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Yup, it's finally finished! Ah, I can't believe it! Anyways, since this isn't as long as I'd like it to be, I've decided to post a few extra chapters in other peoples POVs at main points. They won't be part of this, but they'll be in my works, so check em' out!

Anyways, as promised, the first chapter of Opposites Attract is out!

Finally, that dedication up there is to my other bestest friend who has supported this story since the idea popped into my head! I love you T-wig! XD






I beamed, watching my adorable two year old, human years, practically still newborns, twins sleep side by side on the floor of their nursery. Elena's son, Caleb, was beside my son, and Cassie's daughter, Angel Rae, was next to my daughter. Cassie had always wanted to name her daughter Angel, and I had no problem with it. When Seth protested, me, Elena, Cassie, and Cody showed him whose place it was to name the baby. Yes, I'd had twins, a beautiful baby girl I had decided to call Raina (pronounced rain-a) and a handsome baby boy Seth and I had agreed to name Zander.

Raina had inherited my blonde hair and her dads green eyes. Zander was the opposite with Seth's black hair and my blue eyes. With how dark his hair was and the shade of his eyes, it almost looked like there were streaks of blue in his hair. If he ever wanted to get them done, I definitely would let him. Really, the only thing they had in common was their naturally tan skin. Raina was the spitting image of me, and Zander was a replica of Seth, minus their eyes. We loved them both to death.

The more I stared at them, the more my thoughts took over my head. My vision got blurry as I thought back to when I was pregnant with them; the memories swamped my head until I felt like I was reliving it.

"Seth!" I complained as he held me down. "Let me up!"

"No way, Angel. I'm not taking any kind of chances with you or our baby in there, " he replied, staring at my stomach in awe.

"I'm only two weeks! Nothing's going to happen!"

"I don't care."

"Ugh! You are so frustrating!" I growled, plopping back onto the bed unhappily. I folded my arms across my chest, refusing to look at him. Now, I know this sounds like a very immature thing to do. It is. Wait for it…

"Aw, c'mon, Angel. Don't be like that, " he pleaded. I sat, unresponsive except for scratching the itch on my arm. "You know I just don't want anything to happen to you." Nothing. "Come on. At least look at me, Angel." I kept silent, but lolled my head to the side, glaring at him. He sighed, his muscles loosening their tight hold.

As expected, he laid down next to me, gently pulling me to him. He sighed again, one hand guiding my head to the spot right between his chest muscles. I hid my smile as we naturally melted into each other: my head on his chest, one of his arms wrapped protectively around my waist, the other tangling its fingers in my hair, my arms around his waist, and our legs intertwined. A grimace found its way onto my face as I thought about my future baby belly preventing this.

I only lasted about thirty seconds before giving in to his warm embrace. I let out my frustration at him in a final sigh, snuggling closer to him and pulling him closer to me.

His hand snuck between our bodies, ghosting over my stomach as if he was afraid to touch it. I laughed softly, catching his wrist and setting it on my abdomen.

"You won't feel anything for a few months, " I told him, quickly recalling you started showing at around sixteen weeks. "But you won't hurt me. Besides, you're gonna want to feel him or her kick, won't you?" He beamed, nodding fiercely.

After another half-hour cooing over our invisible baby, my legs started to cramp up. I went to get up, but Seth held me down.

"No!" he cried, looking at me in horror. "Don't get up!"

I groaned, and the fighting began again.

That's pretty much how it went for the first five months until I started showing. He'd flip out about me hurting myself, I'd tell him he was crazy, we'd fight, make-up, coo over our baby, and then it'd start all over when I went to go do something. Sometimes, I'd win, telling him to let me take care of myself. Other times, he'd just pick me up and take care of me before I could protest. Every time, though, I was taken care of as if I was made of glass: so, ever so carefully.

The feeling of his arms wrapping around my waist and his chin on my shoulder brought me out of my reverie.

"Thought I'd find you in here, Angel. Nothing's going to hurt them, " he comforted, turning his head towards my neck. His breath blew gently against the skin, just the way I liked it. "I won't allow it."

"I can't help it. It's a mother's instinct. Too many 'what-if's, " I responded.

He kissed me slowly, both of us reveling in the pure love we felt for each other. I was still blown away by it. "What were you thinking so hard about?" he wondered after he had pulled away. "You didn't even hear me come in."

I easily shared what I was remembering with him, reaching out with my mind. He chuckled. "Remember what happened once you did start showing?" I laughed softly with him. Now that I looked back on it, it was pretty funny. All it proved was how sweet he was and how stubborn both of us were.

"Seth!" a voice that had become very annoying called, waking me up.

"Shut up!" my amazing fiancé hissed over my head. "She's sleeping!"

"She can sleep at night."

"Not when she's throwing up all night!" Ah, this was true. Our kid thought it was hilarious to throw anything I managed to get into my stomach back in my face while I was attempting to sleep. I know vampires don't need sleep, but you try being pregnant and see how tired you get. Especially with twins, even if I didn't know it at the time.

"Oops. Sorry, " he whispered. Too late.

"I'm already up, " I yawned. Despite my words, I pressed myself closer to Seth's body.

"You're dead, " Seth growled at his blonde brother.

"You say that a lot, " he retorted, much to Seth's impatience.

"Go back to sleep, Angel, " he whispered, rubbing my back.

"But-" Cody started.

"If it's not a life-or-death situation, go away, " he warned.

"Fine, " Cody grumbled. "Even Colton's not this whipped, " he called over his shoulder on the way out. I could hear his laughter echoing down the hall.

"So what?" Seth muttered under his breath, laying back down, tucking me into his side. I smiled, trying to not show it. He was touchy about how tightly he was wrapped around my finger. Most girls would be annoyed by it, but I thought his denial was cute.

(14 weeks later)

"Wow, " I whispered. We had learned I was carrying twins, much to Seth's excitement. He'd been literally jumping up and down in the hospital room when Julie had announced the news to us. He hasn't frowned for even a second since.

As I did every morning, I checked the mirror to see how pregnant I was looking. I knew I was going to get a baby belly, but not this bad! I guess that's what happened when you carried twins. Other than my protruding stomach, even I had to admit I was glowing. My hair had a certain shine in it, and my eyes were constantly sparkling.

"Okay! Your minute's up!" Seth called. I immediately frowned, rolling my eyes.

Seth had gotten so protective it was insane. He didn't like me doing anything on my own. Oh, and it as a crime if I stood on my own! Stupid, crazy husband. After a full half-hour fight over it, he agreed that I could have a full sixty seconds per morning to look at myself. I was seriously considering suffocating him with kisses. What? I wanted him to die a happy death.

He hurried into the bathroom, seeming to calm down once his arms were around me, cradling my stomach. I leaned into him, not because I was tired, but because it was such a perfect picture. Husband, wife, and unborn twins.

"I really hope it's one boy and one girl, " I commented, still staring at that flawless image. "I can't tell the difference between twins for the life of me."

"If that's what you want, that's what we'll hope for, " he responded, smiling warmly.

After another minute, he picked me up bridal style and carried me into the kitchen. With the utmost care, I was settled into a seat next to Elena, who had her baby only about a month ago.

"Boobs killing you yet?" she taunted, throwing all the times I'd made fun of her when she complained of her (cough- nonexistent- cough) boobs aching right back at me.

"Yes, " I groaned, throwing her a glare. She chuckled and started rocking her son, Caleb, in her arms. Colton stood behind her, practically begging her to go to their room and feed Caleb already. Damn, horny boy, he still couldn't pull his head out of the gutter! He glared at me, but I just smiled sweetly in return.

"I like them."

"Really?!" I gasped sarcastically at Seth. "I never would've guessed with how many times I have to tell you to keep your hands off me!"

Elena and Colton laughed loudly, which made Caleb gurgle in happiness, while Seth gave me a look that said 'You just wait. I know for a fact your boobs are the only thing that hurts. Other places are all mine.' I gave him the same sickly sweet smile I gave his brother, not caring at all what he would do. I mean, hello, do you really think he wouldn't stop if I told him to? I have him wrapped around my finger and I know it.

He came back with a cup

cted. Deep breaths, I reminded myself. Oh my God, he was so far away.

Oh my God, he looked sexy as hell, though. His white shirt, even thought not intended I'm sure, stretched across his broad chest and shoulders. The black jacket fitted him nicely, and the pants were practically begging to have me take them off. His eyes, though… His eyes were brighter than ever, shining with a happiness that was unnatural.

'Look at me, Angel, ' his familiar voice whispered. 'Just me.'

Had the aisle really been that short? No, it had been huge! How had I gotten here so fast? Ugh, it doesn't matter. I handed my bouquet off to Elena, who handed it to Cassie. My maid of honor's job was to hand me the ring I had for Seth. The tingles were there as we clasped hands and turned towards the preacher.

"We are gathered here today…"

* * *

After forever and a day, we were able to whisk away in the limo to the reception hall. As soon as we were out of the public eye, we practically jumped each other. The kiss was passionate, hard, and needy.

"Mine, " he growled victoriously, tugging me closer. "All mine." I giggled, kissing my husband again.

Once we got to the hall, we were swamped with people congratulating us and wanting pictures with the famous prince and new princess.

There was a snack bar off to the side specifically for Elena and Cassie, but a few vampires went and tried a few things. There was a big, cheesy pizza for just Elena and Cassie, though. I'd never deprive them of food just because of me. Seth and I could barely walk twenty paces without having to kiss from the clinking on the glasses.

"So, you're all grown up now, " Cody sniffled. "You guys left me all alone, unmarried."

"So get married, idiot, " Colton told him. "Anyways, dude, I'm here to give you a few pointers for, ya know, tonight."

"I have a feeling this is when I leave, " I hinted, trying to sneak away.

"Nope, you're going to endure this pain with me. For better or for worse, remember?" Seth responded immediately, restricting me.

"Okay, from what I know, you have to be really gentle with her, " Colton started while Cody continued to wallow in his "self-pity."

"No shit, dumbass, " Seth said, trying to tug me away from his brothers.

"Then, " he continued, following us, "necks are super sensitive, as are their…places, okay?" He gestured towards his crotch. "That's why they always keep then covered and protect them so much. What with the whole hair thing and freaking out when you just touch her thighs."

"Colton, " I interrupted, not able to take anymore of this. "No offense, but I think he'll be able to figure all this out. I'm not exactly a closed book when it comes to my emotions anymore, okay?"

"Oh, please, " he scoffed. "He can't be that good."

"We'll see, " I said, backing away and making a quick exit.

"Hey!" they called after us, but we just kept going, avoiding them at all costs.

After another few hours of dancing and having fun, Marshall asked for the dance floor to be cleared. I spied Colton weaving through the crowd with a chair. I froze, suddenly far too aware of the garter on my thigh. My UPPER thigh, might I add. Kenya, Z, Elena, and Cassie were so going to get it…

'Turn Me On' by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj suddenly started playing, and the guys smirked as the previously mentioned girls came from behind me and forced me into it. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought that the intro gave them a good chance to get everything in place…

Once the more intense, bouncing beat started, Seth stalked towards me with all the confidence in the world. I threw my head in my hands, trying to hide my embarrassed face. This was worse than I'd anticipated…

Warm hands pulled on my wrists, leaving my lips open for his taking. "Consider this as…payback, " he whispered evilly.

"For what?!"

"Hmm…that prank war…the time my dad and sisters caught us on the couch…the time you flirted with that guy in the mall…yeah, I've got the reins tonight, babe, " he finished with his signature smirk on his face. Just him mentioning that prank war brought back good memories… I giggled at the thought of his pink hair yet again. "Oh, now you're getting it, " he threatened, getting on his knees and lifting the skirt of my dress.

His hands held my ankles down, knowing I would try something. Damn it. He kissed and licked his way up my leg, and his actions along with the words made a hot pool of desire to stir in my stomach. Only when he got to my thigh did I realize he'd started on the wrong leg.

'Wrong leg, ' I hissed at him through the mind link.

'I know, ' he replied smugly.

He continued his work, moving across the top of my underwear. Almost uncertainly, he placed a quick kiss to me, making me half gasp, half moan. Heat flooded my face as I noticed all the people watching that no doubt heard me. I felt him hum in amusement, but he didn't try it again. He took the garter in between his teeth, continuing to kiss down my leg while also pulling it down.

Finally, finally, he came out from under my dress, looking pretty damn satisfied.

"You are in so much shit, " I threatened with a fake smile on my mouth. He spat out of offensive garter, kissing me hard.

"If that secretly means I'm getting more than I thought tonight so you can 'punish' me, be my guest, " he replied, continuing to kiss me before I could respond. I smirked; he had no idea just what that meant.

I turned towards him, craving his lips after remembering such a beautiful day and night. Placing my hand on his cheek, we leaned in to each other, smiling, waiting for that amazing moment when our lips would meet and we would, as usual, use actions instead of words to express our love for each other.

I don't think there are even were words to describe the bond between soul mates. It was just…perfect. It was ironic, since I used to think nothing could be perfect. I'd never used the word, not even believing in it. I used to think there would always be a flaw in everything. Not Seth, though. I'm not afraid to use that word to describe him, even if it does sound like something out of a cheesy romance novel.

He was perfect.

**Hey! The sequel is called Dancing With the Devil! Check it out! (It's technically not a sequel, since Eva and Seth and the gang will only be slightly mentioned, but it all will tie together. Trust me ;)

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