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   Chapter 4 Missing

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''Police are investigating the case of two missing teenagers. Both seventeen-year-old Zena Cargill and Jessica Thomas went missing last month. A police officer found one of the girl's vehicle abandoned, only a few minutes away from her home. One of the girl's friends said that they were heading to a party, but never made it. The other girl's vehicle was found behind the Thomas residence, this isn't the only case of missing girls that have been reported in the last month. Here's our reporter Vanessa Canton who will tell? more about this horrible incident.''

''Did they run away? Were they abducted? How many more young teenage girls will be in the same position as Zena and Jessica? At this very moment, the car breaks down, and at this very more on the two seventeen-year-old girls that vanished into thin air. Officer Michael Hender was the first to arrive on the scene.''

''I was on my nightly routine when I spotted a car abandoned on the side of the road. I stepped out to see if anyone was in need of help but no one was in the vehicle. Heavy rain was pouring down, so I headed back to the car to report it but then heard a phone ringing not far ahead. I followed the sound to find two phones in perfect condition, ringing nonstop. So I called it in.'' Said Michael Hender.

''Both families are devastated and refuse to talk with anyone but police officials. We managed to get a statement and here is what they had to say. ''We just want our babies back home, please, if anyone has any information, please, please call the police.''

''Officers, family, and friends are still shocked because of what happened to the young girls. The search is still ongoing, but no evidence being recovered. Such a tragic case, now, if anyone has any information. You are advised to call your local police station, our thoughts and prayers go out to both families. Back to you in the studio, Ronnie.''

> ~~~


It's been over a month since we were kidnapped. Maryanne and I have been treated as guests, but I didn't know how Jessica or Zara was doing.

Frederic was true to his word. We roamed the mansion freely and were treated nicely, to the point I had people opening doors for me and bowing their head as if I was the fucking queen. At first, we didn't dare to leave the room in fear that he was lying, but after the fourth day. Frederic came and assured us that no one would harm us, and I believed him. After two weeks, I asked him again if I could call my parents but he said, ''the time is not right, t but soon you'll call your family.''

I didn't know why fate brought me here. I would cry every night asking God, why me, why? But I wouldn't get an answer. Then I'd remember all the missing children in newspapers or on milk cartons that said ''have you seen me, '' I would take a look then throw it away. The irony of someone seeing my face on a paper that said the same thing. I knew they would take a look then go on with their lives, just as I did. Never would I thought in a million years that it would be me in the same position.

I sighed, as I sat with Maryanne in the backyard. It was big and just a few feet away from the woods, acres upon acres. I noticed it was big from our bedroom window, we could get lost if we ever tried to escape, I was planning on running away but I needed them to think that I wouldn't do anything and that I trusted Frederic. The strangest thing is, I did believe him but I wasn't going to wait for him to choose the ''the right time''.

''Here's your tea and hot cocoa girls, " Eric said as he placed them down on the table between us. Maryanne grabbed her hot cocoa and took a sip. She was enjoying her stay as if it was a vacation but the poor thing has been through a lot and if I was in her position, I wouldn't want to go back to a person that rapes me as well. I closed my eyes and started to think, what if we actually did go back home, what will happen to Maryanne? Maybe I should take her with me or maybe I should send her off to her grandparents.

What are you thinking about Zena, get out of this mess then everything will figure itself out.

''Zena, you've lost a lot of weight and the boss is concerned about it. Are you not feeling well? Do you want a doctor to check on you?'' Eric said as he sat down next to Maryanne.

Eric has been nice to us ever seen Frederic gave him orders not to harm us, but I feel it's just an act to gain our trust. ''I want to go home!" I said as I stared at the cup of tea. Actually, that's all I ever say, I was starving myself, I refused to eat and give in to them. I know they'll hurt us but why haven't they yet, I questioned myself every day.

''Zena, the Dom said he will send you back home. Just not now, you have to trust him. He never breaks his word and I know he gave you his. Are you in any pain? The Dom will have my head if you're hurt Zena, do you want him to kill me?'' Eric said but I ignored him.

I hated how everyone treated me so nicely, are they trying to make me go crazy?'' You fucking kidnapped me and my friends, how am I supposed to think you won't harm me or my friends? Why don't you just kill me already.'' I yelled crying.

My stomach was in pain, my head was pounding like crazy. I felt like I wanted to vomit but I had nothing to me. I grabbed my waist while putting pressure on my stomach, Eric cursed loudly.

''Fuck, how much did you weigh before you came here Zena'', he asked while calling someone on his phone. I didn't answer him, I just wanted to die.

Maryanne came to my side and whispered. ''Why don't you believe them, I do. Why are you trying to hurt yourself? Please...if anything happens to you then I'll be all alone. You can't leave me. You have to believe them, we'll go home. You'll see!''

God, you're still a baby that doesn't know shit about what these people really do. ''What does Dom mean Maryanne?'' I asked her. Only to have Eric stare at me intensely. She frowned and thought really hard.

''Boss, I guess, '' she said raising her shoulders.

''Why do they have guns, why did they kidnap all those girls. Huh? Tell me, do you actually think after he brought us for 2 million dollars. That he will send us off home without repaying him.'' I yelled in her face. ''I don't know if Jessica is alive or dead, and what a

bout Zara or the other girls.'' I pulled my knees in closer and cried really hard. ''I just want to go home.''

I felt nauseous and my head was spinning. Green and black spots started to appear, I felt dizzy, I felt my ears popping loudly. Then I felt like I wanted to sleep, I sat back down on the chair and gave in to the cold air that washed over my body.

''Zena, are you OK?" Maryanne said but I felt her voice fading away. She touched my face gently. ''Omg, she's freezing! Eric do something!''

''Fuck, I need someone to tell Antoin to come as soon as possible, '' Eric ordered the men who were surrounding the premises. I just wanted to sleep. ''Zena don't sleep, don't...''

> ~~~


''How is she? And why isn't she waking up?'' Maryanne said with a concern while sitting beside Zena in bed.

''She's just weak and dehydrated. This is the second intravenous therapy I gave her, she needs a lot until she's able to eat on her own. When was the last time she ate anything Maryanne? Do you recall seeing her eat?" Antoin questioned her.

She turned her head away.

''Maryanne, how long has she been starving herself?" I asked loudly which caused her to back away in fear.

''Maryanne, look at her body. She's practically skin on bones, I would say maybe about 100 pounds or even less. And for her height that's really bad, she could damage her internal organs and much more. Her skin is pale yellow if you want us to help her. You have to let me know what she does from now on.'' I said trying to make her understand.

She nods her head and I pay attention closely to her body as well. ''Are you eating or are you starving yourself as well?''

''No, I eat! Just...Zena hasn't. She's always up and cries a lot, I try to comfort her but she tells me she's fine.'' She said while holding her hand.

''Antoin, will she be okay?'' I look at him, but he avoids me.

''She needs to be watched over, someone needs to make sure she eats and stays hydrated. Her body is really weak and I don't think she'll make it if she continues like this.'' He said.

''Eric, call Inga to come and stay with the girls from now on. Tell her she'll be staying for a while also until I figure out everything.'' I said.

''Is there anything else you want from me, Dom?'' Antoin asked. I shook my head and he left. ''Maryanne, go with Eric, I'll stay with Zena for a while.'' She obeyed and left with Eric.

Nighttime has fallen and she hasn't woken up yet. Why did I worry about her, it wasn't I who brought her here. I just wanted to save her from Sergio, he would have used and abused her. I pushed the chair near her, her hand was laying there. I wanted to hold on to it and assure her, that no harm would come her way but I still think she doesn't believe me.

''If only you knew Zena, you would have called me a madman. I hope you can hear me, I promised you. No harm will come your way, if it was up to me, you would be on the first plane back home.'' I pulled the chair even closer.

''They will come after you and Maryanne if I let you go now, everyone knows about you two. There are cruel men that will hurt you, they think I've forgotten about my Natalie and that you have replaced her. In their eyes, you are my weakness, but little do they know. I could send you back home now, but then they'll take you and use you against me. I don't want you to get hurt, you've done nothing wrong. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, I thought I was doing you both a favor in saving you from my brother but now, all eyes are on you. I need time to get rid of them before I send you back home. I promise you that." I sighed and grabbed her hand.

''I wish you could hear me.''

I brushed my hand gently above hers. As she did the same. I looked up to see her awake with tears in her eyes.

I stared at her hazel blue eyes that were in so much pain.

What has gotten into me? Why do I feel I'm responsible for her pain? I didn't do anything to her.

''I believe you, I just...I miss my family.'' She said as tears rolled down her pale cheeks.

I pulled my hand away. ''They know about you two, words get out in public quickly about someone like me. I'm only trying to protect you two, all I ask is for time. Just a little time, until I get these people out of the way. Then you can go and live your life as you planned.'' She nodded her head and smiled weakly.

''I'm sorry for all this but it doesn't have to come to the point for you to harm yourself. I know it's hard but all I ask is time, I don't control time, Zena.''

She looks into my eyes as if she was trying to figure me out. I felt her eyes stare into my soul.

''May I ask what is it that you do?" She asked.

''I think you know very well what I do, Zena, you're a smart girl.''

''I want to hear it from you, in your own words." She said.

''I was born into this lifestyle to become a ruler in a cruel world. I never wanted to be a part of this, but once you're in it, there's no way out but death. I am not the man who I wanted to be, I was placed on the throne and was given rules to obey. Once I started making some changes, they wanted me out. Now I'm fighting for my life. I am on the throne leading all, but all want me dead. They took away the most loved person in my life and I won't stop until I kill each and every one of them. They turned me into a beast of their own will but now the beast is unleashed with a fury that can't be tamed."

''That didn't answer my question, Frederic. What is this throne you speak about?'' She said.

''The throne of being the Dom of all. The power of being the very top. The Dom of the mafia king.''

Her eyes screamed for help. She seemed very scared.

''Are you afraid of me now Zena? Does the beast scare you?'' I asked looking into her eyes.

''The truth, maybe I was when I met you. But now I'm not! For how long will I stay, I long will it take you to get these people out of the way.''

''That, I don't know, you have to be patient with me. Until I see and know that it's safe for you to leave, then you can go. The problem is...they think y- you…are-'' I stared at her for the longest time.

''I am what?'' She asks in confusion.

''That you are the Dom's queen, '' I replied as my eyes pierced through her's.

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