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   Chapter 5 Don't fear me..

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Days went by and I seemed to fade away. My body grew weaker and weaker, until I physically gave up. His sweet presence was always near me, trying to comfort me. But I didn't want that, I wanted to be free. I wanted my freedom.

He would stay by my side at all times. Feeding me as if it was his responsibility to keep me alive.If I refused, then Antoin would come and place a IV in my arm. But food was mostly consumed in my body at a slow and steady pace.

The last time I was weighed, it was 97 pounds and now I stand at 104. Slow and steady as Antoin said, but at moments like this I wouldn't or couldn't keep the food down. It wasn't as if I did it on purpose but as if my body had a mind of it's own. And as always Frederic would take it out on Antoin for not making me feel well faster. If I wasn't monitored by Maryanne or Inga, then Frederic would be there.

How can someone so sweet as Fredric be called a beast, he was anything but that. The warmth that he passed on to me, made me feel as if I was at home. I grew very attached to him as he cared for me the following weeks after.

Another month had passed and another check up was due. Antoin was a very funny person, he spoke little when Frederic was near, but a lot when he wasn't. I finally found out Jessica was doing well with Bishop, Frederic let's me speak with her ever since I passed out.

He was trying really hard to make me feel better but I was just home sick. I felt in the depths of my soul that I wasn't ever going to leave. Tears never seemed to finish streaming, I felt as I was an open faucet that someone forgot to turn off.

If I wasn't in my room, I would be in the kitchen with Inga or in the backyard sitting on the wooden chair that I claimed as my own.

The chilling fall breeze crept under the oversized sweater that I was wearing at that moment while staring at the woods. I felt as if the wind was dancing with the leaves, dancing a special dance, just made for me.

''Madam, the Dom would like to know if you need anything." Inga said as she sat next to me, I smiled and shook my head.

Inga was around Maggie's age, her soft blue eyes and gray hair reminded me so much of her. Her sweetheart and tender touch showed that she cared for me as well. Inga was calm and wise, she had three children that she brought with her since she's been here. Anastasia, Yana and Yury.

Anastasia was older than me by three years. She helps her mother when she comes here but I think it's for other reasons as well. Like maybe a tall, scary, sweet man named Eric. Yana and Yuri were twins, a boy and girl at the age of sixteen. I was glad they also came, Maryanne was getting lonely and tired of me at the same time. As she says, I was boring.

''Tell him to come and ask me himself. I know he's standing besides the door." I said.

I looked over at Inga, to see her wide smile.

His footsteps came near and Inga stood up. ''I'll make something warm for the both of you to drink." She said leaving.

He sat down beside me. ''Have you eaten today?''


He laughed, ''I see Eric and the boys are teaching you Russian.''

''Mozhet byt, " or maybe not. It's only a couple of words I hear you or one of the guys say. Like yes, no, hi, bye, goodnight. You know, small words. I probably pronounced them wrong too.'' I said facing him.

"Actually, you're quite good. You're a fast learner, as well as Maryanne. She asked if Eric could take her out with Yana and Yuri to the Bolshoi Theatre to attend the ballet show tonight. Would you like to go as well?" He asked softly.

Three months being here and we were allowed to roam freely inside in and outside the mansion, but only with Eric and a couple of his men. Being sick has held me back but I insisted that Maryanne would go out and would explore Russia's beauty.

''She's got a hold on you, whatever she wants you grant her. Thank you for being sweet Frederic, for trying to make this easier for her and me.''

He was truly making my heart melt from his kindness.

''She's young and careless, but also sweet. She's a child and she deserves it, as well as you.''

Frederic knew about Maryanne and her problems with Matthew. Her mother's boyfriend, he asked if I knew where he lived but I didn't tell him. I knew he wanted to hurt him, actually I wanted him to, but I couldn't bare the thought that I had a hand on his killing. So I told him that I'll tell him, but only if he can put him in jail for a long time. He wasn't happy but eventually gave in to my idea. He had one of his men wait until Maryanne's mother was away from him. He video taped him in buying and selling drugs then sent it to the police. After they saw the tape, he was arrested and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Fifteen kilogram of heroin was found in his apartment that no one knew about. But I knew where it came from, I was happy that he was locked up and hoped that he gets raped there as well.

''Why are you sad Zena, is something bothering you?" He asked as he stared into my soul. I smiled weakly and shook my head.

"I'm just a bit homesick that's all. I know what you'll say, that the time isn't right and that I should just trust you and I do, but I just miss them. I wonder if they've forgotten me." I said sadly.

''Then I always wonder what if you weren't how you were. How would Maryanne and I would have ended up, would we even still be alive. Sometimes I think that all this was meant to happen and I'm just waiting for something big to unfold. If it's sadness you see, then it is. I miss my family, my home, miss my old life where I never would've thought that something like this would ever happen to me. I wonder, when this is all over, would it all be the same again.''

His eyes held so much sadness as well.

''Come on old man, how about you tell me why you're sad all the time.'' I said with a ghostly smile.

Inga came and placed the elegant silver tray between Frederic and me and left. Two large mugs of hot cocoa were topped with mocha whipped cream and cinnamon. A smile appeared on my face as I stared at the mug. ''I liked it once and now you have them make it for me everyday."

''If it gets you to eat, then yes. I'm guilty! And I'm not old, thirty isn't old, is it?''

I grabbed the mug and sipped from the cocoa. It felt like heaven in a cup. ''I think that's pretty old, I should probably get you a cane for your next birthday.'' I said giggled.

He frowned his face which caused me to giggle some more. The conversation went silent but not in a bad way. It was a silent moment that needed to come, it's relaxing to sit with a person without feeling awkward and Frederic passed that line of awkwardness.

''Happy birthday Zena!" He said which caused me to cry. I took small sips of the cocoa and cried even more. His hands reached my cheeks and wiped away the tears that were falling uncontrollably. He pulled two gifts from his inner jacket's pocket and handed them to me. I bit my lower lip as my heart started to hammer loudly in my chest.

He wiped my tears again as well as the tip of my nose. ''Mocha cream and snot, nice combination." He said laughing. ''I'm sure they haven't forgotten you, you are someone who can't be forgotten. For your age, I can tell that you have your mind-set right. You'll be home and forget this ever happened, but for the time being, I want you to be at ease. I hope you like the gifts I got you.''

He pulled one of the gifts and opened it for me. A beautiful rose gold bracelet with a flower in the middle, was in a black velvet case. It was so elegant and delicate, he grabbed my hand and placed it on me.

''I was thinking long and hard about what to give you. Before you say that I shouldn't have, let me just say. That it remin

ded me of you, how soft and beautiful it was. Simple yet eye-catching, but I know you'll love your other gift much more than this.''

I couldn't say a word, he's probably the sweetest person I've ever met in my entire life, due to the circumstances. He still managed to make me fall for him everyday.

All the men feared him, they would tell me things about him. How he was a beast inside and outside, never would anyone in the right mind dare to have thought this "so-called beast", could be as caring and gentle as he is. I would denied what they said because all I saw was this person in front of me now.

''Thank you, '' I said, admiring the bracelet.

I looked at the other gift and held it, ''What is this then?''

''Open it, '' he said with a smile.

I opened the box and there it was, a phone and a calling card. I looked at him in confusion. ''You can call your family to check on them, but only for a couple of minutes. It's the best I can do Zena, I know you want more but I promi-''

I cutted him off with a hug. ''Oh Frederic, thank you, thank you, thank you.'' I said in a rush while kissing his cheek. I was to close, very close. His body was stiff and I felt I had done something wrong. ''I'm sorry!" I said removing my hands from around his neck and pulled away.

So much for passing the awkward stage.

''Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

''No, you're fine.'' He stared at the ground beneath his feet as if it was more interesting than looking at me. He ran his hand through his hair and looked at me.

''The card is only for five minutes. You can talk for that long but I have to take the phone away from you. I promise you next time you can talk longer, the only thing I'm worried about is, what will you tell them?''

What will I tell them? Will I tell them where I am? Or what happened? How will I do this? So many questions ran through my mind, I wanted to call just to hear their voices but then what?

I took the phone in my hand and held it. It wasn't an expensive kind, it was a small black phone that probably couldn't be traced. I looked up to see Frederic staring at me intensely. ''You shouldn't have given me hope.'' I said.

He sighed loudly and took the phone, dialing the card number and then entering a couple more numbers after. He pressed the speaker on and the ringing came through. I felt my heart beating quickly, will they answer? After the second ring someone picked up.

''Cargill residence, Maggie speaking how may I help you.''

Tears fell and my body shook, I clapped my hand against my mouth so I wouldn't scream. ''This is Eric, I was wondering if there's any news about Zena, you can tell me.'' Frederic said which caused me to look at him weirdly.

''Oh Eric, thank you for calling again. I thought you would never call. No my child, but the last letter she sent was to my address, thanks to you. She is very home sick as she wrote to me and apologized so many times for leaving and making us worried about her. Her parents are happy knowing she's safe but don't know why she ran away with her friend. If you can give me an address to tell her that we're fine and that we love her dearly, I would appreciate it dear. You are my angel Eric, thanks to you we know she's safe and sound. How is she, do you see her?" She asked him and I grew even more confused.

What was going on?

''Actually, I've talked to her and told her that she needs to talk to you. It would make her feel better but she's afraid that you don't love her and have forgotten about her.'' Frederic said while looking at me.

''Oh dear, if you see her. Tell her we love her no matter what, I'm just surprised she didn't tell me that she was depressed and needed to be away. But no matter what, I will always love her, she is my child that I never had. Please tell her to continue to write to us and when she's ready to come back home, that we will be waiting for her. Tell her I would love to hear her voice again.''

Frederic spoke with his eyes, letting me know if I wanted to speak with her, I could do so now. ''You have one minute remaining for this call.'' The operator said.

''Maggie, I will let her know and I promise that you will hear her voice soon. The call will end soon, take care and don't worry, Zena is fine, I will make sure she is.''

''Thank you Eric, thank you so much. Bless your soul and heart. Bye my dear.'' Maggie said ending the call.

I didn't know what was going on, but I knew what I wanted to do. I pulled him close to me and hugged him tightly. "You're full of surprises." I said not letting him go. ''Thank you!"

I pulled back and stared at him. ''Next time you will talk with them freely. I didn't know how to tell you but I'm glad I did it this way. The smile on your face says it all, Zena, happy birthday.''

''So you've been writing to them since when?" I asked

''Since a week after you came here. I tried to make it seem as if you ran away and that you had problems as much as possible. I didn't know what they were thinking so I called them and said I was a friend of your's, helping you. Your father wasn't happy, he wanted to know where you were and why but I told them that it wasn't my place to tell them. Then Maggie came on the phone and thanked me for letting them know that you were alright. I would let one of my men give the mailman a letter, then he would drop it off at your house. I'm sorry for not telling you, I just didn't know how, I can tell you're very close to Maggie, for a second I thought she was your mother but found out she was you nanny that basically raised you. Your parents were always away, so she was the only one who was there for you. I also found out that you lived a lavish lifestyle as well, but wasn't happy.''

''What else do you know about me, '' I asked folding my arms.

''Not enough but I know you're a very interesting person with a good heart. And I'm sorry for ruining your life, but I promise you, as soon as I'm finished. You'll be free and leave this place forever, just try not to forget about us after you leave...'' He said standing up. He held out his hand which I gladly took.

''Now, would you like to go see the ballet show tonight, or will you stay locked up in your room as always.''

''Will you come, '' I asked full of hope.

''If I say yes, will you go?'' He questioned.

I nodded my head and smiled. ''Then off to see people in tight clothing dance.'' He said which caused me to laugh loudly.

''Is it safe to leave, you won't have people trying to kill you, right? Maybe we should stay." I said frightened.

I didn't want anyone hurting him or any of us. He squeezed my hand gently. ''Everything will be fine, besides, we will be in a private balcony on the top floor. I'll keep you and Maryanne safe.''

We entered the kitchen and everyone stood up. I really hated it when they did that, but it was out of respect for Frederic and for me as I'm known to be the ''Dom's girl''.

Maryanne was sitting with Yana and Eric at the kitchen table. ''Frederic, tell Eric that I don't have to study tonight. I just want to enjoy the show, but he's being a butt and said it's a school night.'' Maryanne whined.

Frederic brought teachers for Maryanne so she wouldn't get behind on her school work. Every day was school from five in the evening til nine. Five days were regular English school and two days were a Russian course that she wanted to learn. She complained in the beginning, saying that this isn't how kidnappers do stuff, but Frederic made her realize that it was only temporary and she will be going home soon.

Frederic gave Eric a warning look. ''Don't listen to him, you're going, We're all going.''

''You're in for a surprise Zena.'' She smiled widely, then winked at me.

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