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GODS - Universe of Four Gods Series - Book 1 By charmaineglorymae Characters: 1351

Updated: 2018-01-26 23:23

○Snow Breille Sylveria

?protagonist of the story who has the mysterious past that even her never knows.

○Yuan Rave Vel Versailles

?Prince Yuan, the heir of the throne of Universe Kingdom who has the power of Element Fire.

○Jin Pete Sel Monroe

?General of Army in the Kingdom of Universe, who is also a member of Elites and has the power of Wind.

○Violet Rain Del Rochi

?Childhood friend of the Prince who is bratty and has a nasty behavior and dark side and member of Elites and has the power of Water.

○Avis Conrad Vel Serreile

?the Prince's cousin who is happy, simple minded and a gluton. Member of Elite and has the power of Earth.

○Luna Arie

lle Cel Monroe

?cousin of General Jin who has a happy personality and a member of Elites who has a power of light.

I guess, you all have the backgrounds of our characters and you also have the idea who are our MAIN characters. I know the names are bit odd but that is really my goal, to make it odd.

This story is taglish, just so you know.

If you somehow wondering why the title is Universe of Four Gods because I am referring to Four major Elements.

Started: May

This story is fiction. Any resemblance of the name of the characters living or dead are highly coincidental.

Plagiarism is a crime. Do not plagiarize my work. Please respect the author.

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