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Okay, so this chapter is going to be in two parts, as you can see. I decided that you guys deserved something.

Anyways, see that dedication up there? It's because she is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!! She reccomended this story to thomasandfriends, who is also A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!! (I like using that....) since he already became my fan, added my story to his reading list, and commented on Nobody's Angel!!! AAAAHHH! YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME DUDE!!

Not much enjoy the story!

P.S. This might get a little steamy....but this is rated PG-13, so I think you guys should be able to handle it. I just can't resist! Eva and Seth are an INTENSE couple!! Eva just wants to wait a little bit...but how long will she hold out for?! O.o Haha, okay, you can read now....

- windxdancer


I woke up once again, noticing that this time the sun was shining through the curtains. Seth and I had practically stayed in bed all day, just loving each other, either with words or actions. We'd had the movie day the next day, in which neither one of us would be able to tell you a single movie that had been played.

Seth had some very creative ideas for his ten days. Let me do a quick rundown for you. First day: we went to the mall. Second day: we spent in the pool. Third day: we relaxed in bed. Fourth day: we had a movie day. Fifth day: Seth and I danced all day; well, I danced all day and half the time he just watched me. Sixth day: we went to the fair. Seventh day: he took me to a hospital were we got to see a bunch of kids recovering from cancer or brain tumors or other serious diseases that no one deserves. I almost cried at how many there were that were getting better and had won their fight. Eighth day: he took me to my top two favorite bands concerts: Skillet and Nicki Mnaj. (He refused to let me go to an Eminem concert, saying that he was the only guy who I was allowed to solely look up to.) Yesterday: he took me to the zoo.

Today, I had no idea what he was going to do. I was super excited anyway, though. It was probably going to be the best day yet.

It all started when Cassie woke Seth and I up by throwing open our door and jumping onto the bed. Her hands took a hold of my shoulders, shaking me. My eyes flew open.

"I missed it! I missed iiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt!" she screamed.

"Missed wha?" I mumbled, rubbing my eyes.

"My period! I'm never late, and I missed it!" she laughed ecstatically.

"So you think you're prego?" I asked her, just to make sure I got what she was saying. I could already feel a headache coming on from her constant yelling. I cursed the day she joined choir and strengthened her vocal chords.

"I think so! I'm never late!" she repeated, as if this was all the proof she needed.

"Let's go ask Julie, " I sighed, attempting to get up. Seth's arm refused to budge. "Seth, " I whined. "Let go."

"No way, " he answered, tucking me against him tighter. I flopped back down. I'm sure I've said this before, but there was no reasoning in arguing with Seth Valdez. The boy was more stubborn than I was.

I glanced up at Cassie, who was still bouncing up and down in place. "Are Seth and I the only responsible ones around here?" I asked her sarcastically. Of course we were. I was not going to be a sixteen year old mother. No way, not gonna happen.

"Oh, please, " Cody said, finally coming in. I was wondering how far behind Cassie he was. "You and Seth? Responsible? Don't even try pulling that excuse, princess. I hear your moans every other day. God knows you guys probably do it on the days I don't hear you, too."

My mouth gapped open. My cheeks felt like they were on fire, and that fire easily spread to my neck and ears. "You-I-what?" I stuttered. Cody smirked at me mockingly.

"You did what?" Cassie interrupted. Oh shit. "I can't believe you didn't tell me! You already did it? Why did I not hear of this? Oh, whatever. The fact is you finally did it. Anyways, how big-"

"Cassandra!" I yelled. "I don't know which I'm more ashamed of you for! Assuming that I wouldn't tell you when I had sex, and I would probably the very next day if not the day of for the record, or if you were just about to ask what I know you were about to ask!"

She shrugged shamelessly. "What can I say, I'm a curious girl."

"Little too curious, " Cody mumbled, shooting Seth a murderous glare. I glared back at him, silently telling him to back off. The only ones allowed to glare at my man were me, his mom (which I could totally understand. I mean, come on, it's his mom), and his dad (because he intimidates me. Guilty as charged. Have you seen his glare?!).

"Come on, sweetheart, " Cody told Cassie, lacing his fingers through hers. "Let's go see Julie and find out if we've made a little miracle." He gazed at her stomach hopefully, and I couldn't help the smile that graced my lips. I was so happy for her.

When the door shut again, Seth groaned. His hand moved to my own abdomen, rubbing it fondly. "All this talk about babies…" he complained, his voice tight. He didn't need to say anymore. I could feel what he wanted, half on my stomach, the other half behind me on my butt.

"Se-" I started to say in exasperation, then decided that saying his name probably wasn't the brightest thing I could do. The rest of my breath came out in a whoosh.

"…What do you think of the name Estrella?" he suddenly asked.

"Estrella? Isn't that 'star' in Spanish?"

"Yeah, but I think it would be a good name. It sounds so pretty."

"You're thinking too far ahead, babe, " I told him, adding the nickname on purpose. "Let's just focus on the wedding for now."

His face lit up, and I realized that maybe that wasn't the brightest thing to say. "Okay! What kinds of flowers were you thinking? I know roses are really common, but they represent love and that's what a marriage is about. Or carnations-"

"Seth!" I cried, giggling at his e

nd panties, shaking his head and laughing at how tight my stomach was and how much I wanted this to be over with.

As soon as we had gotten in the tailor room, Sarah had demanded me to strip, she needed exact measurements, you'd better be in your undergarments by the time I get back, Seth you have the right to make sure she is. I'd point blank demanded Seth go out- why I have no idea- and his answer had been to strip me himself. I was still super embarrassed around him even after a week of…him loving me as much as he could without making love to me.

As Sarah rounded the corner and took in my crossed arms, glare, and studious ignoring of her son, she gave a light, airy laugh and asked, "Seth, what did you do?"

"What you told me to do…" he answered.

"She didn't mean literally rip my clothes right off without giving me a warning!" I told him. Sarah laughed again.

"Oh, you are your father's son, " she commented, gesturing towards the lady with a tape measure to get my size. I was done in a few seconds, and I thanked the lady for doing it quickly. She smiled at me, nodding her head.

"Don't be turning everyone here against me now, Angel, " Seth scolded. I held my hand out for my clothes. Seth's eyes lit up.

"Seth, no, " I groaned.

"What?" he asked innocently. "Come get them."

I sighed, and took few steps to entertain him. He backed up a step for every one I took. "Seth, come on."

"Come on, " he mocked, dangling my clothes teasingly.

"I am not chasing you around just to get my clothes, Seth Marshall Valdez, " I scolded.

"By all means, have a seat, go do whatever you want. Our room is on the other side of the house, " he smirked. Translation: Go ahead, walk around in your underwear, I don't mind. The first place you would go is to get extra clothes, so I'll just get to see you walk around half the house to get to our room. Yes, go right ahead.

I stalked towards him, knowing I wouldn't get anything done if I just sat down. He backed up, smirking. Eventually, I started jogging, then running, then full out sprinting. He was still backpedaling, easily matching every stride I took backwards.

"Seth!" I yelled, a smile curling the ends of my mouth up.

"Come on, Angel!" he laughed.

"You're a dead vampire!" I snarled, pushing my legs faster. His laughter echoed down the hall. He eventually allowed me to tackle him, pinning his wrists to the ground.

He easily shook my weak hold on him, settling his hands on my waist. "Oh, no, " he smiled, not sounding the least bit upset. "You caught me." He smirked, squeezing my torso. "What are you going to do to me, princess?" he asked, his voice husky.

I smiled, reveling for a minute at how I was in control of this situation. Well, not really, but he was allowing me to feel like I was, so I'll take what I can get. Then I began to think of what I liked. What could he do for me that I would be happy about? My face colored. The best feeling in the world had been what he'd done to me a week ago. Knowing nothing else would be able to find a way around that thought, I decided to act on it.

I mumbled something incomprehensible. He raised an eyebrow, inviting me to repeat myself. His smirk never faltered, letting me know that he could probably guess what I wasn't saying.

"Love me, " I mumbled.

"What?" he mocked. "I can't hear you, sweetheart."

I gave him a look that screamed if-you-don't-take-me-seriously-you-won't-be-getting-anything. It was my body, and if he wasn't going to take my offer, than that's his lost. Well, kind of…but I'd live.

His lips were suddenly on mine. "I love you, " he whispered. His hands moved to my thighs, lifting me up while I wrapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck without a second thought. "Only I can love you like no other, " he warned. "Remember that. Only me."

I nodded, already breathless. He carried us back to our room, the once wanted clothes now carelessly abandoned on the floor behind us.

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