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THERE IS ONLY ONE MORE CHAPTER LEFT! I know, I was suprised too. While typing this up I was just like, "I know how this is going to end, and it's going to be soon!" There will be an epilouge, though, so don't worry about that! However, the epilouge and the first chapter of my next story, Opposites Attract, will come out at the same time, so don't expect a short wait. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AS ALWAYS! VOTE, COMMENT, AND FAN! IT ALL MEANS SOOOOOOO MUCH TO MEEE! XD

- windxdancer


Bliss. There was no other word to describe this moment. I was naked under the bed sheets, and Seth had been stripped down to his boxers until I, um, was distracted.

Anyways, the thing that made this moment absolutely perfect was the fact that we were doing…nothing. We were just laying there, intertwined in each others arms, staring into each others eyes. No words were needed, and that alone made it perfect. We could practically feel the love we had radiating off of the other, and that was enough to fill any and all stages of awkwardness.

After lying like that for fifteen minutes, though, I began to squirm uncomfortably. The soiled sheets beneath me weren't the most comfortable thing to lay on for long periods of time.

Seth chuckled, rolling onto his back and keeping his arms wrapped tightly around me, bringing me with him. I ended up sprawled on top of him, making me blush profusely.

"You're adorable when you blush, you know that?" he complimented, pecking my cheek. My face flared a darker shade of red. I tried to hide my face in his chest, but he forced my head up. We eventually and silently agreed on my head laying on his chest, but facing away.

"So was this all you wanted to do today?" I asked, slowly meeting his gaze.

His eyes widened. "No! Oh, no, you need to get ready!"

"Get ready for what?!" I pressed, but Kenya and Z burst in the door.

"You sure do like to call on us last minute, don't you Seth?" Kenya scolded while Z dragged me towards the bathroom.

"I was distracted, " he smirked, his eyes trained on my body. I glared at him, but it was in vain as his gaze didn't even falter.

"Excuses, excuses, " Kenya huffed, waving her hand as if she could shoo away his voice. I was pulled into the bathroom then, although I could still hear them arguing.

"Kenya, " Z finally interrupted. "Help her. I need her clothes."

"On it!" she exclaimed, flying into the bathroom. "No need to mope around here!" she called over her shoulder. "Go do whatever it is guys do! Us girls will never know!"

I'd bet half my head of hair he was going to play some type of video console…

"Okay, " Z warned. "This is going to be painful…"

Twenty minutes later, I had showered, been waxed of any hair on my body that wasn't on my head, eyelashes, or eyebrows. My eyebrows were plucked into a sexy arch, which even I had to admit made my look improve greatly. I will never look down on eyebrow waxing again, I swear. My fingernails had also been done up in a manicure, my toenails in the same fashion.

A thin black line of eyeliner had been penciled on my bottom and top lids, emphasizing my pupils. Mascara was expertly on every, individual lash, showing off how long they were. Concealment covered every zit I had, and it didn't even look like I had a blemish on me. My lips were stained with a bright, cherry red paint, revealing- and I don't mean to brag- lusciousness that I didn't even know I had. A thin layer of lip-gloss shone over it, sealing the paint to my lips and making them shine in the light.

My hair was straightened, but somehow still managed to keep its silkiness it possessed only on good days. Each of my natural highlights showed, making my locks fall in a waterfall of light blonde, dark blonde, light brown, and everything in between down to my back. My bangs were swept aside in a way that I knew I wouldn't have to worry about at all tonight. It was simple and elegant, but still very casual.

As for clothing, a tiny red dress covered the strapless black bra and thong that I refused to call mine. The dress was strapless, short, and oh-so tight. I had to admit, though, my waist looked nonexistent. There was no dip in the chest area… No, there was no material to worry about a dip. The dress itself didn't start until a quarter of my cleavage was already peeking out. I'd about had a hissy fit when I saw it, but Kenya and Z had wrestled me into it.

Finally, huge silver hoops hung in my ears, bangles bounced against my wrists, and my ring was in place. My shoulders and collarbone were left bare of a necklace.

"It would just get in the way, " Z had dismissed nonchalantly. Kenya hadn't even glanced at me, continuing to rummage for my shoes. My shoes…oh my God, I was almost ashamed to call them mine. Four freaking inches had me over six foot easily, and the red straps crisscrossed up my ankle.

All in all, I looked like I belonged on a pole in a club.

With a final sprits of sexy-smelling perfume, I was on my way to meet up with my prince.

I walked out the door with my head high. My confidence was radiating off of me in waves, but my high was crushed and my knees about gave out on me when I saw who was to accompany me tonight.

He didn't even look like my Seth. The Seth I knew was either lounging around in boxers/basketball shorts or in a slightly dressy attire for a meeting or something of the sort. This Seth…this Seth was trying to be sexy. And he exceeded it big time.

Dark black jeans hung low on his hips, hiding the sexy ass I knew was under it. A slightly darker than blood red button up shirt was on his top half, making his abs vanish. His biceps were straining the shirtsleeves, but not too much like some guys try to pull off. The top three buttons were undone, hinting at his hard, muscled chest. A sexy silver chain hung around his neck, and my God I didn't think it would be possible for him to get any more attractive. It only increased as I took in the rest of him, though.

His black hair was slightly spiked, but it still was long, just in the way I loved it. Its ebony color seemed even darker, somehow, and I wanted to run my fingers through it all the more. His green eyes shown mischievously, and I was proud to say I'd been on the receiving side of that sneakiness.

On his finger, though, proudly shone a silver ring. An engagement ring. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, but I can tell you that I was grinning like a love struck fool. The hand moved, and it came closer to me. I still gazed at it in wonder, loving the fact that it meant he was bound to me permanently.

The hand moved upwards; my eyes followed it. Then I couldn't see it anymore as it cupped my chin, forcing my eyes up. I looked straight into Seth's eyes, not an inch from mine, and saw the most amazing emotions there. Love. Passion. Happiness. Victory. Protectiveness. Possessiveness. I loved every emotion that flashed in his eyes, and I reveled under the spotlight of his gaze.

"We should get going, " he murmured, his lips brushing mine from the close proximity. I smiled, pressing my mouth against his in a quick kiss of agreement.

When we walked past the living room, Riley and Victoria were watching The Little Mermaid. I smiled, gazing fondly at the redheaded girl on screen. I used to be in love with that movie.

Maybe you can watch it again Seth whispered in my mind. When we have our own little girl…

His arm unconsciously squeezed my waist tighter, and my hand found its way to my stomach. I fingers laid on top of his, both of us thinking about the future.

No the back of my mind muttered. You're too young. It's too early. You weren't even supposed to fall in lo-

I firmly squished that retched voice, cursing it to the deepest pits of hell. It had almost made me lose Seth in my indecisiveness. There is no way I'm ever listening to it again.

"No need to be so hard on yourself, Angel, " Seth whispered, twirling a piece of my hair around his finger. "It's not like I was going anywhere."

"Weren't, aren't, and aren't goin

d there like an idiot when I know Katrina's watching me? No, I was going to show her and every other girl in the club that Seth Valdez was taken and just because I was human, I was not someone you would not want to reckon challenging.

As I felt the bass become in tune with my heart and I got the beat down, I started dancing sluttier than I thought I was capable of. I moved my hips in figure eights, something we did a lot in dance.

"And how the hell did you learn to dance so well?" Seth growled in my ear, tightening his grip on me and doing more complex moves. If only he knew I'd be able to beat half the girls in this room in a dance competition hands down.

As the song continued, I became very aware of Seth's hot breath on my neck, where the loose pieces of hair were starting to stick, and how my throat was getting drier by the minute.

I smiled as I anticipated the part Nicki Minaj came in and I could rap without looking stupid.

"Kiss my ass and my anus, 'Cause it's finally famous!" I belted out, carelessly throwing my head back and putting my hands on my fiancé's neck. My smile was stretched widely across my mouth. My cheeks hurt, but it was so worth it. I was actually having fun, something I thought I would never do in a club. Hell, I was half tempted to climb onto one of those poles and try to pole dance just for the fun of it!

Seth groaned, bringing me out of my reverie. The heat from the back of my neck had spread, and I realized that it hadn't even started at the back. It had started on my pressure point, and I only noticed it at the back of my neck because my hair had started sticking to the skin. Now, though, it was quickly moving, spreading throughout my body quicker than I thought possible. The worst burning was on my pressure point, where I also felt my heartbeat, which was racing dangerously fast.

After the song ended, a new one, just as upbeat, played. Seth and I didn't even falter, dancing as if the song hadn't even changed. We adjusted to the new beat with ease, moving our bodies naturally. However, it seemed that since we didn't stop dancing, neither did the burning.

Within minutes, my entire body was consumed in its heat. I was panting, wanting to release some of the fire under my skin. Nothing worked. Abruptly, I tore myself away from him, fleeing to the bar and quickly getting a drink. I downed the whole thing, not even caring what it was. I had just asked for a drink. The tingling told me it was alcohol, but I could barely feel it. It was burned away before I could feel the effects.

I started shaking, my head in my hands. My head felt like it was made of lead it was so heavy. "Eva?" Seth's voice called, sounding worried but very far away. "Are you okay?"

"What's happening?" I breathed. He placed his hands on my shoulders, and they surprisingly felt chilly. I eagerly leaned into him, and the fire in my back cooled slightly.

I felt him stiffen a little when he discovered how heated my body was. "Angel, listen to me. Your body…it's reacting to the soul mate bond. The passion needs to take the next step. It wants to be as close to me as possible, and that means changing. If we don't…your body won't feel any relief from this. The passion is too strong for you. I need to change you."

His voice sounded far away, but I think I understood him. Too much passion. Heat. Needed to change. Got it.

"Will it hurt?" I panted, turning around and hugging him front to front.

"No, " he replied, brushing my hair from my shoulder. My skin was sticky with sweat, making the hair stick. "It will feel good, actually. Under the circumstances. Any other time, yes it would hurt."

"The backroom?" I remembered, offering the spot.

He pulled back in surprise, and I whimpered as the heat came back. I clutched him around his waist, pulling him to me. He wrapped his arms around me; I sighed in slight contentment. My heavy head had cleared a lot.

"You're…okay with it?"

"Yeah, " I nodded. "I'm marrying you aren't I? I love you. I want to be with you." He stood still for minutes. "Uh, Seth?"

"Just let me have this moment, Angel, " he whispered, tightening his hold on me.


"You. Me. Forever, " he sighed.

I rolled my eyes. "You are so dramatic. Just change me already so this damn fire can go away."

"Fire? What?"

"That's what it feels like!"

"Oh, " he chuckled, lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. "This will help." He kissed me, the most passionate kiss he'd ever given me. It was hard and demanding and possessive and I loved it.

How did we get through all those people so quickly? I wondered when I heard a door click shut behind us. Or was that a lock? Nope, there's a second click. Now it's locked.

He laid me down on one of the couches. Wait, no, couches don't have sheets. Since when was there a bed in here?

"I had one brought in, " Seth mumbled. "I want you to be comfortable."

"Thanks." He nodded, dipping his head to trail his tender kisses down my neck. The burning became a pleasant throbbing as his lips erased any discomfort. His hands rubbed my sides; wait, no he was trying to tug the dress down. Ah, who cares anymore? I practically ripped his shirt off, craving for skin to skin contact.

"Are you sure?" he whispered. "I won't be able to stop…"

"I love you, " I confirmed.

"I love you too, " he sighed, giving me one last kiss as a human.

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