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As promised in the previous bonus chapter, here's Elena and Colton's first liplock! Hope I did it justice!

Dedication is to the girl who the leading lady in this chapter is modeled after!

You know the drill... please vote, comment, and fan! :) I love you guys forever and ever...and ever!


First Kiss (Elena's P.O.V.)

Colton was leading me somewhere. I really didn't care where we were going; I knew it would be fun. That's just the kind of guy Colton was. He wasn't too intense like Seth was, but Tara liked that kind of stuff. She liked reassurance; if anyone didn't know her, they would probably take one look at her blonde hair, blue eyes, and small waist and think that she was selfish and didn't let Seth live his own life. I knew better, though. I knew my best friend was fragile; it didn't matter how much she tried putting on her I-don't-give-a-crap show.

We paused in front of double, wooden doors. He pushed them opening, revealing a huge art room. And I mean it was HUGE!

"Wow, " I gaped.

"C'mon, " he said, taking my hand and leading me into the room. "So, " he asked, "what do you like to do?" I threw him a questioning look. "You know, paint, draw, shape clay, what?"

I shrugged. "Painting is my favorite, but I like to do a little bit of everything, too." He smirked, as if I'd just confirmed something.

"Great." He walked over to a hidden cart and wheeled out over forty different colors of paint in two gallon cans, all balanced precisely by color and shade. My mouth dropped open as I stared in awe. I'd never seen so much paint! So many opportunities!

He turned my shoulders so that I was facing the four, plain white walls. Wait, don't tell me…

"We're going to paint that, " he whispered, sensually rubbing his hands up and down my arms. Tingles exploded everywhere he touched, giving me goose bumps. I rolled my shoulders, trying to shake him off before he realized how much of an effect he was having on me.

Giving my shoulders one last squeeze, to which I inwardly shuddered in appreciation, he wandered off to get the paint brushes. He handed me a thick one, and our fingers brushed as I took it. Damn it, I needed to stop touching him! It was like touching an electric fence or something!

"Do you mean like picture painting, or…" I trailed off, trying not to get my hopes up of splatter painting in a castle with a prince. Nope, don't be absurd, Elena I scolded myself. His intense gaze made me uncomfortable, making me switch my weight from one foot to the other and bite my lip. I unconsciously picked at my green nail polish, flicking off the pieces I managed to get off. Damn, I was nervous.

"Nope, " he smirked, smiling a c

God, I really hope I'm a good kisser. I don't want to turn him off and this never happen again… Oh God!

His arms seemed to circle my waist in a reassuring fashion, pasting my body to his. My arms came to wrap around his neck on their own accord; my fingers tangled themselves in his hair. It was even softer than I'd thought… We kissed in perfect synchronization. Sadly, I eventually yawned, breaking the wonderful kiss. Even when we pulled away, I was shaky and didn't trust my feet to hold my entire body weight. I prayed he wouldn't remove his arms and test that.

I blushed; God, I'm so stupid! I'd ruined that perfect kiss just for a yawn?! Stupid body. "C'mon, Raven, " he chuckled, tugging on my hand. "Go shower and I'll get us something to eat."

"Wait a sec, " I mumbled. Jeez, I'm more tired than I'd thought. "Raven?"

"Yeah, " he smiled. "Raven. Dark, mysterious, but in plain sight. A beauty to the people who care to look at her. Not willing to be tied down. Craves that feeling of being free. Always ready to fight or fly at a moments notice. Lives a casual life. You're my Raven, " he concluded, staring at me. Wow, I guess the bird and I have more in common than I thought.

I showered, Colton and I ate the best grilled ham and cheese sandwiches ever, Colton showered while I watched Jerry Springer, and we finally retired to our room. At the sight of the bed, I jumped into it to get there quicker. I mean my feet literally left the ground in an upwards motion and landed on the mattress. I wiggled under the sheets before laying my head on the pillow.

Colton got in behind me, massaging my shoulders with expert hands. Right as I was about to fall to unconsciousness, a masculine voice lovingly whispered, "Dream of me, Raven. Dream sweet dreams…"

But that could've been just what I wanted to hear.

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