said firmly.


ou. You came unexpectedly." He stated as his eyes pierced through me, grabbing my hand to place a kiss.

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Demchk." I stated firmly. Frederic's arm was wrapped around my waist as his fingers squeezed gently, causing a storm of butterflies erupting in my stomach.

Serve your purpose, no amount of women will ever replace her.

I shook off the feeling as Frederic led his father and me to the dining room that I have never been in before. The table was set up elegantly, captivating my sight as the room was light up with candles all around. "I'll be in the washroom for a moment." His father announced leaving.

Frederic arms were still around my waist, I tried to pull it off but he pulled me into his arms. Facing me towards him, "He is watching us, this is one of his tricks to see if I truly say who you are. Just play along." He whispered, caressing my face with his thumb as his other hand tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

His breathing was a bit out of control but I didn't know why. His thumb still caressed my face gently, I was losing my senses. Swallowing hard, gasping for air. Yet nothing has happened, his lips looked so soft and plump. I wanted to touch them, no, kiss them. As if he read my mind, his head lowered slightly causing my breath to hitch. "Kiss me Zena, " he demanded.

Not waiting for my response. He pulled my body up which caused our lips to connect in a spurting flame of desire. At first, they were soft but then rough, wild and raw.


I was lost in his scent and minty breath. His hands wandered all over my face as if he had to hold on tight, just so I wouldn't pull back. And that is something I didn't think of at the moment, I just wanted more of his kisses. A clearing of someone throat disturbed our moment that I knew would never happen again.

"Sorry to disturb you two, you can continue later on if you'd like, but for now, dinner, so I can get to know more about your queen my boy." Frederic's father remarked.

His icy blue eyes were staring at me intensely as he didn't let go. Calming his raging breath along with mines, I stepped back a bit to still have his hands gripping my waist in place. The heat of embarrassment reached my cheeks as I felt the tip of his arousal slightly touch my core.

My god, help me!

Luckily, Inga came in distracting Robert with a welcome, I took the advantage to pull away, to sit.

Frederic followed quickly taking his place, gulping down the glass filled with wine down his throat. "Aren't they a lovely couple, Inga." Robert complimented while taking his seat as well.

"Yes, they are." She stated placing the roasted lamb in the middle. There were other maids I haven't seen before coming in with the rest of the meals. After the table with filled with a bit of everything, we started to eat. Eric came in with a bottle of wine in his hand along with a sharp knife.

"Greetings Mr. Demchk." He said placing the knife against the tip of the bottle. In three strokes moves, he chipped the top off, causing a foam of bubbles to erupt down his hands and onto the expensive rug. Pouring Robert's empty wine glass first, then Frederic than mine.

"Eric didn't you work with Darren, how did you end up working with my boy." He questioned.

Eric stared at Frederic as if he was getting permission to answer, Frederic nodded his head as he gulped down the second glass of wine for tonight.

"I've only worked for the Dom, I was his eyes and ears at Darren's. You know, his spy." He commented with a hint.

I felt Robert's eyes drift from left to right as he ignored him, nodding his head as he took a bite of his food. His eyes landed on me, casting my eyes down on my plate to avoid him. "Do you not like the food, my dear, " Frederic asked.

I shook my head, "I'm not quite hungry but everything is lovely." I replied in a low tone.

The rest of the evening went well you can say, we were sitting in the elegant living room near the fireplace. My favorite spot in the entire mansion but it was becoming the place I hate the most now. Frederic and his father were speaking in Russian, I understood some words but not all. It was almost midnight and I was growing tired of being here.

I intentionally looked over at both men as they stared at me, not caring for Robert's eyes as much as I did for Frederic. He had more than one glass and he was looking more lost than I ever had seen him. "Well, thank you for a lovely evening my son, it was a pleasure to meet your queen. You seem in love all over again." Robert said as he stood up, but Frederic ordered him to sit back down.

I frowned at his anger, what was going on? A knock on the door distributed the awkwardly moment.

"Come in, " Frederic shouted loudly which caused his father to act nervously. Eric, Savin, and a beaten up Lex came in with a girl and a black disposable bag. The girl was frightened and had bruises all over her arms and face. Eric walked her over to my side as Robert's eyes widened in fear. The girl was shaking in fear as she stood by me, what was going on?

"Hand over Luther to father, Lex, " Frederic spoke as the girl cried loudly beside me. Lex walked over placed the bag in front of Robert, my heart ached for the girl who was sobbing uncontrollably near my feet. Tears fell down my cheeks as I heard her cries, she tried to crawl over but Eric held her in place.

"Next time you threaten Zena, I will personally kill you myself father, but I'm leaving that for Sergio."

Frederic said with much hate. "Take his body and do whatever you please with it."

Robert smiled widely as he stared at his son. "My, my, she is the next queen after all, and here I thought you were planning something." He took the bag and started to walk. "I'll let Varrao know."

He left as Lex and Savin followed him out. I couldn't breathe, I felt my heart stop as I gasp for air. Eric looked at me in concern, I held my chest as if I was motioning for help. "Shit, " he cursed loudly as he came near me. "Are you okay?" He asked but I couldn't breathe. Frederic pulled Eric away as he stood in front of me.

"Zena, breath!" He said but I couldn't, I really couldn't breathe. Lex and Savin came in as they watched Frederic talk but I couldn't hear anything anymore. "Zena, Luther is not dead, I didn't kill him." The words faded as I passed out in his arms.

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