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   Chapter 3 Beastly

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''Let me out, let me out, '' I banged against the door.

''I want to go home, please!" I cried to myself.

Wheres home, Maryanne? Back with your stepfather that wants to rape you? Or to the mom that's always high on drugs?

God, why me? Why don't you just kill me and get it over with? I can't take it anymore.

My body gave up, I couldn't fight anymore. If only I stayed at my friend's house, and never took that stupid shortcut. I wouldn't have been here.

Why did you leave me, daddy?

I got on my knees and banged on the door harder than before. ''Please, please, I beg you to let me go, " I yelled.

The doorknob wiggled a bit and I backed away in fear. ''I wish... I was dead. I wish I was dead. I wish…I-''

''Maryanne, '' Zena spoke to me.

I raised my head to see if it was her, my god. Was she okay? I got up and ran to her.

''My god, Zena!" I cried into her arms. ''I thought he was going to hurt you. I thought I'd never see you again, please don't leave me please-''

She pulled me into her arms and hugged me tightly. ''Shhh, " she comforted me. "it's okay, breath Maryanne breath.'' She said, calming me down.

She walked over and pulled me onto the oversized bed. ''What happened, did he hurt you? He's going to kill us and rape us. He looks like a monster!" I said as Zena sighed, hearing my words.

''Well, that ''monster'', is our only hope if we don't want to get hurt.'' She said, which caused me to frown.

''Wh-what do you m-mean?'' I asked, trying to control my cries.

''He said that he wouldn't hurt us. He had his ''reasons'', for buying us, and we should thank him. If it wasn't for him, we would have been raped by now. He also said that he will take us back home, but not now.''

''Then when? And why can't we go now?'' I asked in confusion, I didn't understand Zena.

''I don't know Maryanne, I don't know if we should even trust him, but I have this feeling he isn't lying. I think we shouldn't make him mad, you saw what he did to that Darren guy. Let's play his game, and once we have the opportunity. We run! I don't plan on staying here with him.'' Zena said while pulling her knees up and resting her chin on them.

''He will not hurt us?'' I asked again.

She looked at me with confusion in her eyes: ''He said he wouldn't. He even said that we can walk around the house freely until he sends us back. I asked if I could call my family but he said no.''

''Do you have a family Zena?" I asked wanting to know.

''Yeah! I have a mom and dad but they're never there for me. Then there's Maggie, she's my everything. She's the one who raised me, I miss her more than I miss my parents. She's probably worried sick about me." She said as tears fell down her face.

''What about you Maryanne? Your family must be going crazy by now.''

''My daddy died when I was 9 in a car accident. My mum fell into a depression after his death, she forgot all about my brother and me. It was hard to accept that he was gone. She managed to get on her feet again, but it was too late. She had financial problems a year later. She lost the house, the car and her job, everything was a mess. So she decided that we should go live with my grandparents, and so we did. After that mum started to date this guy named Matthew, he was a....he wasn't very nice. He was a devil in disguise who was loved by everyone. He would only show me his true self." I said crying, as I remembered what he would do to me.

Zena moved beside me and wrapped her arms around me. ''I'm so sorry.''

''He got mum addicted to drugs and alcohol. I would try to tell her about Matthew but she wouldn't believe me, she thought I was making it up. My grandparents had enough of her so they took my brother and me away from her, but I refused. I told grandma that, I couldn't leave mum all alone. But that Ellie should stay with them, it would be much safer for him.''

> ~~


My heart was breaking apart: ''You're a strong girl, for your age, Maryanne. But if you see a fire pit that's out of control, would you go jump in it?''

Her red eyes stared at me: ''No!" She answered.

''You should have stayed with your grandparents. It was safer for you too, but I understand. You didn't want to leave your mum alone, but you need to understand that your mum is not your responsibility, but it's hers to care for you. You're fourteen, Maryanne, you're still a baby growing. You shouldn't have been hurt...'' I pulled her near me. ''Did he...''

She buried her face in my lap and cried loudly. She kept crying and crying until sleep took over her.

My eyes grew heavy as I drifted off to sleep as well.

> ~~~


''What should I do boss?"? Eric asked, as we watched and listened to the girls on the screen.

I hid cameras in each room. ''I need information about both girls. I need you to follow the news about any missing girls and report to me. I need to find this Matthew guy and kill him.''

''And what if they try to escape?" Eric said.

''They can't go far, the house is surrounded by acres of wood. If they do manage to, then help them out without anyone knowing. But until then, keep an eye out, I don't want Sergio getting his hands on them.''

''Is she as gentle as your Natalie?" Eric said, which I ignored.

''No one is like my Natalie.''

Eric leaves the room and I sit there, watching the girls sleep. Why did you bring them into your world, Frederic? I laid back on the chair and closed my eyes, I felt and smelled the sweet essence of my love. ''Frederic, help them, Please!" Her voice rang in my ears.

I opened my eyes quickly and stood up. ''Natalie, '' I whispered.

Closing my eyes and rubbing my face harshly, I walk over to my bed. You're going crazy Frederic, Natalie is gone. They took her away from you.

Stripping out of my clothes, I laid in bed. I needed to rest, lying on the bed and taking the pillow into my hands. I inhaled the scent that was fading away: ''I miss you so much.''

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but I felt her here. I kept my eyes closed for the longest time. I felt sleep taking over, which I gladly gave into. But not before hearing her one last time. ''Help them!''

> ~~~


Why is she like this?

What do you expect, Bishop, she's been kidnapped. Do you really expect her to be happy and fall for you?

My phone rings and I pick up. ''Yes sir!" I said to Frederic.

''Don't harm the girl or I'll kill you!" he said in all seriousness.

''Yes sir, I won't sir.''

The line died. I stared at Jessica as she stared into nothingness. ''Jessica?'' Her eyes showed no life.

She stared at the gun that was on my lap. I took it from behind my back, not to scare her, but because it was bothering me. I placed it next to me on the seat. The car drove to my condo, it was taking longer due to traffic and a few stops. ''Jessica, please say something.''

"I want to go home.''

''Okay, '' I said, which I didn't know why I said that. I saw her face light up, but seconds later, she frowned. ''You're just saying that so you can gain my trust." She said as her eyes moved from the gun to me and back to the gun.

Don't even think about it, Jessica.

I went to grab the gun but she started to cry. ''Don't kill me please!" She yelled.

I pulled my hand away from the gun and sat next to her. ''Jessica, I won't hurt you. I know you hate me now and I don't blame you.'' I wrapped my arms her, She gave in, too easily, Why?

She's afraid of you Bishop, of course, she'll give in easily.

''Jessica?'' She pulled away from me. Her eyes looked so sad. ''I'm sorry!" She whispered.

Sorry for what?

She pushed me back so quickly, one moment she was next to me, the next she's holding the gun pointed at me.


''Give me the gun Jessica.'' She unlocked the safety and placed her hand on the trigger.

''Don't move or I'll FUCKING shoot you for real. Stop the car now!" She yelled at the driver.

''You stop the car, and I'll kill you. Keep driving, she won't do shit!" I said to the driver.

She had a look of fury and anger on her face. Not bad Jessica. Not bad at all.

I moved in closer: ''Do you want to kill me? Go ahead, do it! Kill me Jessica, KILL.'' I yelled and pulled the gun away.

She held it tight, her hand was on the trigger. I pulled her body around and sat her down on my lap. I was trying to get the gun away from her hands but damn, she was a tough one. ''JESSICA, LET GO!" I screamed.

She pulled the trigger.





She yelled at the top of her lungs, the car came to a stop. ''FUCK!" I cursed loudly.

One bullet went into her leg. ''Jezus Christ! Look what you did to yourself!'' I pulled the gun away.

''Shit! I'm bleeding!" She said in shock.

I pushed her off my lap, placing her on the seat, slowly. Taking off my shirt and ripping it in half, I wrapped it around her leg so it would stop the bleeding. ''Are we there yet?'' I yelled at the driver.

The car started up and sped away. I stared at her as she stared at the multiple cuts that ran through my body. After wrapping her wound tightly, so she wouldn't bleed to death, I just sat there ignoring her gaze.

''What happened to you?" She asked.

I didn't want to talk about it, but she started to cry. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I just want to go home. I'm scared!"

"You want to know how I got these scars?" I asked, trying to make her stop crying. She nodded her head, I spoke.

''I was cut open and thrown into the cold winter woods one night, where I almost bled to death. Frederic found me after 3 days with barely a pulse left. He saved my life and I will forever be indebted.''

''How old are you?" She asked as the car stopped. I opened the door, grabbing her hand, helping her out of the car. ''I'm 21, " I said, carrying her bridal style up the stairs. Her hands held onto my neck tightly. ''I'm sorry!" Her lips blew against my neck, which caused me to shiver.

''I'm sorry as well, Jessica." I entered the lobby with Jessica in my arms, this apartment complex was owned by Frederic. Only his men lived here and I was one of them.

Pressing the buttons of the elevator, I got to the 10th floor. Her blood was dripping everywhere and I was starting to get worried. Her breathing was evened out, I looked down at her, only to see her staring at my scars.

''Who did this to you?'' I ignored her question and walked out the elevator. There were two apartments on this floor, one was mine and the other was from Antoin.

I knocked on his door: ''GO AWAY!" He yelled.

I kicked his door even harder, this time making it shake. ''I FUCKING SWEAR IF THIS ISN'T AN EMERGENCY, THEN I FUCKING KILL YOU!" He shouted out before opening the door.

''I need you to take the bullet out her leg, it's deep and she's losing a lot of blood, " I said walking in. Two women were lying naked on the coffee table, waiting, I turned to face Antoin. ''Sorry man, meet me in the room, " I said heading towards the room in the back. I turned on the light and gently put Jessica down, but felt her stiff up. ''Am I going to end up like them?'' She said grabbing my arm.

''What's the problem here?" Antoin said annoyed.

Jessica holds onto my hand even tighter. Antoin was a big mean teddy bear you don't want to mess with, his looks were average but his skills were not like any other. He's the family doctor you go to when you actually need a check-up or when Frederic's sick mind comes out. Antoin is the man for the job, big or small. ''You know I don't get pu**y like you Bishop, you ruined my opportunity.''

He pulled Jessica's leg down and examined it carefully. I moved his hands off her legs and grabbed it myself. He raised an eyebrow at me, which I ignored. ''What's your name, Bella?" He said trying, to irritate me.

''Get the bullet out, Antoin, before I put one in you.'' I hissed.

''Geez, guess she's off limits huh." He said smiling at me. I glared at him as he got to work. After a bit of struggling she managed to stay still as he got the bullet out. I went to grab her but she said she could walk. ''You can't walk around, it has to heal. Here are some painkillers, take one now and one every 4 hours for 24 hours. Then take as many as needed, it was a pleasure meeting you." Antoin said.

''Thank you!" She said, nodding and limping beside me.

We went out and the girls were gone. "Sorry if we ruined your night man, I'll pay you back.'' I held Jessica's hand and led her to my apartment. Opening the door, I stepped in turning on the lights. ''Wow, do you live here?" She asked as I led her to the guest's room. ''Yeah, this is my place.''

She sat on the bed as I went out to get her a shirt from my room. I grabbed one for myself, cause I was already ashamed that she saw my disgusting body. I went back to her room only to find her sleeping, I placed the shirt down and covered her with the sheets.

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