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   Chapter 6 The good and bad..

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"There's a gift Frederic bought for you Zena, along with other things." Maryanne said as she modeled her very lovely gown Frederic bought for here. I was sitting next to the fireplace, taking in the warmth.


It suited her calm but bubbly personality. "Frederic is so sweet Zena. Sometimes, I don't even believe what everyone in the mansion says about him. He's like, the coolest big brother I never had." Maryanne muttered lowly.

He was very gentle and kind, but why does everyone fear him? Is it because of his murderous looks, or his rough, orotund, husky voice that gets to me every time.

Yeah, I was a goner...

"He's a dream, isn't he?" I asked.

Maryanne's ghostly smile took it's place on her lips. "He is, and I think he likes you Zena. Like, really likes you!" She stated with no shame.

I shook my head at her outspoken words. Walking up the stairs and down the hall towards our room, Frederic's men nod their heads. Savin and Lex were our so-called "bodyguards", wherever we go, they are always there, right besides us.

"You two really need to stop that." A nod and smile came from both men.

"You guys are coming with us right?"

Maryanne chirped happily. Of course they were, but the little beauty besides me likes to chat a lot.

"Da Maryanne! Where ever you two go, we go, period! We must protect you from everything and everyone or the Dom will have our heads." Lex stated.

Lex was the only one that spoke while Savin stood still, Savin was mute. There was a terrible incident where someone had cut out his tongue. When I asked if it was Frederic that did so, Lex assured me that it was a man named Varrao. I really hated this name and I didn't even knew who he was, but by the stories I've heard about him, I wanted him dead as well as everyone else.

"Savin, you will be my bodyguard tonight, even if Frederic is with us. I want you to cover for Lex." His hazel eyes lit up. He was younger than Lex, he was supposed to look out for Maryanne but I wanted him to feel more comfortable around me.

"Really Savin, you're going to ditch me like that, just because the Dom's girl said so." Maryanne muttered playfully. We earned a toothy grin from both men and proceeded to walk ahead. Opening the door and entering our room, I gasped.

"Omg, " Maryanne said surprisingly. The room was filled with balloons and flowers. "Awwww, he is just too cute, I tell you."

A blush crept upon my cheeks as I entered further. "Is there anything you would like Zena, " Lex asked. I shook my head, "Happy birthday!" He said closing the door after him.

> ~~~

A couple hours later...

"You look amazing Zena, "

Maryanne said in awe. I placed the earrings and stood to face her. "Isn't it a bit too much", I nervously asked.

"Nope besides we're going to an opera house. We're supposed to look fancy.

The black, laced dress took my breath away, I felt as if I was a princess going to a royal ball instead of an opera house.


"Come on, everyone is waiting for us downstairs, I'm so happy you actually can see how beautiful Moscow is. You've been in this house for so long you've gone pale." I laughed at her statement, which was true. There was this uneasy feeling that was sitting in the bottom of my heart, but I chose to ignore it for the sake of everyone.

Heading out the room and down the stairs, Eric was the first person I saw.

"Happy birthday Zena, you look stunning."

Smiling at him, "Thank you Eric, you don't look so bad yourself." I was looking around for Federic but he was nowhere to be found. "The Dom is waiting for you outside, I want you both to listen very closely. Anyone you don't recognize, don't interact with them." Eric said staring at Maryanne.

"You're a chatterbox that likes to talk with anyone, which you can, but please have Lex, Savin or me with you at all time." he said to Maryanne.

Nodding our heads, we walked after Eric as he led us to the front entrance of the mansion. Inga was waiting for us with Yana and Yury, holding two pairs of mink fur coats in her hands.

"You look stunning my dear, happy birthday and may there be many more to come." I hugged her tightly. "Thank you Inga, you're such a sweetheart."

Handing Yuri the black fur, he placed it around Maryanne's shoulders. "It's a bit cold outside, but this should keep you warm." Inga said placing the white fur coat around my shoulders. "He's been waiting outside for a while now, I think you shouldn't keep him waiting any longer."

"The Dom is waiting Zena, Maryanne you will sit in the passenger seat next to me. Yury and Yana will be with Lex and Savin in the car behind us. Bishop and Jessica will meet us there." Eric commanded.

"Why are you so bossy huh, " Maryanne said loudly. He laughed at her and pulled her hand towards him, "Please stay near us at all time. I am warning you. "She rolled her eyes as she followed him.

I was the last to exit the mansion, "You have fun, my dear", Inga chimed.

The cold breeze hit my bare legs as I walked down the steps. Not looking to where I was going, I hit a wall... Frederic Demchk chest's wall that is, I looked up as his deep blue ocean eyes pierced through mine. "Your nose is getting red, " he joked.

"Yeah, well Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is my cousin. So it runs in the family." I said with a smirk.

"Shall we, " he cheerfully said. Walking a few steps to where the car was parked, Eric opened the back seat door. I slid in and the warmth of the car's heater gratefully greeted me. I took off the fur coat as it was bothering me in my sitting position. Frederic came in from the other side and shut the door, he was about to say something but his eyes caught the tips of my fingers pulling the dress down a bit. I felt a little insecure at how I looked, I wonder if he thinks I'm pretty... "It's a lovely dress, thank you for all the gifts." I grinned.

"You look elegantly captivating, Eric, drive or we'll be late." He stated while avoiding my gaze. I want him to look at me, interact in a conversation with me. But no! He just stared through the tinted windows at all times. I was so upset, I didn't know what for. I downcasted my attention to the hem of the dress and playfully examined the details.

I didn't know why I felt he was staring at me from the corner of his eyes. I crossed my legs which wasn't a good idea, the dressed showed much more skin than before. I uncrossed my legs and itched unintentionally my upper thigh that was facing Frederic. Eric raised a tinted window betwee

to know. I'm so happy you're awake, for a moment you kind of scared me." She cried, placing a kiss on my face.

She walked out and gently closed the door behind her. Zena's body grew closer to mine, her hand was still in mine. Her soft cheek caressed my arm, "Now take care of her." The ghostly voice whispers in my head.

> ~~~

A week later......


I was getting used to Zena sleeping besides me, actually, I couldn't sleep if she wasn't near me. After the third day, she slept in her room. I waited all night for her to come but she never did.

Eric and Lex along with Bishop came and spoke to me about what had happened and how it all did happen. It took them three days to find out was behind the ambush and it was no other than Varrao of course, but I sent a message that was viewed to the entire world. The two men met their fate by being hung upside down as they were cut open, they're organ intestines was splattered on the busiest street of Moscow. With a sign written in big & bold letters with blood, "Compliments of the Dom and his Queen."

Two days ago I told Zena there will be a ritual in crowning her the Dom's queen in front of all, which she wasn't excited for. I missed her being near me, I was exhausted and tired, but couldn't sleep. I needed to see her at least, I rested my eyes a bit as I felt a pain in my lower abdomen. The wound was healing but I wasn't giving it time to heal properly. The door opened gently and her voice spoke softly, "Frederic."

I pretended to be asleep. The door closed and I felt a sadness in my heart but that all changed as I heard her footsteps approaching me. Her hand ghostly skimmed my face in gently lightweight touches. My body relaxed, I wanted to open my eyes but also wanted to see what else she'd do. "I know you're awake Frederic, open your eyes." But I didn't. I felt her face inches away from mines, her other hand touched my lips. I held down the shiver that took over my body. She blew light air from her lips on my face, "get up silly, I know you're awake." I couldn't hold in the smirk that was forming.

I opened my eyes to see her shaking her head. "How did you know I was awake." She sat besides me on the bed, pulling her legs up and crossing one on top of the other. "Your face does this twitching thing and besides, you don't sleep this early."

I sat up properly and faced the beauty before me. "Why have you been ignoring me, " I asked curiously. She inhaled a deep breath and started to speak. "What does this crowning thing mean, like, is it necessary? Everyone already knows I'm "the Dom's girl", I just don't know why the party thing is necessary. Won't there be people here trying to kill you in the midst of this event?" Her eyes held fear.

Was is because of me?

"It's to show that you are truly what I say you are. People won't think twice in thinking about hurting you once they see that it's real. Everyone will be unarmed, I promise you that." I said assuring her.

"That Varrao guy, will he be here as well?" She said in fear. Something was off, I felt it.

"Is there something wrong Zena, do you not trust me?"

"I do, it's just, I've meant to tell you but I wanted to make sure you were healing." She was avoiding my gaze.

"Zena, " she looked at me and exhaled a breath she was holding back. Now I knew something was wrong.

"When you were hurt, people, lots of people called to send their getting? well wishes. It would be Bishop or Eric answering them, one time they were in the shed with the men doing whatever they did and Inga answered. Someone asked to speak with me, so she handed the call over. At first he was wishing you'd get well then asked if I was really the Dom's girl. I said yes, but he started to speak in a different tone." She paused.

"What did he say, what was his name?" I said holding in my anger.

"He said to tell you, you will fail in protecting me as you failed to protect your wife. The outcome will be more devastating than the one you inquired before. That he will make you watch as they rape me then kill me before your eyes." She said frighteningly. Her hands were shaking as she wiped her tears away.

I pulled her into my embrace and held her tightly. "I will not let anyone harm you as long as I live Zena." Her cries became more and more hurtful to my ears to hear.

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