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Updated: 2018-01-26 21:26

Since the first kiss is kind of monumental to vampires, I decided to show you how Cassie's and Elena's went down! Enjoy :)

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First Kiss (Cassie's P.O.V.)

I couldn't believe this place. It was so warm and comfortable and there were sexy guys walking around the place! Who wouldn't want to live here?! Oh, yeah. Eva.

I sighed. I really worried about her sometimes. I've seen her come to school- we didn't need school anymore! Hell yeah!- with meekness practically dripping off of her. Just because of a few stupid people she was forced to call her family! It was insane! Her sister was a bitch, straight up. She only cared about herself, made sure she was always surrounded by people who would compliment her, and beat down people who did better then her, like Eva did at her grades and always would.

Her mom was one of those people who only wanted a good image. She saw Eva's ability to do something, and made her do it to the fullest. The only good thing that came out of that was her dancing. Eva had even confided in my once that at Kayla's basketball banquet she'd been forced to go to, she'd ended up breaking down crying in the bathroom for no reason at all; I'd assumed her emotions had gotten the better of her, but didn't say anything on it. Anyway, her mom had come in, saying that the people they were sitting with were beginning to wonder where she'd disappeared to. Not even bothering to ask about her daughter's tear streaked appearance, she'd promptly ordered her to clean herself up and come out. Eva had accused her, "Is that all you care about? Impressing your friends?" Her mother had replied, "I care about people not finding out that you're pathetically crying in a fucking bathroom at a restaurant!" Easy to say that Eva's miniscule ego had pretty much been degraded to nothing.

Her dad ignored her. That was it. I think he wanted to talk to her, but had given up hope because my friend was so secretive and independent. Weighed with guilt, he continued avoiding her, and before he realized it, it was far too late.

I sighed, trying to think of something happy. Eva would come around I assured myself. Seth would get her to open up. It would be a bumpy ride, but he would do it.

Thinking of Seth made me think of Cody, which instantly brightened my mood. I don't know how someone so perfect was made, but I was keeping him. No questions asked.

You don't think he's perfect? Let me break it do

I poked my head out of the water.

"Let me help you with that, " Cody teased, swimming up to me and wrapping me in his warm arms. I giggled, not being able to help my unexplainable giddiness around this one guy. His hands glided across my back and arms, warming me up very efficiently.

I don't know how it happened. All I know is that one minute we were laughing and having fun and the next we're staring each other down like two animals waiting to attack.

His fingers slipped in the sides of my bikini. "What are you doing?" I breathed. I had no doubt he could hear my monster heartbeat. My breath came in short, little pants, and I was grateful for that much oxygen. I really couldn't expect much more from my body when he kept getting closer and closer…

"I'm going to kiss you, " was all he said. I waited in anticipation, but he just continued to stare at me, as if he couldn't look away from my eyes. He didn't stop pulling me forward, and my body eventually connected with his. He still didn't stop. He just kept tugging at my bikini bottoms, and I unconsciously intertwined my legs with his so he could continue pulling me closer. My arms wrapped around his neck, but the entire time I couldn't look away from his light, happy blue eyes that seemed to be glazed in something different right now. A serious type of emotion that I knew was everything I needed to live. Love? Perhaps.

Oh my God, the anticipation was killing me! "So do it already, " I gasped, my breath getting shorter and shorter as our faces came within an inch of each other. "Damn it, Cody, kiss me."

The edges of his lips tilted up in a tiny smirk before he fulfilled every demand I gave him.

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