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I know, terrible writer to you wonderful readers. About 2 weeks and no update...I feel terrible about it. But with school, friends, writer's just wasn't good for this story. On a happier note ONLY ONE OR TWO MORE CHAPTERS AND AN EPILOUGE LEFT!! That's right, this story is almost finished! I can not wait to start the next one! The epilouge and first chapter of my next story 'Opposites Attract' will be on the same day, so don't expect the epilouge for a while after the last chapter is out.

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I didn't wake up the next day until around noon, and I was freaking out. I know most teenagers sleep this late in on a regular basis, but I wasn't a regular teenager. Whenever I sleep this late, I'm always grouchy and tired all day. It was impossible for me to be active at all.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I screeched at Seth, who was staring at me in amusement. I rolled on top of him, putting a hand on either side of his face. He placed his hands on my hips, but I ignored it.

"Movie day, " he said simply. "We'll probably watch movies all day. Take a half hour between each one, but still. You don't need to do anything today. Just get in some comfy clothes."

"Seth, " I sighed, not knowing what to say.

"Angel, " he retorted with a smile, kissing me gently.

"What am I going to do with you?" I wondered, staring into his eyes dreamily. Wow, I am really going soft. Oh, well, I didn't really care anymore.

"Marry me, " he answered, smiling a cheeky grin at me.

I chuckled, giving him a quick kiss before getting off of the bed and heading towards the bathroom for a shower. Just as I was about to shut the door, I yanked it back open and jogged to the closet. When I came back out with fresh panties, a bra, black fuzzy shorts and a burgundy tank top that had black lace along the top and bottom, I caught Seth looking at me in disappointment.

"I know, " I sighed, holding up the clothes. "So close, but yet so far away." I blew him a kiss, then proceeded to skip to the bathroom, relieved that I actually remembered the bring a fresh pair of clothes with me for a change.

Even after my shower, after I'd changed, dried and braided my hair, and penciled some eyeliner on just so I didn't look so plain, I was in an incredible mood. I guess it was just because the two most torturous days this month were over. Now my girl problems were pushed to the back of my mind for at least a few hours.

"Hey, babe, " I sang, dancing into the kitchen. I skidded to a stop next to the vampire prince, who was leaning against the counted with a glass of blood in his hand, and gave him a peck on the cheek before grabbing a plate and began loading it.

After about twenty seconds I heard, "What did you just say?"

I turned my head to the side, looking at him out of the corner of my eye seeing as he was behind me. I realized that Marshall and Sarah were sat at the table.

"Hey, " I repeated, giving him a small what-the-heck look before continuing to scoop scrambled eggs onto my plate.

"No, what did you call me?"

I froze, just now recalling what had slipped out of my mouth. I didn't even realize I had said it; it just came out naturally, as if it just plain belonged attached to the greeting.

"Uh, sorry, " I mumbled, feeling all three pairs of eyes burning into my back. My cheeks automatically flamed up. "I didn't even realize I'd said it."

Two strong arms wrapped around my waist, holding me close. The gesture was a tender one, filled with happiness and affection.

"Say it again, " he commanded softly, almost pleadingly.

"Seth! No!" I groaned.

"Say it."



"Seth…" I mocked.

"Say it, " he commanded.

I sighed. "Seth, babe, " I mumbled, my voice forcing itself between my unwilling lips.

"Louder, " he breathed into my ear, giving me goose bumps. Like he couldn't hear…

I turned around, tangling my hands in his hair and pulling his face towards mine until our cheeks were brushing against each others. "Seth, babe, " I repeated into his ear, smirking at the small shiver of pleasure he tried to hide. "You like that?" I taunted.

He nodded, unashamed. "Yeah, " he whispered huskily, nuzzling his nose into my neck. "A lot."

Huh, it seems I've discovered a new advantage. Who knew all I had to do was come up with a nickname?

"Now can I eat in peace?" I asked, feeling the emptiness of my stomach.

"Yeah, " he croaked, but his arms remained around my body. I slithered away from him as best I could and finally finished getting my breakfast. Seth sat across from me at the table, and I sat next to Sarah, which meant Marshall was diagonal to me.

Ignoring Marshall's aurora of smugness and Sarah's giddiness, I guided a fork full of eggs to my mouth, savoring their taste. Marshall and Seth talked a little bit of business- something about forming an alliance with some group of dark fairies- which I tried to understand as much as I could.

"Carrie is so cunning; we wouldn't be able to trust her much. I'm assuming her village follows her sneakiness, of course, " Marshall hummed, his eyes narrowing as he thought harder.

"Exactly, " Seth reasoned. "They would be such a powerful ally. They can move so quickly and quietly, it's quite amazing. They would be very useful spies. I'm not saying we have to be best friends with them, but at least to introduce ourselves and have good relations with them would be a good idea." The doors to the kitchen opened, two servers coming out.

"Our wording would have to be perfect, " Marshall added. "Who knows what they could do with one slip-up?" The servers set down hot mugs of blood in front of the two guys, silently slipping away. I mouthed a "thank you" in their direction.

I raised my hand. Marshall looked at me cautiously, as if he really didn't want to include a human into the business just yet, but Seth acknowledged me right away.

"What, Angel?"

"I know it's not my place, but how long have these fairies been around?" I hedged.

"About four months, give or take, " Seth responded.

"Are they any kind of threat to us? Our territory, people or anything?"


"They what's the rush to become their ally? Why not wait a little longer and see how they act once their comfortable?"

"The sooner we become their allies, especially before too many other groups do, the more trust we will have from them. They will see us as an immediate friend, " Marshall replied.

"Then why not just go introduce ourselves?" I continued. "We don't have to make any serious relationships with them, but just to maybe see them with our own eyes, maybe see what kind of air they have to them. I don't think the term 'dark fairy' should influence your decision about them so much. And if we at least attempt to see what they're like, then that should count for something, shouldn't it? They might thin

. "I'm a dad!"

"You're a what?" Cody gasped, following his brother, probably looking for Cassie. My suspicions were proved correct when he spotted her and smiled.

"I'm a dad!" Colton repeated, beaming so wide I was afraid his cheekbones would break.

"Dude! I thought we agreed to keep it in our pants until they were older?"

"Like you followed through with that. I doubt even Seth followed through with that."

"Excuse me?" I screeched. "Just because he's the only responsible one out of you three…"

"Not by choice, " Cody smirked. "Face it, Eva. Seth's a guy through and through. If he knew you wouldn't rip his head off- and I'm not talking about the one connected to his neck- you would be popping out kids like no other."

My face flared. "Cody! If you don't shut up, I'll rip your head off!" He studied me for a second, then decided that the fire in my eyes was real. He nodded a little nervously, purposely positioning himself behind Cassie. I frowned. He knew that Cassie would make my life a living hell if I forbid her to have kids.

I looked at the door expectantly, frowning when my own guy didn't follow his brothers' example.

After a minute, I got up, gave Cody a glare that said 'Watch what you say. You never know if I'm around', congratulated Elena and Colton-although I doubt I was heard- and went to find him.

As soon as I was five steps away from Colton and Elena's room, I suddenly felt a huge weight tackle me from behind. I gasped, closing my eyes for the impact. I was flipped over while still airborne, and thankfully landed on the body that had tackled me.

"Seth, why do you do stuff like that?" I asked, looking at him mid-sentence. I mean, really, who else would do that to me? Well, more like what guy would do that to me, since it's not like girls walk around without shirts on…not that I'm complaining.

He shrugged, smirking his usual smirk. "I don't know, " he responded, securing one arm around my waist and the other dropping to the back of my knee. He closed his eyes, and the passionate hum returned. I could feel my body reacting to him, wanting him in ways I'd never wanted anyone else before. For some reason, this time it was different. By different, I mean we had been in worse, more intense situations, and I hadn't felt like this. I needed him.

Without a second thought, I took his hand and pulled him to our room, determined to show him I loved him. No, I wasn't going to have sex with him, but we could give each other a little bit of ourselves before we came together completely.

"Angel, " he started, "you don't have to-"

"Shut up, " I told him, knowing he thought I felt obliged to do this for him after talking to the other two pairs. "I love you. This is just about you and me. No one else."

We finally made it to the bed, and I laid down on it, watching him expectantly. He seemed undecided, so I sighed, got on my knees, and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing away his doubts.

It only took about five seconds of kissing before he put his hands on my waist, pushing me back onto the bed and hovering over me. His hands traveled to the hem of my tank, lifting it up. When it was off, he didn't stare at my like an idiot. Instead, he continued to shower my nose, cheeks, forehead, and mouth in kisses. When I went to tangle my hands in his hair, he captured my wrists, holding them high above my head. Only needing one hand to make sure I didn't move, his other teased my hair, twirling strands around his fingers. His mouth moved to my ear, his breath teasing and hot.

"I love you, " he breathed. "You have no idea."

His mouth eventually traveled down my neck, sucking and kissing and biting and licking along my jaw. He smirked, moving two inches down and reveling in my sweet spot. Heat flashed through me, setting my blood on fire.

After an exceptionally harsh bite, I cried out, "Seth!" He hummed in amusement, licking to sooth the sore skin. He stayed there until I had said his name at least ten times, finally moving down to my collarbone. There wasn't much he could really do, and he must have noticed this too, because he quickly moved on.

My breath hitched when his mouth kissed my cleavage, but he shushed me with loving words. His hand trailed down my arm, but I didn't bother moving my hands. He got to the back of my bra, and looked at me once. We both knew if I let him continue, he wouldn't be able to stop if I got uncomfortable. He would revel in the top half of my body until he was satisfied. I firmly squished my fear of the unknown, nodding that is was okay.

Apparently, I was very okay with him, because I allowed him to enjoy my entire body, and he finally fulfilled that promise he made to me: that kitchen promise from all those weeks ago.

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