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   Chapter 2 Sold!

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"Did Frederic really buy those girls?" Bishop asked as we waited in the library for the girls to come. Darren was taking to long, and I had a plane to catch.

''Guess he wants to have fun, how long will he stay without a woman. Despite his scars, he's still a handsome man that has needs." I said.

Frederic hates human trafficking, that's why I was handed the job and he handles the killing and money. I would offer him girls but he would decline them, now I'm wondering why he bought not one but two of you.

The door opens and Darren comes in. ''Sorry to keep you waiting, we had a slight issue with the girl's getting ready." He stated, pouring us drinks.

''I'm sure you didn't harm my property, I don't like marks on my women. Only if I gave them to them.'' I gulped the burning taste of rum down my throat.

''Of course not, they're not trained now, so you have to handle that. But if you want, I can keep them here and get them ready for you.'' Darren said with a smirk on his face.

''It's okay, I'll handle it! I'm in a rush, so would you mind handing them over." I stood up, ''The money is already on your account, and I'm in a bit of a rush.''

The door opens and the girls are pushed in. ''There you have it Sergio, four very beautiful girls but I think Zena is the most gorgeous of them all." He said looking at her as he wanted to rip her apart. ''Can't wait to come over and play with her."

''You know if she was mine, I would've let you have fun… But she's Frederic's.'' He raised an eyebrow at me. ''Why I thought Frederic wasn't into-'', he didn't finish his sentence and looked at Zena. ''You poor thing, you will have a beast, literally inside and outside as your owner." He said to her in a sad tone.

I looked at him suspiciously, he caught me looking at him but ignored my gaze. ''Can I have what's mine now?" I asked, but Darren was thinking.

What are you up to, Darren?

''I apologize, Sergio, but she's not for sale anymore, take Zena back to my room. I'll reimburse Frederic and he can have Maryanne for free." He said to me, as one of his men began to walk Zena out. ''Wait, '' I yelled.

I took my phone out and called my dear brother, placing the call on speaker. ''Hello, '' his thick Russian accent came through the phone.

''Frederic, I seem to have a problem with the girls you purchased. Darren doesn't want to hand her over, Zena? Is that her name?" I asked looking at Darren. He nodded his head and wiped the sweat that was on his forehead with his sleeve. ''Yes, you see brother, '' I was silenced before finishing what I wanted to say.

''ENOUGH, '' Frederic yelled. ''Darren, are you saying no to me? Do dare to even think of saying no to me?"

Darren was just standing there, thinking. ''Okay, Sergio if the girls are there, bring them to your side." Bishop brought them to my side, I couldn't help admire Zena's beauty. '' They're by my side, now They're?" I asked in confusion.

''Shoot him, Eric, '' Frederic said and a gunshot came from one of Darren's men. He shot him in his arm, his screams filled the room.

''NO ONE SAYS NO TO ME, DARREN, NO ONE! That was a warning next time I will kill you and take everything you own, I am your Dom. I am your master.'' Frederic yelled through the phone.

''Eric, come with Sergio and bring me WHAT'S MINE.'' My dear brother said.

Eric, who shot Darren, came and stood by my side.

''Pleasure doing business with you Darran, " Frederic said ending the call.

I went over to Darren. ''Are you ok, '' I asked h while helping him get up.

''Get out before I kill you, '' he said through clenched teeth while holding his arm tightly.

''You know you can, t, " I said smiling. ''See you soon my friend.''

I left his estate with my purchases. My very interesting purchases, Eric, who was a spy for my brother, took the girls into the van one by one. They all seem frightened to even say anything, following commands easily. The van speeds off of a gravel road, I look at each one of the girls carefully. Zara was beautiful but Zena grabbed my attention more. Bishop just stared at the girl he wanted. ''What are your names?" I asked.

One was hiding her face behind Zena's arm. I went to pull her but Zena stopped me. ''Leave her alone!" she shouted, surprising me, Bishop smiled at her confidence. ''You won't last long if you speak to Frederic like that, " Bishop said laughing.

''Speaking of Frederic, you shouldn't test him. He has no patience, he will kill you in a blink of an eye. I'm just warning you, you've seen what happened. He shot him when he said no and he's halfway across the world, so be careful Zena." I said.

''What is your name?" Bishop repeated, grabbing her hand. ''Jessica'', she whispered.

He held her hand, ''okay Jessica, what are their names?" he asked pointing at the girls.

''Zara, Maryan, e, and Zena, '' she said with her head hung low.

After the short drive the van stopped, we exited the van and walked into father's plane. The girls were wearing short clothing but Zena was practically naked, her see-through dress didn't help either. Every man stared at her and started to whistle and howl like a madman. She tried to hide her body, but no use. Her body parts were bare for all to see, Bishop took off his jacket and handoff it to her. She looked shocked! ''Take it before I change my mind." He yelled.

She took the jacket and wore it, it came up just touching her thighs.

At least something is covering her.

The girl was hiding behind Zena and it was starting to annoy me, I haven't seen her face clearly. ''Get out from behind him, " I shouted. Zena looked at me angrily. ''I said leave her alone.''

I raised my eyebrow at her and took out my gun.''I'm not a very nice man Zena, move before I shoot you. Come out from behind her." I said aiming my gun. ''Please, she's only fourteen, she's scared, " Zena said pledging.

I saw how the girl was holding Zena, I put the gun away. ''Tell her to come out, I won't hurt her, actually even if I wanted her. I couldn't, you and she belong to Frederic." I said and every man looked shocked. ''She can't hide behind you forever, and you can't protect her forever either.''

The girl came out from behind Zena. She was tall and had an amazing body for her age. Her blonde long hair reached her waist, and her blue eye's held innocence. She was trembling with fear, that's the look I got from any girl I bought. ''Get on the plane now, '' I demanded.

The walked into the plane and sat next to each other. Bishop brought out the pills and stood next to them, and as I predicted, Zena spoke. ''What are we taking?" She said nervously.

''Sleeping pills, we don't want you to know where we're going, " Bishop said really annoyed, but still sounding like he cared a little.

''Obviously, it's Russia!" She stated while raising an eyebrow. She was impressing me more and more by the second.

Lucky bastard, Frederic.

Bishop knew what I was thinking of. ''Frederic will kill you, so don't even think about it, " He warned.

I wanted her. Zara was pretty but mute, Zena made me wonder about...

''Don't Sergio, you're my boss but Frederic is the Dom. So don't!'' He called Eric to come. ''Sit next to these two." He pointed at Zena and Maryanne.

Bishop took a seat next to Jessica. ''Take what's your's and have fun with it.'' He said to me.

I wanted to be the Dom, I wanted the power Frederic had against everyone. He held the power and I craved it, I sat down next to Bishop.

I called Frederic. ''What, '' he answered.

''Will you pick them up, or do I have to deliver them to you?'' I asked.

''Put Bishop on." He said, ignoring what I had asked him.

I handed the phone to Bishop, all he said was ''yes sir' over and over again. He closed the phone and handed it back. I waited for him to tell me but I knew he wouldn't tell me anything. The plane took off. ''I will deliver the girls to him with Eric, " Bishop said.

The flight was long from Canada to Moscow, so I decided to sleep, but couldn't help looking at Zena. She was looking around until she laid her eyes on me. She was very beautiful, I stared at her as she avoided me.

''You know, my brother's body is burned completely. His face, arms, hands, everywhere. After multiple surgical procedures, they seem to fix him up a bit, but there is still a lot visible. He was called the beast before the incident, but after the accident, he showed his wild side more. Killing anyone in his way, He's a beast inside and outside." I said as I saw her eyes filling with horror.

''Beauty and the Beast!" I laughed loudly. No one seems to find my humor funny. ''I can save you from the beast, Zena, just say yes to me.''

The horror in her eyes told me that she was thinking about it. I was waiting for her to just say the word, and as soon as she would, I would tell Frederic that I wanted her. He'll let me have her.

Why didn't I buy her? I cursed myself.

She didn't answer me. ''Have your chances with me, at least I'm not bad-looking. All you have to say is yes and leave my brother to me." I said trying to convince her, she sure was something special...

I caught Bishop looking at her, I faced him but he masked his expression.''I'll take my chances." She said.

I smiled at her: ''good choice.''

''With the beast.'' She continued. Her eye's held a sense of pride because she rejected me.

I scoffed at her; ''suit yourself.''

The ten-hour flight came to an end as we landed in Russia. Stepping out the plane, I see cars waiting for us. Some were my men and some were Frederic's men, the girls came out as I waited for them.

Bishop took Zena, Maryanne, and Jessica with him, leaving Zara with me. Zena looked back at Zara, Bishop tried to pull her in the car but she was putting up a fight. ''Stop, please!" She yelled but I pushed Zara into the car and left.



''Please stop!" But he pushed her into his car and left. Eric was holding me tight so I wouldn't run. ''He's going to hurt her, please! You have to help her!" I cried out but no one listened to me.

''Get in the car please, I have order's not to hurt you but you're making a scene, " Bishop said.

The big man, named Eric, let me go. Maryanne was crying. She was scared and so was I.

''We're going to die, I want to go home." she cried loudly.

I walked near her and held her. ''Please get in, " Eric said.

I went into the vehicle and Maryanne followed soon after me, Jessica stepped in with Bishop and sat next to each other. Eric took the passenger's seat. The driver looked in his rearview mirror and spoke.''Mr. Demchk asked for you to call him as soon as you landed.''

Bishop took out his phone and called this Frederic guy.

''You asked me to call you, sir." He seemed scared of this Frederic because all his words were. ''Yes sir, " and "no sir.''

He ended the call and looked at me. ''You seem like a smart girl, Zena, so I'll give you some advice. Don't piss him off, his screws are loose and he will kill you on the spot.''

''What will happen to Zara?'' I asked.

He ignored my question. The car ride was long and silent, after some time we reached a gated place with men holding machine guns. The car entered the gates and a mansion came to sight. The driver parked in a garage, Eric opened the door for us to step out. This Frederic was a car lover of all kinds. I heard footsteps as three men came in with chains in their hands, Eric grabbed them and placed them on our wrists. ''This is just so you won't try anything stupid." He said.

I looked at him and tears fell down. Maryanne was crying and Jessica just stood there, numb.

We were pulled by the chains into the house, it was big and dark. Men stared at us as we were walking behind Eric and Bishop into a room. I felt I was going to be devoured by the devil himself, Bishop left the room.

''Don't stare at him when he comes in, " Eric said.

We were in the room for a while now and my feet began to hurt from standing. I looked over at Jessica's, she was dying inside and it showed on her, I hope she doesn't fall into a depression.

I was pulled out my thoughts when the door opened.

Bishop came in, alone. ''I'll be leaving, I'm taking Jessica with me." He firmly stated.

''Where are you taking her, '' I asked as Jessica began to cry.

''Sergio bought her, for me! So she comes with me." He grabbed her by her chains and pulled her behind him.

She was screaming! ''No, Zena don't leave me with him!" She cried out.

I tried to help her but Eric held me tight. ''Let her go, please let her go." But he took her.


felt alone and scared now. Maryanne was holding me from behind as she cried. Jessica disappears as her voice echoed in the hall until there was nothing left of her to hear or see.

''Bishop is not a bad man, he won't hurt her." A voice, that was unfamiliar, spoke. I looked around to see a shadow on the other side of the room, leaning against the doorway.

Eric stood up straight as his footsteps came closer, his body was built and he was tall, very tall, but I couldn't see his face yet. He reached our view and Maryanne squeezed my shoulders, he looked scary with the burn marks on his face, but also handsome. I had to admit that.

He clenched his hand into a fist. ''Were you expecting prince charming?" He said laughing bitterly.

All I could do was stare.

''Eric, take the girl upstairs and lock her in the room. Stand guard at her door, if she does anything then you know what to do. I need to speak with Zena alone."? He said staring at me.

Maryanne held on to me. ''Promise you won't hurt her, " I said in a shaky voice. I wasn't scared of the others, but from him I do was scared. He had death written all over him.

His eyes ranked all over me. ''He won't hurt her if she behaves." He said.

I nodded and turned around to face Maryanne, she looked at me with her pleading eyes, begging not to leave her. ''Go with him!" I said not knowing what will happen to her.

''Please don't leave me please." She begged and cried as Eric pulled her out of the room.

I cried and cried as I heard her yell for me. Her voice was further and further away from me until there was no more. I felt a chill take over my body as I realized that I was in the room with him, alone.

His footsteps came closer to me. He faced me and that's where I got a better view of him. He was looking at me from top to bottom, his eyes locked on mine, which made me lose my breath. He didn't look as scary as he was in the shadows, he actually looks really handsome.

''Are you listening to me?" He said.

I stared at his lips and then his eyes. I licked my dry lips to moisten them, he took a step back and closed his eyes.

''I'll take off the chains if you will be a good girl, I don't want to harm you so don't do anything stupid.''

I nodded as he came closer. He unlocked my chains and placed them on the floor, taking the advantage, I pushed him and ran through the door; I heard him curse out loud.



''Fuck, '' I hissed as she pushed me down and ran out the door. I got up and ran after her, my men went after her but I stopped them. ''NO ONE TOUCHES HER, I GOT HER, '' I yelled at my men. They stopped following her, she was running towards the stairs. For a tiny girl, she does run fast. I ran after her as my phone rung, looking down at the screen, to see Salvador calling.

''Salvador, '' I said out of breath.

''Stop fucking and talk to me. What happened?'' He said annoyingly.

I growled my answer. ''I wasn't fucking, I'm chasing a girl I just bought, now I lost her thanks to you, " I said trying to catch my breath.

Where did she go?

''Wait, you bought a girl? Since when do you buy girls, I thought that was Sergio's job?" He said confused.

I haven't had a woman since my late wife, and I don't plan on having anyone after her. She will always be my one and only, but what he said irritated me.

''WHAT? I CAN'T HAVE FUN WITH YOU JUST BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE A BEAST?" I yelled, which made my voice echoed through the house.

''I think my eardrums are damaged, calm down Frederic. Why did you kill Isaiah? I thought you said he agreed to hand over the boy, where's the boy?" He asked.

Isaiah tested my limits. We had agreed that he would hand over the boy if I promised not to rule over his territory.

I made that promise but he backed down, his father probably wanted him to be the Dom. But that's not happening, I tried to keep everything at bay with the Varraos, but I couldn't. All I wanted was for Sergio's son to be in our custody, Sergio doesn't even know he has a son. If he knew, then a bloodbath would rain upon both families, and I didn't want that. Not at the moment!

''The boy is with Esméralda, he's safe. Sergio doesn't know about the boy yet and I would like to keep it that way until I sort things out with the Varraos.They have a price to pay, and I will make them pay, one by one." I said in a low voice.

''I'm still wondering why your father hasn't told Sergio about the boy.'' He asked.


''I wouldn't have known either but I have my ways. The old man wants his seat back and he will try to kill his own flesh and blood for it.'' I said bitterly.

''What do you want me to tell your father and the other men in the meeting?''

''Go into the meeting and put me on speaker. I want to hear what they have to say." I said.

What are their plans and how will they cover up their tracks?

I heard footsteps and the father's voice.

''Mr. Gbinishy, so thoughtful of you to join us, see in our days, we respected our meetings and came on time but you young ones have things done differently. I wonder if your father will be pleased with how you handle your position.''

''What's the problem, how may I help, " Salvador said calmly.

''My son did something very childish to the Varraos and I'm here to make a deal with them through you, my boy. I want you to talk some sense in Frederic, tell him to hand the boy before things get out of control.'' Father said, which made me hold my tongue from speaking.

It's all your fault, old man, that we're here in the first place.

''Have you told Sergio that the boy is his own flesh? Or did the Varraos pay you good to keep your mouth shut? Tell me, what did you do that has scared you off the Varraos Mr. Demchk? For you to give up your only grandchild?" Salvador questioned.

He wants to hide his secret.

''Salvador, my boy, you know Frederic is incapable of being the leader. He's a madman, we need him to step down. But he won't, and that's where we need your help.''

Oh, Varraos, wait until I get my hands on you.

''What makes you think I'll turn against my friend, against your son, Mr. Demchk?''

Salvador was my only true friend. We think alike and I know that he will never betray me.

''I have information on El Camin and his son that he hides from Pablo and his boys, I'm sure you would love to know his whereabouts, " Varrao said.


It was silent for a moment until I heard a loud thump. ''Get Vladimir out of here, NOW! Tell your men to put their guns away.'' Salvador ordered.

I forgot the La'stat boys are there.

''Put the gun away, Marco, " Salvador ordered but then a gunshot came through the phone.

What happened?

''FUCK, MARCO! OUT NOW!" Salvador yelled

''I'll fucking kill you if you knew all this time where he was. DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME VARRAO? I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU." Marco screamed.

Walking down the hall, I was searching for this little vixen. Where did she go?

''You need to control your men Gbinishy, " Varrao said. ''He almost shot me.''

Good, he's alive! Only I will kill you Varrao.

''He doesn't miss, that was a warning to you." Salvador sighed loudly.

''If you knew all this time where he was, then I won't be responsible for what La'stat boys will do to you. You know they've been looking for him for the past 10 years.''

''Will you help us?'' Varrao asked us, but I knew my friend would never stab me in my back.

''No! Frederic is like a brother to me, you should know that, Mr. Demchk. I grew up with him, he's practically my brother. I won't betray my friend, I think you shouldn't betray your own blood. It's you old men that caused this chaos, and now we have to pick up your shit and kill each other. I think you should find someone else who is willing to help bring your own son down but just know, I have his back and will fight with him no matter what. You know you won't stand a chance." Salvador said

''The meeting is over, oh and Varrao!" Salvador said. ''Someone wants to say hi.''

It was my turn. ''So glad to know you have my back father, soon I'll tell Sergio everything. This goes out to you and your men, Varrao, I know your every move. I have eyes and ears in your very own home. I know everything you hold against my father. Hide. Runaway. Dig the deepest hole and live in it, because when I find you, I will invite everyone in the business, and crucify you in front of them. I will personally hurt you with my bare hands. I will let you rot to death ever so slowly Varrao, do you hear me?'' I said trying to control my anger and failing.

Shutting my eyes, trying to calm down, I caught a glimpse of the little vixen, slowly walking trying to seem as if I wasn't going to find her.

''Your father is just like mine Frederic, I wonder if it's okay to just kill them?" He said and I laughed.

If only my friend.

Walking around the tall wooden clock. I snake my arms around the tiny vixen, inhaling her scent. God its been long since I had a woman in my arms.

''Found you milaya, I'll talk to you soon Salvador, " I said in a whisper.

''Nice try, what's her name? And since when do you buy girls?" My noisy friend asks.

''I'll talk to you later Salvador, BYE!" I yelled shutting the phone.

Trying not to scare her. ''I'll let you go but if you run, then you're sleeping in my room. Now be a sweet little vixen and relax, if I wanted to harm you, you would have been tied to my bed with your legs spread apart, and you would have loved it too.''

Her body shivered in my arms, but I didn't know if it was in fear or lust.

Lust my ass, she's probably disgusted with you.

''Nod your head if you understand.''

She lightly nodded. I turned her around facing me, taking a better look at her features. Her light hazel eyes were breathtaking, her eyes followed the trails of my burned skin. Smiling at her. ''Not the most pleasing picture, so don't look.''

She was very, very, very beautiful. ''I didn't buy you so I could hurt you. I have my reasons, I'll let you go home when the time is right. Just know, you would have been raped over and over again, until there was no more of you left. I can't send you home to your family at this moment, but I will, later on. I don't know when, but I promise, no one will hurt you or your friend.''

Her eyes started to tear up."Promise you won't." She said as tears fell down.

''You have my word.''

''What about my friends, that Sergio guy has my friends." She said trembling.

Sighing loudly I said: ''I can't help your friends, that's out of my hands but if Bishop has one, then I'll tell him to not harm her, but if Sergio has one of your friends then I'm sorry.''

She held her hands up to her face and cried. ''Zena, I promise you you'll go home, you and your friend, but not now. I can't now! Sergio will find you again and take you against your own will. I have to finish a family matter, but I promise, once I'm done you can return home.''

''What about my family, they must be searching for me, and be worried sick! What about Maryanne's family, why would you do that to girls? Why would you take them away from their families?''

Rubbing my face, trying to hold my anger, I said: ''I don't do that Zena, I am a bad man, yes! but I don't like human trafficking. You should thank me for saving your ass. You would have been used and abused over and over, without any mercy. And after they're? done with you, they either send you to the brothel house or kill you. I said I will send you home after I'm done. I need time, you'll be back home.''

Her hiccups filled the hallway. ''Can I call home and tell them I'm okay?" She asked.

''Not now Zena, wait until everyone thinks I'm bored with you, then I'll say that I've killed you. Which I won't, I'll send you home. If people knew what I did for you, I wouldn't hear the end of it. I wish I could tell you everything but you have to trust me.''

''So you're not going to rape me?" She asked.

''Do you want me too?'' I said angrily. She stared at me in horror.

''I said I wouldn't harm you, you have my word and once I give someone my word, they know they're safe forever, " I said.

She seemed to relax. ''Why did you buy me?" She asked curiously.

''I have my reasons, now please go to your friend. She's in the last room down the hall, you can walk around freely in the house, just don't try to escape. I'm going to say this one last time Zena, I won't harm you. Go to sleep and tell your friend that she's safe goodnight.''

She slowly walked down the hall, while turning her head to look back at me.

Poor thing must be frightened.

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